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[VIDEO] Bigeast Station 100 [English Subbed]

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[VIDEOS] Tohoshinki Survivor PV interview @ MTV Japan

[VIDEOS] MNET 100 Boys Over Flowers

090224 Yoochun at No.16

090224 Changmin at No.31

Yunho at No.50

jaejoong no.4

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[NEWS] DBSK to perform in USJ White Day Special

Popular group Tohoshinki will become the correspondent for Japan’s White Day, a love song will be performed to fans as present.

Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in March last year selected Tohoshinki as goodwill ambassador for Asia Tohoshinki USJ my Peter Pan in the March 14th, special Live from ‘MTV White Day Special Live With TVXQ’ stage.

Tohoshinki’s Japan album Vol 4, The Secret Code (The Secret Cord) is released on March 18th and it will be their another challenge to be the first at ORICON. Meanwhile, on the 5th, Tohoshinki’s popular 4th Japan Live Tour will continue.

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[NEWS] Most Wanted Male Star to Collaborate with

most wanted male singer to have collaboration with

No 1. Lee Seung Gi (34%)
No 2. Rain (30%)
No 3. Big Bang - Dae Sung (23%)

No 4. DBSK Uknow YoonHo (7%)
No 5. Super Junior Kang In (5%)

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[NEWS] Micky Yoochun and Park SongGwan are friends part 2

His Cyword Entry

My face after being out all night…

Picture was taken so quickly that I didn’t get to prepare myself

My face is so red.. you can really tell the difference in looks between us.. maybe I shouldn’t have uploaded this picture..? ㅋㅋ

Hwaiting for the concert!!

(comment at the bottom: he was up all night yet he still looks so good/handsome)


The friendship of optical gagster Park Sung Gwang and DBSK’s Micky Yoochun has been proven by the gagster posting up their pic together at his cyworld.

Park Sung Gwang at 23 pm posted his picture with Micky Yoochun at his cyworld and wrote some lines at the bottom of the pic: “We stayed awake together until morning, yet suddenly we took this picture. Being compared to him, I must looked so red.”

Aired on last 17th, Park Sung Gwang on KBS2TV Sang Sang Plus Season 2 revealed, “Micky Yoochun, Cho Han-Sun, and I are friends.” he also added, “Recently Yoochun and I went out together drinking.”

Now it’s proven as the pic of the optical Park Sung Gwang and Micky Yoochun is up at the cyworld, which attracted a lot of attention from netizens.

Netizens who visited his cyworld left comments such as:

“I saw Sang Sang Plus, I know you’re both friends.” “You two are good hanging out together.” “I envy you.. I want to befriend with him too..” “I envy..” “The two gentlemen are so cute!” and a lot more…

[NEWS] MIROTIC Concert: 5 Kinds of Luxury Factors

Dong Bang Shin Ki finally finished their MIROTIC concert in Seoul yesterday which was held for 3 days, from February 20th - 22nd at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, thus announced their kick off to their third Asia live concert tour, TVXQ THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT-MIROTIC.

The concert hall has capacity of 12,000 people, and as the 3 days MIROTIC concert tickets are all sold out, the audiences that filled the hall for three days straight are 36,000 people. TVXQ’s MIROTIC concert that was running for 2 hours and 30 minutes gave a spectacular attraction as being evaluated.

The MIROTIC concert showed performances taken from their 4th album released last year with the same title. All Dong Bang Shin Ki members were highlighted for their most outstanding abilities and their performances were called ‘ARTISTIC’, which means the audiences could interacted with the stars during the concert with ‘FANTASTIC’ concept under three kinds of configurations.

There are 5 kinds of luxury factors that can be said as the main points of this concert. The first one is of course, the singing/music ability of all 5 members.

MIROTIC concert was a live concert, and for those who doubt about Dong Bang Shin Ki’s live singing ability, should reconsider their thought again. Dong Bang Shin Ki has proved their singing ability live in many aspects. The MR video evindences, for instance. Netizens recently found another tool to remove music recording (MR) so that only the singers’ voices that would be clearly heard, and Dong Bang Shin Ki gracefully surpassed all netizens’ expectations, as their voices are not an inch close to error. This concert is only one of the proofs.

After three consecutive songs with powerful performance, even in ballads, their amount of mistakes is still tollerable. Tone was not shaking, and the audiences were all attracted by the members’ well-performed stage actions.

Second factor is the direction/the flow of the concert.

MIROTIC concert was definitely directed smoothly. There were 26 songs in total performed within 2 hours and 30 minutes made the costume changing time was so tight, yet they managed to run everything well. Videos that were inserted between this short of time were extremely well-made, the high quality ones.

Lead to the next gig, ‘Balloons’ performance that became natural bridge to the childhood times and Choikang Changmin’s performance of ‘Oh Yoo Way’ showing his electric guitar plays, inserted rock vibe to the song (T/N and some lines I really can’t get the meaning at all).

Off to the third factor, the many stage devices. A super wide LED screen 56m x 6m size built at the background. There were also five small-screens, to show each individual members on the screen. Stage direction was also installed on the top of the stage added up circle line device which consisted of 310 circular fluorescent lamps, and 8 meters high lift was also fantastic.

Fourth, Dong Bang Shin Ki’s ability to make climax of the concert and charisma to lead the audiences made 2 hours and 30 minutes was just not enough.

And the wide range of age of the audiences watching this concert would be the fifth. Fans brought their families, because even people in their 30-40 could enjoyed the show when mostly idol groups can only be accepted by people in 10-20 range of age.

This is not surprising as Dong Bang Shin Ki really knows how to treat their wide age-range of fans. For the youngsters, a short yet sweet performance of “Lullaby Eunhasu” and “Balloons” could fulfilled their taste. In mean time for the olders, “It’s My World”, which was one of a hit aged song was also performed.

MIROTIC concert wasn’t only watched by “ordinary” people. Stars from variety of fields were also coming. The swimming star Park Tae-hwan, basketball star Yang Hui-jong, model Lee Hyo-jae, Kim Hyoon-joong, Yeon Jeong-hoon, Park Ji Bin, Nick Bass, Justin Timberlake’s choreographer were spotted among the audiences, enjoying the feast of TVXQ.

And on the top of that, this is just the start. TVXQ THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT-MIROTIC will continue to Taipei, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Beijing, and another tour in 6 cities in Japan.

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[Information] DBSK Survivor Romanized Japanese LYRICS

Survivor Japanese Lyrics

Everytime, everyday
ima dare mo ga survivor
Looking for everywhere
kono jitai ni don't give up

koko kara tachiagatte
hikari sagashi te
chansu ni kaeyo u
issho ni Let's try
oh baby let's try

kokoro ni One Smile
mitsuke tara Shine on me
Two Smiles
kasane tara Shine on me
sekai ga kagayaku you ni
Smile, Smile
ikinuku Survivor!

kimi ga ire ba
mawarimichi de mo Not so bad
wasurekake ta taisetsu na mono Remember
hitori de ha deki nai koto demo
kimochi o awase te hajimere ba We can
Oh baby we can

doko ka ni One Dream
itsu no hi ka Still on
Two Dream
ugokidasu Brand new worldand someone to love
Dream Dream
dakishime te

kokoro ni One Love
amini coopera nara So easy
Two Love(s)
tsunai dara Be happy
jibun o shinjiru you n
Love Love
Ikinuku Survivor

dare mo ga Survivor
tomoni iku Survivor
Smile and dream now
Everybody Everybody night

kokoro ni One Smile
mitsuke tara Shine on me
Two Smiles
kasane tara
sekai ga kagayaku you ni
Smile, Smile
dakishime te ikiyo u

kokoro ni One Love
amini coopera nara So easy
Two Love(s)
tsunai dara Be happy
jibun o shinjiru you n
Love Love
Ikinuku Survivor

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[NEWS]Yunho Training Hard

On his birthday after exercising they took souveneir picture. Despite his busy schedule, he still takes care of himself (self-management) thouroughly appearing to look better.

Listening to trainer on method to exercise the abdomen with full attention. I'm not sure if it is to work hard to prepare for the February concert.
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[PHOTOS] 090224 DBSK @ Gimpo Airpot to JAPAN









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