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Part 1

Some various...☆

All the members are working hard in the promotions ♪
On the other team, which is the Crab team (Sapporo team),
it was so funny when the team called Changmin and telling him all about Crab on the phone making changmin angry. (laugh)
I know you're the best changmin! the strongest guy. (laughs)
Changmin is always my favorite!!
I'll be going after the camera which took the photos of the promotion! The DVD ~ ♪ ♪ We hope to see everyone soon!
And this year is Changmin's year ♪

Monday, March 23 is the release of 『AERA』 and I'll be showing everyone officially on my net ☆
It was just amazing!! 23rd is a busy day though~

More Radio Info
March 17(Tue), March 24(Tue) will be broadcasting Love FM's around the Globe at 20:00 ~ 22:54
Special guests: Changmin, Junsu and Yoochun ☆

March 20 (Fri) 12:00 ~ 12:30 FM Fukuoka, The Love Love Weekend
Special guests: Changmin, Junsu and Yoochun ☆

And today, i received a good news.
On the 21st, Subaru would be on a official press meeting at a public memorial place ☆
It was a long time since I saw Changmin live! (T_T)
Just being in the same space already makes me feel happy, what's more when they're going to perform? ♪
I want to watch the movie~

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T/N: Seems like this staff is a real Changmin fan! XDDD! It's so funny when translating her entry! ☆

i think they showed this Photo to Changminnie

Though I'm not sure if this is Crabs "Kani Kani bye bye Kani"

Guys, i got a news from a BigEast fan. They want us to cooperate with their new project!! They want to congratulate the boys for their upcoming 4th live tour, so if you want to cooperate, please read this:

Don't worry, i guarantee that they will send it since most of the members are from Japan.
Spread the Link and Info


Such a Nice project EVERYONE you Must READ it...!
I want to Join Too!! Hopefully I can!
Due To insistent Public Demand...
Actually there's just 2, I'll give out a DL link which i made myself LOL i actually make everything myself~
TAXI 3mins50s version

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Please give me some!!

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TAXI 3mins50s version

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oricon montlhy
Ooohhh!! Yeah!! Pretty Good!!
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*1 遊助 「ひまわり」 20,799
*2 KAT-TUN 「RESCUE」16,152
*3 嵐、矢野健太 starring Satoshi Ohno 「Believe/曇りのち、快晴」*9,012
*4 GReeeeN 「刹那」
*5 AKB48 「10年桜」
*7 美女木ジャンクション 「ポリバケツ」
*8 秋元順子 「愛のままで…」
*9 ROCK'A'TRENCH 「My Sunshine」

10 東方神起 「Survivor -090325 4th Album "The Secret Code" Pre-Release Single-」


20 東方神起 「3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~」

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Newly debuted singer TaeGoon is interviewed on a magazine: (parts that are not about Jaejoong have been taken out of the translation)

Q: Jaejoong’s appearance in [Call Me] has been a hot topic recently. Everyone knows that you and Jaejoong had been friends since a very young age. Then, what was the reason for that Jaejoong agreed to make his appearance in the MV?

A: I called Jaejoong and told him that “I’m going to debut soon, I wish that you’d be able to appear in my MV.” Unexpectly, jaejoong said “Sure, I’ll talk it over with my company” and hung up. After a few hours, he called me back and told me that he would be in the MV. Afterwards I found out that it took him a lot of work to convince his company to let him make his appearance. I’m very thankful for him. After debut, Jaejoong and I still talk on the phone and he gave me many tips regarding performing on stage.

Q: What kind of friend is Jaejoong like?

A: A lot of people are like this, even though they are very close friends, they fight easily--jaejoong and I are exactly like that (laughs). When we were filming the MV, we are always joking around with each other. We don’t see each other as “celebrities,” if we did, it would be very hard to be true friends.

Q: In the MV, Park Shin Hye played the role of a bad woman, what would you do if this kind of situation happened in real life?

A: In the MV, Jaejoong hyung stole Shin Hye from me (sighs), jaejoong’s handsomeness is to blame! (laughs). I think that making a girlfriend be a normal friend is a very hard thing to do, I would never be the first to say that I don’t like her or anything like that, but if someone that handsome steals my girlfriend, it seems like I wouldn’t be able to say anything (laughs)!

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I'm really lazy i just moved all my photos in my external hard drive, so this is the only photos of the taegoon MV i have right now.. in my laptop, yea its YUNJAE sorry

The Fans soo many

SO SOme of the VIDEOs we're removed because... the original uploader...doesn't allo it
This is the only one left please watch NOW!

Korea Popular Idol group, THSK held a special live in USJ Osaka for almost 20,000 fans(they performed twice) who had been supporting them.

USJ convey that they were the Charm of Asia. They truly are the Asian Ambassadors.
For their opening song, they sang 「どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?」 showing their beautiful Chorus to the audience.

After debuting for 6 years, the boys managed to have their first appearance in NHK Kouhaku last year.
And this month, they had released 「Survivor」 single and 「The Secret Cord」 album. National arena tour would be starting in May.

During the MC, Yunho had said "I'm glad to see everyone here on white day and I want to live here for one day," which excited the female fans.
This performance would be broadcast in April 15 at 10:20PM in MTV.

Source: http://www.sponichi.co.jp/entertainment/ne...9/03/15/11.html
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THSK, Junsu, Yoochun, Changmin
had arrived at Bob! to film.

From the previous programs
such as Basketball and bowling, we had received lots of suggestion from everyone.

after going on Kohaku, the boys are now a superstar!

However, it didn't change their image of having a great attitude.

When we ended the location, Saitou Msaru said "I think DBSK is not human like you say," which i replied "I really mean what i said~"

this would be broadcast soon! Do enjoy it!

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Now Junsu Will Morph with the Cat

Omona with a Rabbit

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