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[VIDEO]Opening + Wrong Number


[LYRICS] Tohoshinki "TAXI'


Karameta yubi wo hodoku tabi

その温もりを 握り返した
sono nukumori wo nigiri kaeshita

kimi ni aeruto omou tabi

boku no kokoro wa irodorareteku


君の声も その細い肩も
kimi no koemo sono hosoi katamo

sono hitomi mo boku no mono jyanai

donna ni subanii demo

kimi no mirai kawa sana kakiri

kono omoi wo kanaeru koto wa dekinaiyo

一時の夢 痛いほど好きなの
hitotoki no yume itai hodo suki nano

yoru ga omotteku


抱きしめたい 抱きしめていたい
dakishimetai dakishimete itai

だけど君は 僕のものじゃない
dakedo kimi wa boku no mono jyanai

ibitsuna kokoro ga ima

抱きしめたい 抱きしめちゃいけない
dakishimetai dakishimechya ikenai

溢れるほど 解けるほど 求めているのに
afureru hodo tokeru hodo motomete irunoni

タクシーを止めて 約束も交わさず
taku shi-wotomete yakusoku mo kawasazu

kimi no tewo...

kimi no mirai kawa sani kakiri

kono omoi wo kanaeru koto wa dekinaiyo

一時の夢 痛いほど好きなの
hitotoki no yume itai hodo suki nano

yoru ga omotteku...

Romanization: JJportia@DBSKnights

Quick trans Of TAXI by ginaax3@soompi

Everytime you loosen our entwined hands,
I tried to hold onto the warmth,
Everytime I think I'll be able to meet you,
My heart dyes with a beautiful shade


Even your voice, even those fragile shoulders,
Even your eyes are not mine,
No matter how much I am by your side,
My feelings won't come true unless I destroy your future,
One moment's dream; I love you to the extent that it hurts,
While tonight is starting to end


I want to embrace you; I want to embrace you tightly,
Yet you are not mine; my broken heart,
I want to embrace you but I cannot,
I want you to the degree that it's overflowing, that it's melting,
Without even being able to stop the taxi and make a promise
Your hands


My feelings won't come true unless I destroy your future,
One moment's dream; I love you to the extent that it hurts,
While tonight is starting to end

(The Lyrics are So sad...I feel like crying... "I love you to the extent that it hurts" I feel exactly the same for DBSK... ~sigh why am i like this... they're just the artist i like... but it's more than that,.. i can't explain it... soes everyone feels the same for DBSK or is it just me.. Someone Hit me Please!)

[INFO] Tohoshinki on RAVEX Album

March 5 Ravex New Songs
JUST THE TWO OF US feat. 東方神起
「悪い子見つけた。 feat. 安藤裕子」
「Bangalicious feat. 土屋アンナ」
「V.I.P.P. (Very Important Party People) feat. TRF&VERBAL

Also, on March 20 from Nagoya BOTTOM LINE 「ravex Album Pre-Release Party」,4 on May 10 avex host the event in Tokyo, Japan Miraikan 「avex group The 20th Anniversary CLUB LEGEND 20th the final big party "cosmos" ravex album release party」will be Held

東方神起 comment

avex 20-year anniversary, ravex I'd love to be able to participate in!
Really cool song because of the complete ----????

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN
be back to edit Translations!

[INFO] "The Secret Code" Album Tohoshinki Promotions!

Last Year they held a fanmeeting, and draw Scroll. This year they Open up a Celebartory Ball (I dunno what japanese calls it) But they didn;t held a fanmeet they must be really Busy~

Watch the Video Here:

Wednesday, March 11
Fukuoka team (3): JUNSU, YOOCHUN, CHANGMIN
(this 3 together! they;ll gang up on Junsu Bigeastation allover again)

Nagoya team (2): YUNJAE JAEJOONG, YUNHO (Again Nagoya is yunjae)

Friday, March 13

Monday, March 16
Hiroshima team (2): JUNSU, CHANGMIN (this couple! Dangerous!)

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN

[AUDIO+DOWNLOAD] TAXI "The Secret Code" Preview

FileName: TAXI.mp3
DL Link:
  1. MediaFire
  2. Zshare
Credits:Mumo + DBSKnights + DNBN

I really Like This Song!

[PHOTOS] Changmin vs. Wild

I was messing around in Photoshop today...
When I noticed how feral changmin looks in some pictures. Take a look:

[RANDOM] YUNHO Game Answer

So Everyone seems to got the Photo that i showed! TT__TT I'm a Little depressed It took me a lot of time! Some are wrong with the order but most of you got it! anyway i had 25 comments from everyone! and here's the previous post

The real Photo!

The Right Order!
Junsu ->Yoochun ->Jaejoong -> YUNHO ->Changmin

As promised i'll give you guys a Download!
I have never shared this before! please enjoy!

FileName: [DBSKnights] DBSK Songs.rar
Size: 21.39 MB
Dl Link:Mediafire

[PHOTOS] Mirotic COncert Goods New!

OMG! we want more of this!!

I want one!

Credits:as tagged + DBSKnights + SharingYoochun

[PHOTOS] Tohoshinki "The Secret Code" Poster part 2

Addition from my previous Post
Go here for My previous post!

Avex Building


I dunno from which place the others are



Credits:as tagged + ONETVXQ
SharedBy: DBSKnights

[TRANS] Pumashock Said TVXQ's Songs Are Hard To Sing

"TVXQ's MIROTIC is hard to sing along"

America's singer Natalie a.k.a Pumashock did a cover of SNSD's Gee using R&B style making it a hot topic online with over million views on her youtube. For Natalie, TVXQ's MIROTIC is the hardest to sing along.

On the 4th, Natalie participated a press conference held by Seoul's Broadcasting System (SBS). That had caused a rise of popularity for her, acknowledging how it feels to be a Korean artist. Natalie said, "MIROTIC's lyrics are long, the tempo is too fast so it's hard to take in". She also mentioned that she decided to sing 'Gee' it's because the song gave her an urge to dance, so that caught her attention/interest.

After listening to 'Energy', she expressed that she is happy a musician like BoA is crossing over to America's music industry. Natalie appraised Star King's MC Kang Ho Dong as "Best Dresser", Shinwa is her favorite group, even indicated her love for Kpop music. Natalie will participate on Star King on 7th this month. This again will make her a hot topic.

credit: TVXQbaidu
translation: crazee@TVXQfever

I watched her Video before ahhh I like Her!

[INFO] Tohoshinki "Doushite" no.1 on Japan Itunes

After 8 months of release!

Oooh LadyGaga Poker Face, she filmed in the same house in "mideoyo"!
Credits:Tohomary@DNBN + DBSKnight

[PHOTOS] Changmin and Jaejoong Endorsing NICE

Credits: DNBN +DBSKnights
Pretty Old I dunno whyDNBN Posted it Maybe a late endorsement LOL