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Just want to share a small interesting info. Does anyone here know Kim Yu Na, the girl who was voted as the most influential Korean celeb in 2008? Well, she said that she liked DBSK in some interview before and today when I read SJ's thread, i found this :

She has Kiss Sh!ta mama Sayonara as her music background. Koreans don't listen to Jpop in generally so I guess she's their big fan .

She's The KIM YUNA in 2YU short HaHaHa Cf and The Great Skater ahah I seen one of her Ice Skating.. She's really Great!

credit : thaomin@SJ's thread

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN

Credits: DBSKnights + TVXQbaidu


I would Hug these things if i were there... T__T

an Exception

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NAGOYA team Married Couple YUNJAE
Listen Here

Listen Here

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