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[INFO] All ABout DBSK season 3 + Tohoshinki at Eco Live Sendai

5日、メンバーは翌日の朝方まで撮影をして、6日は出国までインタビューを受けていたそうです。どこにいても忙しいですね。 それとALL ABOUT TVXQ Season 3は6月に発売予定だそうです☆ 楽しみですね~(>_<)

I just understand a lil bit. Feel free to correct me
They have photography session yesterday, 5th Feb until this morning (6th Feb)
And it says that AADBSK 3 is available for sale in June.

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Tohoshinki at Eco Live Sendai

Live performance is on February 28
TV Broadcast is on March 20
LGyankees, Tohoshinki and Home Made Kazoku

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[TRANS] TVXQ commemorates Lotte Duty Free Shop with a Talk Show

Lotte Duty Free Shop model TVXQ commemorate the inauguration with a premier talk show in Seoul has been announced for March 28, 2009.

Tour details:
* There is also a talk show & games. As for the event, there are approximately 5 songs in which they would include a hit tune.
* Having a good time while talking. To all participants, the TVXQ Lotte Duty Free Shop, presents with not yet released original goods free! (When passing a gift, you can shake hands with a member and soon, the ‘high touch’ has begun.)
*To All participants in the Tour, they would get a Lotte Duty Free Shop gift certificates (10,000 yen) for free.
* Just for Tour Participants only! Lotte Duty Free Shop the TVXQ bargain sales opening. It’s a chance that you can’t get to miss, original goods that you wont obtain in Japan.

Tour participants is limited. All seats are reserved. (The seats are choosen by a local lottery)

Stay in tune on Feb 6th 2009 at 18:00 for futher information and details.

Application Period:
2009/02/06 (18:00) - 2 / 16 (17:00)
2009/02/19 (10:00) - 2 / 22 (17:00)

In regard of the acceptance of this tour its a first-come order.
Please note that if the primary acceptance of this tour is sold-out, there are times when the second application is not to be done.

Signing up for the event, following the travel agency, TVXQ tour made be a dedicated private desk. Member firms affiliated to record companies and artist fan club, contacting the public relations firm will be refused. Furthermore, as soon as it become sold-out, it would be close.

TVXQ’s tour private desk:

Narita, Nagoya, Hiroshima and Fukuoka arrival & departure: Sorority Terumi, 03 -3499 -8950
Haneda Sapporo Sendai arrival & departure: Top Tour, 044-820-0168
Osaka arrival & departure: Nippon Travel Agency, 06 -6344 -3660

As for details click here!

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translated by: Rosa@TVXQsoul
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[TRANS] THSK Japanese Magazine Vol.4 Interview,

As DBSK get more mature each time, they gradually cover their nature of cuteness with men's charm, through their magnificent lyrical love songs and hot dances. This contrast reveals their charisma that we just cannot part with.

Changmin: I feel great while singing love songs! I once saw fans cry upon listening to us singing. Seeing that, though it’s a sad song, I still feel warm and excited.

Me too. Though sometimes my voice quivers due to lost of control over emotions, but after all, it’s a kind of feeling! I really feel happy to share my emotions with the audience.

Their skills of harmony singing are favored by many fans. Members harmonize their tones through eye contact while singing, which indicates their potential to lead a firm team. They are working hard towards Asian top stars. Now let’s hear they talk about their sweet or bitter Valentine memories.

Yunho: In high school I received her DIY chocolate, and I asked her out for a date as return. We watched beautiful scenarios together and dined together.

Yuchun: When I was in the US, in imitating a scene of the movie”A Walk to Remember," my girlfriend and I stood on the boundary line between Virginia and West Virginia. I just wonder what she is doing now?

Junsu: Hanging out with other guys, don’t worry.

Yuchun:……..Junsu was called “Uncle Charming” in high school, right?

Junsu: It’s”Prince”!(laugh) Cuz I play soccer well and was popular among my fellows.

Changmin:I played soccer too, but not much popular, and I tried hard playing basketball.

Jaejoong: I got it! Cuz there were many handsome guys like Changmin in Changmin’s school, but there were none in Junsu’s school!

…..You pissed me off! But that might be the reason. How about your Valentine’s Day?

Jaejoong:Actually I was not popular at all during school time, there was nothing but bitter memories.

source: tvxqsoul
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[PHOTOS] SMTOWN PressCOnference @ Bangkok Thailand


The only girls is Jang Ri In? CUte!

They Said the boys arrived at Thailand around 1:05AM~ TT__TT some got to see them @ the hotel~ oh yeah~ i dunno but maybe thailand airport suvharnabhumi~ i think (I've been there before~~~) maybe they closed the runway again for the boys~~ so the fans doesn't really have any hope their~~ I dunno~ i'll look for fanaccounts~ not much fanaccounts~~though, also SM TOWN rehearsals are 8:AM~ now....
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[TRANS] Student's Choice as Celebrity best fitting a certain teacher role + Appealing Mag + Seoul Gayo Award

Guess who from our boys got a spot!

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[TRANS] YUNHO FM Yokohama Asian Groove TVXQ secret series

Listen to audio here~

TVXQ: We are TVXQ. Moo~ (imitates a cow). "This year, we will work hard too" series.

DJ: What is something you want to challenge in 2009?
YH: If I have time, I'd like to try some new, interesting sports.
DJ: Last week Changmin-kun said he wanted to challenge the butterfly stroke.
YH: I would like to try snowboarding it it were me. I've fallen in love with it recently, and would really like to have some practice at it.
DJ: Where in Korea do you go to if you want to snowboard?
YH: There are many places. For example, there is a place called "yonpyon" which you can go to.
DJ: So that means you can snowboard to your heart's content there?
YH: You can say that. Snowboard and enjoy the wind at the same time.
DJ: Don't get injured ah.
YH: I will take good care.

---- Good Guy Test
DJ: You saw a really cute girl on your date, and you're watching her so intently that there is a scary look on your girlfriend's face. Please say something at this point in time.
YH: If its like that, I would say, "I'm thinking about the past." If she asked me what I was thinking, I'd say something like, "Her clothes are the same as the ones you wore"...
DJ: Ah~~ But your facial expression really looks as if that girl is very cute.
YH: Ah~~ But I still think my girlfriend is the best!
DJ: Um, that means you will give her an explanation right.
YH: Yes, that is so.
DJ: The two of you are attending a party and she dressed up really grandly for the occasion. However, you really do not feel like going to the party. What would you do at this point in time?
YH: If it were me, I would still go with her. I'd be fine with it as long as she likes it.
DJ: How would you feel towards her?
YH: Eh, I think I like her.
DJ: Maybe the girl would be really happy.
YH: Ah, thank you.
DJ: Your ex-girlfriend dropped her handkerchief in your room and your girlfriend found it. What would you do now?
YH: I would be honest with her.
DJ: Your answer seems the same as Jaejoong-kun's.
YH: Ah ah ah~ Although I'd be honest, I wouldn't be completely open about it. I'd say, "I got this from the most important person to me".
DJ: Ah, so you'd tell a white lie that its your mother's?
YH: Yes. Otherwise the other party will feel hurt easily. So its better to tell a white lie.
DJ: You went to watch a sports match, and you are so into the game that you totally neglected and forgot your girlfriend beside you, who looks utterly bored. What would you do now?
YH: "Are you feeling very bored?" If she is, I'd say, "Let's go home now, I'm alright."
DJ: You'll really go back?
YH: I'm alright.
DJ: Even if its the last ten minutes, and the atmosphere is running high?
YH: Yeah, because she doesn't like it.
DJ: Aiya, really?
YH: Isn't it obvious!! Doesn't this happen all the time??
DJ: Confession Time. Please say a line which you consider to be most romantic.
YH: It's really cold, grab my hand and I will never let go of yours.


Ah~ Yunho's really nice, no?8D I've been quite busy the past week so no time to look through the updates yet D: I miss seeing the boys DDD:

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[PHOTOS] CHANGSU Endorsing Mosaic

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[PHOTOS] 090206 DBSK @ Incheon Airport to SM Town Bangkok + Micky Yoochun's New Hairstyle~

I'll be constantly Editing this post For more Photos~ that will be coming in~
if u see this ++++ on top of a Photo its a new addition~

So the Boys went to their hairsalon Today~ and do you guys know who that guy with a bushy head perm~ of course it's Yoochun... He did said he wanted a perm~




That's HOT~o(≧∀≦)o

JJ's porcelain skin *melts

This bag is definitely a designer~ I don't anything about high-fashion coz' i just save money for DongBang products~

Oooh a New Louis Vuitton Bag JJ??

Goodboy Changmin~



Together TVXQ


The Boys are wearing Warm clothes i hope they can cope with the Heat in Thailand or they'll change immediately~and wear smexy, thin, and body showing clothes *bricked* I'm imagining it~ aww someone just stopped my perv*bleep* thoughts~

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