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Not Boys but They're talking about Tohoshinki and Their Amazing Album "The Secret Code"
They're Just doing the same thing in their separate time, Thinking of things *cough*Yunjae*cough*

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN
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Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN

April 25 8:00 pm

They also participated in
The whole cast of Music Fair
"Sunday in the Summer of 1993"
the live music!

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To commemorate the release of Korea dance and vocal group Dong Bang Shin Ki (Tohoshinki)’s single “Share The World / We Are!” (released on April 22th) an event was held at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo on April 8th.

Tohoshinki announced their debut stage at Tokyo Dome on July 4th and 5th in this event as final performances of their nationwide tour which is starting on May 4th. Previously, in the end of 2007 Tohoshinki ever appeared as guest star for Koda Kumi’s concert in Tokyo Dome, but the stage on upcoming July 4th and 5th will be their first own stage.

At the event in the ring, was performed TV animation One Piece’s new opening song “Share The World” and also 2 other songs from the single. At the end, Keno Yinoki lead everyone “1,2,3 all!” and bowed.

About the Dome concert, Jejung (23) “(Tokyo) Dome is Dong Bang Shin Ki’s dream stage. When we’re told we’d have it, I think my head was in the air. I’d like to show off more than 100%,” he said. Junsu (22) added, “Even for artists in Japan too, to be on the stage of the great Dome is still a dream comes true. Moreover us, as Koreans who finally be able to experience it.” he said it with a deep joy. (每日JP)

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37位 *1,692장 東方神起

◈Total Sales

Survivor ~090325 4th Album "The Secret Code" Pre-Release Single~

Release Date - 09/03/11
Highest rank - **3位
First week sales - *74,716장

*1주 2009/03/23 **3위 74,716장 누적 *74,716장
*2주 2009/03/30 *17위 *4,963장 누적 *79,679장
*3주 2009/04/06 *19위 *4,971장 누적 *84,650장
*4주 2009/04/13 *37위 *1,692장 누적 *86,342장



*1 湘南乃風 「湘南乃風~JOKER~」20,984
*2 松任谷由実「そしてもう一度夢見るだろう」11,562
*4 浜崎あゆみ 「NEXT LEVEL」
*5 黒木メイサ 「hellcat」
*6 ドラマ「娘ドラ◎ドラ1~TVアニメ「マクロスF」」
*7 かりゆし58 「でーじ、かりゆし」
*8 サウンドトラック 「銀魂BEST」

東方神起 「The Secret Code」

10 レミオロメン 「レミオベスト」

New Albums from other srtist are released today too ne~


*1位 82,873장 DREAMS COME TRUE
*2位 50,271장 浜崎あゆみ

*3位 32,478장 東方神起

*4位 23,315장 レミオロメン
*5位 19,785장 銀魂BEST
*6位 16,924장 Utada
*7位 11,887장 JUJU
*8位 11,703장 RADWIMPS
*9位 *9,894장 BoA
10位 *9,769장 SPECIAL OTHERS


45位 *2,225장 ザ・プロディジー
46位 *2,118장 いきものがかり
47位 *2,104장 マボロシ

48位 *2,082장 東方神起(T)

49位 *2,043장 ワッツ・アップ? J
50位 *2,001장 秋元順子

◈Total Sales

The Secret Code

Release Date - 09/03/25
Highest Rank - **2位
First Week Sales - 157,954장

*1주 2009/04/06 **2위 157,954장 누적 157,954장
*2주 2009/04/13 **3위 *32,478장 누적 190,432장


Release Date - 08/01/23
Highest Rank - **4位
1st week sales - *52,273장

*1주 2008/02/04 **4위 52,273장 누적 *52,273장
*2주 2008/02/11 *20위 *9,684장 누적 *61,957장
*3주 2008/02/18 *41위 *4,283장 누적 *66,240장
*4주 2008/02/25 *47위 *3,133장 누적 *69,373장
*5주 2008/03/03 *89위 *1,821장 누적 *71,194장
*6주 2008/03/10 116위 *1.502장 누적 *72,696장
*7주 2008/03/17 156위 *1,120장 누적 *73,816장
*8주 2008/03/24 183위 **,930장 누적 *74,746장
*9주 2008/03/31 195위 **,998장 누적 *75,744장
10주 2008/04/07 260위 **,805장 누적 *76,549장
11주 2008/04/14 237위 **,739장 누적 *77,288장
12주 2008/04/21 250위 **,592장 누적 *77,880장
13주 2008/04/28 213위 **,718장 누적 *78,598장
14주 2008/05/05 247위 **,730장 누적 *79.328장
15주 2008/05/12 258위 **,733장 누적 *80,061장
16주 2008/05/19 166위 **,900장 누적 *80,961장
17주 2008/05/26 186위 **,698장 누적 *81,659장
18주 2008/06/02 245위 **,655장 누적 *82,314장
-------------------- 9주권외 ---------------------
19주 2008/08/11 287위 **,579장 누적 *82,893장
20주 2008/08/18 222위 **,696장 누적 *83,589장
21주 2008/08/25 261위 **,604장 누적 *84,193장
22주 2008/09/01 241위 **,594장 누적 *84,787장
23주 2008/09/08 271위 **,591장 누적 *85,378장
-------------------- 13주권외 ---------------------
24주 2008/12/15 229위 **,803장 누적 *86,181장
25주 2008/12/22 269위 **,695장 누적 *86,876장
26주 2008/12/29 253위 **,674장 누적 *87,550장
28주 2009/01/12 275위 *1,467장 누적 *89,017장(2주합산)
29주 2009/01/19 *92위 *1,486장 누적 *90,503장 
30주 2009/01/26 143위 **,983장 누적 *91,486장
31주 2009/02/02 177위 **,986장 누적 *92,472장
32주 2009/02/09 203위 **,872장 누적 *93,344장
33주 2009/02/16 138위 *1,090장 누적 *94,434장
34주 2009/02/23 139위 **,963장 누적 *95,397장
35주 2009/03/02 169위 **,845장 누적 *96,242장
36주 2009/03/09 261위 **,676장 누적 *96,918장 
37주 2009/03/16 219위 **,761장 누적 *97,679장
38주 2009/03/23 214위 **,780장 누적 *98,459장
39주 2009/03/30 289위 **,587장 누적 *99,046장
40주 2009/04/06 148위 *1,214장 누적 100,260장
41주 2009/04/13 *48위 *2,082장 누적 102,342장


Lovin' you:CD+DVD2nd LIVE DVD「2nd LIVE TOUR 2007~Five in the Black~」

13  -- *1,786 *67,134 30 3rd LIVE TOUR 2008~T~ 東方神起
24  -- **,911 *26,359 18 2nd LIVE TOUR~Five in the Black~ 東方神起
30  -- **,745 *30,367 19 HISTORY in JAPAN Vol.3 東方神起

3rd LIVE TOUR 2008~T~ - 67,134
2nd LIVE TOUR~Five in the Black~ - 26,359
HISTORY in JAPAN Vol.3 - 30,367

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN