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Why is there so many Unseen haptic pic from Jaejoong, and not the other members... maybe it's Coming soon!!
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That's what written in there ( I can read Japanese)
Besuto Shiro Shotsu

*claps* *squeals* Congratulations! Jaejoong!

I think it's something about Who Would Look best in WHITE clothings, which is fresh and stuff, Someone really needs to translate this for me~

Jaejoongie in WHITE!

Japanese Really like their Bishounen (pretty boy)
remember jaejoong was in most searched in and apprently if u search pretty boy, Jaejoong will appear (of course in japanese)
Well if You don't believe me here's a Proof~

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At DNBN it says Mirotic Nanjing but It's similar to this from my previous post which is Lotte

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Everything is from daxlover72 her first account got suspended already just in case Do subscribe to her again, she translate from Japanese to English~

Unfortunately some has "embedding is disabled"

Shabekuri 007

Otoemon Interview

Go to her channel for more~
Her Subs are in CC option try watching it in HQ if it doesnt work~

We've been no.1 at this chart for Months, now... (I check everyday)

We haven't had this many ranking, for a long time!


If anyone is so curious how Avex building Looks Like!

Christmas time in Avex

Avex is so beautiful~



Tohoshinki's Poster! Taken inside Avex building~

and to think one of Junsu's Favorite Oyaji gag is "Noburenai Yama wa Aoyama"
Coz' Avex building is in Aoyama street,
And U seen a lot of Avex building, Tohoshinki always shoots in it, Like for TNC peace, Interviews, shows, and History In Japan 2 has a lot of Avex Building....

and SMent (I'm Not comparing)

AM has so many Vandalism... of LOVE

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*1 剛紫 「美我空-ビガク~my beautiful sky 」23,921 
*2 湘南乃風 「湘南乃風 ~JOKER~」11,675 
*4 松任谷由実 「そしてもう一度夢見るだろう」
*5 浜崎あゆみ 「NEXT LEVEL」

東方神起 「The Secret Code」

*7 サウンドトラック 「銀魂BEST」
*8 黒木メイサ 「hellcat」
*9 レミオロメン 「レミオベスト」
10 V.A. 「I Love You」



40 東方神起 「T」


2nd LIVE DVD「2nd LIVE TOUR 2007~Five in the Black~」Lovin' you:CD+DVD

*7 東方神起 「3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~」
12 東方神起 「2nd LIVE TOUR ~Five in the Black~」
19 東方神起 「HISTORY in JAPAN Vol.3」

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it's been 3 weeks and we're still in the top 10! Hopefully! 200,000 copies for this week!
This cartoon is illustrations of what Sekine said in Music Lovers about DBSK boys being resembled to something (but all the boys but Jaejoong got compared to animals, lol). As you can watch it here:


As you can see…

Changmin is compared to 2 years old German Shepherd due to his young naughty acts ^^ (so Sekine san saw him reading Playboy ~joke)

Yunho is compared to Cheetah, for his flexible dance moves

Yoochun is compared to Koala who has a sleepy head XDD

I remember Yoochun looking so damn sleepy in one show and all the boys made fun of him. Yoochun told the MC, “sorry, I’m so weak in the morning~” but then everyone told him, “But this is evening!” and Yoochun with his blank sleepy face again said, “well… then I’m weak in the evening as well”


Jun-chan is compared to Prairie Dog due to his blankness, sudden randomness and his blinky eyes, lol

Sekine’s imitation of Junsu’s expression is so damn funny XDD

and the last… Jaejoong who is the only one compared to a thing other than animal, it’s cream cheese cake! XD

but then Jaejoong asked to be a lion instead (OMG I love him when saying “Can I be a lion? Rawrr~” oh damn my pervy mind XDD). Sekine didn’t agree so Jae insisted at least he could be a leopard ^^;;;;;;

Black Jaguar eating Cream Cheese Cake

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I added some some~

Well Now we know the Story, Jaejoong has a BIG Family! and I bet he's Happy!
Jaejoong's Family in Nanjing Concert
Another Mummy!

It's my first time seeing, Jaejoong's Father! Looks Good!

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