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[VIDEO] SMAPxSMAP preview!

[DOWNLOAD] [DBSKnights]3rd Aisa Tour Mirotic Concert 3rd day part2

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[SCANS] JJ magazine 2YU

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[SCANS] RAY Magazine

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[LYRICS] Survivor

Everytime, everyday
everybody now is a survivor
Looking for everywhere
In this case, don't give up

Standing up from here
searching for the light
Together we have a chance
to change, so let's try
oh baby let's try

With One Smile
you find a heart Shine on me
Two Smiles
that we can join, Shine on me
Shine like the world does
Smile, Smile
Survive, Survivor!

Even if you're going
on a u-turn, it's not so bad
remember something important
Being alone is too hard
We can unite our feelings / thoughts to begin
Oh baby we can

Somewhere there's One Dream
With the main aim to Still (going) on
Two Dreams for a Brand new world
and someone to love
Dream Dream
Let's hug

With One Love
Tomorrow can be So easy
Two Love(s)
that we can join to Be happy
believe in yourself
Love Love
Survive, Survivor

Everyone is a Survivor
Together we are Survivors
Smile and dream now
Everybody Everybody night

With One Smile
you find a heart Shine on me
Two Smiles
that we can join,
Shine like the world does
Smile, Smile
Let’s hug

With One Love
Tomorrow can be So easy
Two Love(s)
that we can join to Be happy
believe in yourself
Love Love
Survive, Survivor

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[DOWNLOAD] [DBSKnights]3rd Aisa Tour Mirotic Concert 3rd day

("Don't Fight Over Me! I'm All Yours" *bricked*)

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[NEWS] Idols are The Mirror of Their Fans

Fans learn from their stars, as a mirror. They tend to follow their idols in anykind of way.

Most of the leading stars are obvious examples. Trends are somehow led by them, from their image to fashion and life style will be moving to fit the fans.

Idol group’s fans, for example, are ones that tend to be more sensitive to fashion style. It’s not surprising, as big idol star names are guarantee to the successful launching of most clothing brands/accessories. Fanclub that was known by their fashion fever was H.O.T’s club.

However, not just fancy trend that can be mirrored by the fans. Some stars are succeed in encouraging their fans to do social activities, such as donation. One of the famous fanclubs that are known by their fund raising activities and donations are owned by Pequeño Sol and Moon Geun Young, as well as the Idol Group TVXQ.

◆ Fanclub & Donations

(only translate lines related to TVXQ)

Dong Bang Shin Ki is inducing their fans to be active in donation activities. All members of Dong Bang Shin Ki expressed openly to their fans, “We’ll be more grateful if you donate your money to the needs instead of spending them to buy expensive gifts for us”.

Thus, TVXQ fans in the name of TVXQ members changed their spending purpose and have been proceeding donations for welfare or donate their money to foundations. Until now, the amount that was already delivered for their social activities is up to ₩ 10,000,000.

For the donations activities done by their fans, TVXQ’s leader U-Know Yunho commented, “The fans really have so much money, and I’m so proud of what they have done, they did a good job.”

“The hearts of our fans, I will never be able to forget.” he added.

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[NEWS]Hero Jaejoong: “I was so Tired but I heard Kim Hyoon Joong’s Acting was Very Good
TVXQ Hero Jaejoong praised Kim Hyoon-joong’s acting at KBS 2TV drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’.

Jaejoong at the 21st episode of KBS 2TV ‘Yeonyega Relay” said, “Kim Hyoon-Joong is Yoochun and I bestfriend. I was sleeping due to weary when Yoochun was watching “Boys Over Flowers”, but I heard that he did his acting very well.”

Junsu commented his made-to-believe role as Geum Jan Di at the last section of the show, “What is Geum Jan Di? No.. no..” and “I’ll be the flower like lady, Geum Jan Cho!”.

Jaejoong said that he wanted to be simply the flower at the show and shockingly Changmin joked that he wanted to be the maid.

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[TRANS] 090221 Special Message from DBSK

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[VIDEOS] Changmin: "What's Porn"

something about them saying he always watching porn, and changmin's like,


[edit] oh got the download link here

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[WALLPAPERS] DBSK Desktop Mirotic Concert Booklet

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[NEWS] Lee Hyori, Park Tae Hwan and Kim Hyun Joong were at Mirotic concert

"Popular Idol Group TVXQ's concert, many sports stars, colleagues in the entertainment industry also showed their interest.

On 20th and 21st, TVXQ's concert took place at Seoul Olympic Park Stadium, with the title/name 'TVXQ THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT-MIROTIC '. In addition, the afternoon of February 22nd, at 4 pm, performances took place in the same stage. Three concerts, and in three days, 36,000 fans met.

The concerts sold out in 15 minutes, & entertainers and sports stars also attended.

An official of the concert on 22nd revealed to Money Today Star News, " Top Singer Hyori, and 'Boys over Flowers', SS501 member Kim Hyunjoong & many other stars attended TVXQ's last concert which took place today(22nd).

The official also said "On the 21st & 22nd, many stars including swimming star Park Tae-Hwan, actor Yeon Jeong-hoon, famous model Kim Younggwang, and other sports stars, entertainers, models attended the concert.”

Meanwhile, Dong Bang Shin Ki's concert sold out 3 times in Seoul, & in 2005, their first concert sold out 13 times in a row, and *_______________

*the translator wasnt sure about this part.

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Lee Hyori seems like a Fan! I remember their comeback stage LeeHyori's speech was like, DBSK is so cool!

[DOWNLOADS] 09021 DBSK - 3rd Asia Tour Mirotic [2nd Day]

Too many photos, my picasaweb albums will get full, and i don't have enough money to get a pro account!, i'll be doomed! MAJOR HEADACHE! and Hunger I Haven't ate Dinner or Lunch yet! and it 1:00 AM here! i think i lost a few pounds because of DBSK's Concert....

so I just zipped the Photos and organized it already for everyone~

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[PHOTOS] YUnho with his Trainer in GYM

Dean and customer jeongyunho

Yunho your abdomen undongjung

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