Monday, February 9, 2009

[VIDEOS] Bigeast staition + Entertainment relay News + Boys over flowers

[ENGLISHsub]Celebs You want to marry and Date

Fanmade Boys Over Flowers Trailer Starring DBSK


watch in HQ to hear the audio

[PHOTOS] HEY!JJ Gifts for Jaejoong 23rd/24th Birthday

Previous post about Yunho's gifts are form last year the one he donated~

HeyJJ is one of my favorite fanclubs!, They're everywhere and very dedicated! to Jaejoong, Guilty Jaejoong fan here~ *hides under a rock*

I like this!

Some Original Goodies I wonder whats inside the book thingy~

Happy Birthday in Many different ways!

i like the Original HeyJJ stationary

OMG! i have this boardgame (from HongKong mine's darker and shinier pricy too) and I'm pretty good with it, I'm the only one i know of who can finish it LOL~

Toys~~!!! just right for playful JJ he can trick the other members!

Wow This is Cool I want one! Actually i want everything~

I wonder whats inside here they didn't show it T_T *lightbulb on* maybe naughty stuffs! JOKE~ i take it back *bricked*

Singapore keychain and Mauritius wood pen, ahh i want to send JJ gifts too!
Credits: HeyJJ + DBSKnights + SHaringYoochun

[PHOTOS] DBSK @ SM Town Bangkok part 6



Credits: DBSKnights + sharingyoochun+heyjj+HeroBaidu



Showing of their Bodies and Red Undies *nosebleed*

Being Cute with Flowers and Elephants plushies~

Dorky and Sexy

Burning Hot!

Can be all found in this 78 photos zip~

Filename: [2009.02.07] DBSK HQ Pingbook SM Town Bangkok {DBSKnights}.rar
Size: 15.5 MB
Pics count: 78 photos
DLlink: MediaFire

Credits: DNBN + DBSKnights

[PHOTOS] Tohoshinki @ SUBARU Movie

Can u believe it this was shot 2 years ago during Forever Love Days~ So cute and to think they recorded BOLERO back then! i mean the Boys have known BOLERO since 2 years ago~ if it were me i would've already sang it when the Cameras are randomly rolling~

So Kuroki Meisa won as Best New actress at All Nippon Producers Award
read the article here
ain't this a good news SUBARU is sure to be a BIG HIT

Credits: DBSKnights + TVXQbaidu

[PHOTOS] Tohoshinki @ Music Fair

Credits: DBSKnights +pearlred +DNBN