Wednesday, February 25, 2009

[PHOTOS] Micky Yoochun's "Goong" Mansion

There's not too much update, and i bet on the following days too, The boys are busy in Japan, especially preparations for their 4th Live tour, and guesting etc.

So i decided to make random post like this, Anyway Everyone should Suggest on what should i post about, like funny photos, DBSK eating, being cute or whatever everyone wants...hopefully i have those photos *crosses fingers* or i'll just look for them. Anyway here's Yoochun's Palace

HE OWN's it ALL that's why fans call it Yoochun's Palace...This is not an apartment type but a TOWNHOUSE... you can even see harang and Yoochun at the balcony, and whenever yoochun enters that HOT door of his... it automatically opens.. OMG!

Yoochun! can i sit with you~

The fans Took a Pic of the whole House

I love this Door!

harang so cute! looking out for the Fangirls!
Credits: DBSKnights +Baidu +as tagged

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