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Triangle Music ☆
Another Nagoya promotion was broadcasted again.
Triangle is a music FM in Aichi


2009/03/20 東方神起登場!

My hospitality.

"My gift to you" I said as holding out the gifts I got from my holiday
"There's sweets and fruits for you to eat!
"And I'll eat it during the recording (laughs)" said Jaejoong.
"I'll eat!" Yunho said it with such sense of justice.
"Wow ~~~!! You got it for us? Thank you!"
And with that, the two accepted my gifts to them. (laughs)

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Trans: oneTVXQ

on March 22 11pm!
The 3 BOKEs~ (rare ne~ BOKEs althogether)

It is revealed today that Singer Tae JinAh considers DBSK's Youngwoong Jaejoong as his rival.

During the recording of SBS' JeolChin Note, Moon HeeJun said, "Today, Tae JinAh's rival is waiting for him." Tae JinAh laughed and replied, "Today, DBSK's Youngwoong Jaejoong is coming out [on the show]?" with complete confidence that Youngwoong Jaejoong was his rival.

[Only the parts concerning Jaejoong was taken out]

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edit : for info... Tae Jin Ah (Korean: 태진아) (born on April 5, 1953) is the stage name of popular South Korean veteran trot singer Jo Bang Hun[1][2]. He is the father of singer Eru.

Remember Jaejoong Copying him in Happy Together "Yeorobo Saranghaeyo, Tanameun DONGBAN....JA...."

Yunho: Hey it’s strawberry season now!

- Yes, but why? All of a sudden… (laughs)

Yunho: I was filming before and we went strawberry picking. I first came to Japan when it was almost this time and season of the year. TVXQ is not well known by Japanese people and we had fewer staff and before our first concert in Japan, we had many dreams. “We want to let everyone know that TVXQ exists in Japan” and that dream has come true, even more than I have imagined. We tried very hard and put our effort but we’re still nervous of the results. Then when we went strawberry picking I realized the Japanese culture and everything just blended in and I was excited. Do you remember? “I want to eat strawberries~~ strawberries ~~ strawberries” Is a song that I made.

- I remember. The lyrics are often changed “Yunho-ko~~ Yunho-ko~~ Yunho-ko~…….ah”

Yunho: Oh……. it’s not that song (laughs) “Yunho-ko~ I want to eat~” It’s like that (laughs) It’s difficult (laughs)

- Really (laughs). I’m impressed. TVXQ first came to Japan on November 23, 2004, and the five members arrived at Narita and I went there to cover you and a bunch of news reporters were gathered there. The five members were nervous, and Yunho was alone on answering the questions.
Yunho: I was. Those days I may not be recognizable/ you’ll not think of me as the leader. I think I did better than I expected that I would.

-The other four didn’t say , the reporters said “I don’t know anyone other than Yunho” when I asked them. I remember the feeling of it very well.

Yunho: I remember it well. I’d still be surprised when I think about it. Anyway, I’d blame myself for it since it was my lack of ability to think during such circumstances. Sometimes people unwillingly say things they don’t mean to. I don’t think my character has changes from when I was a child, I always thought the best thing to do is stand in front and have it all face me or would have to in between it, I wanted it that way. I’ve grown accustomed to it since my childhood, I think my personality is fine, the members came from different environments and paces in life, but we act as one in TVXQ. Somehow I didn’t think that as a leader, you’d have it easy as breeze and just skip it. I was very worried. I really thought I won’t get through it.
- However, the members say that lately, Yunho has become soft.

Yunho: I feel that myself. About two years ago. Little by little, I got off of having to always look out. The members have done things behind the scenes too from the times I felt we’re low.

-Sure. Yunho you said before that could be strict and sweet at the same time. Would you try to change that or was that just a gag?

Yunho: The members think that being adults is a gag. In the past we said “Even if we’d have solo activities, the five of us will continue to stay together” and everyone promised that that won’t change now. After all, no matter what happens, we’ll stay with each other!!we said deliberately, and because now because we’ve become more natural. When I look annoyed, Jaejoong also seemed annoyed. Right now, if it concerns each other we’ll work hard together. Yoochun has become more positive and strong minded now, he’s not lonely anymore. We have a lot of friends. The one who has grown the most is Changmin, I think he’s not the same. I’m sure enough that I’d suffer. Junsu has grown on his cute side, always smiling but that’s not a surprise anymore.

- And lastly, any words for the fans

Yunho: It’s TVXQ’s 5th year. Until now, it’s been very hard, and I think it’s all thanks to you. We’ll handle things better. Please continue supporting us. Please, please give more love to TVXQ and we’ll receive it. This May we’ll be having our Tour and i hope many people will come again. Please, please continue to take care of TVXQ.


Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN +TVXQbaidu


I think this is her closest sister... age wise too...
I need to memorize all of jaejoong's sisters name..!


I dunno who is this

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O.o Kindai Magazine Loves Jaejoong ne~ i think this is his 3rd feature...on it.. every year he does one... they must like pretty boys LOL

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The Schedule said Junon Magazine will be released on the 23rd...Oooh Early!
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090320 CD Data Magazine- Changmin
- Changmin, the last time we saw each other was two years ago and now you’re 21 years old?

Changmin: Yes, I’m already 21 years old. Time flies so fast. I first came to Japan when I was 16 years old. It’s really fast eh. TVXQ’s been together for 5 years, it was fast enough that I’m still surprised when I say that.

- If you include the training years with the members, you’ve been together for 7 years.

Changmin: Right, it’s a long story. We’re almost together every day, in Japan and in Korea. I’ve spent more time with them than I had with my family. But honestly, it’s because we’re busy going to different countries and recording (for the album and the single). (Laughs) I feel happy when I’m busy. After all, you won’t succeed if you’re sleeping. (laughs)

- Hahahah! That can’t be helped. All five are very busy but still smiling on the interviews, and you answer very well even though you’re non-native speakers. I’m very impressed.

Changmin: We still do (laughs) but comparing that to five years ago it’s different to the five people now.

- The members have felt the changes in time?

Changmin: Right. Obviously, we’ve grown with your hearts and our thoughts but I think we still do the same things. Anyways, every day we always make sure we know what to do (laughs). When you look back to the previous interview and compare it to now, you will notice a change. So I think that the road to change is just natural for everyone. I think those things are very nice.

- Yes. But Changmin, you’re faced with many things everyday, and those experiences leave you different impressions.

Changmin: I think so too. If you’re the kind of person who can’t feel the pain even when he’s sick unless they work hard, you must not think about overcoming that. These thoughts will bring forth positive changes and try to take anything and stay positive.

- Oh I think being TVXQ’s Changmin, you receive a lot of love. Do you feel nervous when someone says he/she loves Shim Changmin? What are you thinking right now?

Changmin: Yes, right now I feel like that love is for Shim Changmin. But only in the person’s mind and not in from of other people…and say “I really like you, I guess?” and I’ll think I’d really be nervous. When in TVXQ, I really just have to be myself and that is Shim Changmin. Now I feel very good when we’re performing on stage. TVXQ’s Changmin and Shim Changmin are distanced from each other. Honestly, there were times when I was burdened and annoyed by that feeling. But of course, problems are necessary for people. If pressure or tension is taken away, people cannot grow. Like when there’s a 2-day or 3-day concert series, it ups the stake however if you let the pressure get into you and won’t have a strong heart, you’ll never succeed in making a great stage. So now, a positive pressure to force a change is good.

- Changmin has really grown up now. The other members told me about you too. In the past when we worked alone, you were very natural.

Changmin: Really? I haven’t received a compliment like that directly so I didn’t believe it (laughs) But, I don’t neglect the fact that I’m still at a young age, and I feel people don’t treat me as my age. Although my daily life is fun, I’m really grateful for it.

- Well, lastly any words for the fans?
Changmin: I have now become positive. Thank you for being there are supporting us. We’ll do a lot of work by combining the power of all five members. Everyone, i promise to love being Shim Changmin of TVXQ.

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Chinese and Korean car major company tie up to target the well off fan.

March 17, 2009, it was told “MIROTIC” “3rd ASIA TOUR” of Korean popular vocal group TVXQ will be held in Jiangsu Nanjing City on April 4th.

東風悦達起亜(KIA),China-Korea joint management car manufacturer bit to host the sponsor company of the concert and play out a support event. The car specialized site,”捜狐汽車(SOHU)” reported.

Nanjing City is the start place of the TVXQ Chinese performances; it will be the first place to be held their concert in the Chinese inland region city.

For this reason there will be the possibility that the earnest fans rush to the concert from not only Jiangsu but also domestic each place and Japan, Korea. To obtain the ticket is already difficult.

KIA carries out the lottery until this month 23.

which the customer,who purchase a car in each store and a showroom of the company in Jiangsu and Anhui, win a pair of tickets of the performance. In addition, it is said that a person who giving the test run has the chance to get one ticket by a lottery.

KIA assumes that “the popularity and the results of TVXQ in Asia are equal to an image strategy of the own company” and enters the sponsor company of the concert for the first time.

Because a Chinese fan club “仙后” of TVXQ is occupied with a white-collar woman of the high income, it is said that they aim at the expansion of the class of buyers.

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Translation: Hana @TVXQsoul
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Tohoshinki's Bolero with Subaru Movie is seriously giving me the goosebumps

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