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LOL! the fans Name!

His Biological Half sister (That doesn't sound right) Without Glasses

LOL Jaejoong Is HOT
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doushite...? Pictures, Images and Photos

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As we all know, Lambsey (wrote the lyrics to Doushite, Bolero) were going to record their own cover of “Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?” and release it as a digital single.

A short preview of it has been released. The longest previews can be found on their official website (.asx link to listen) and one from, a Japanese music download site. Both are about 45 seconds long. Other previews can be found at the following:
Preview 1 (from their website, chorus part)
Preview 2 (ripped from, beginning part)

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"I would have become the 5th member of TVXQ!"

So said Choi Myeung Seung, who starred in an MBC drama and started out as a member of an idol group. He was offered a place in TVXQ, but rejected it due to his parents' objections.
In a recent interview, Choi revealed that, "I was offered a contract with SM Entertainment in early 2003 in my first year of high school, but I hesistated" and "I went into negotiating details with SM with my parents, and they were forming TVXQ at that time and the company was interested in recruiting me."

At that time, SM Entertainment was planning to form TVXQ, who was expected to become a top notch group not only in Korea but also the rest of Asia. However, Choi did not accept the offer due to personal reasons. He then decided to "Work even harder to start [his] showbiz activities with a fresh new look" in order to attain [his] parents' approval."
He rejected a large company's offer due to his dreams of wanting to be an actor, and "dreams of becoming an artist as great as TVXQ".

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I can't find any details on him I tried searching! anyone knows?

Q: When do you find yourself most relaxed?
JS: Taking a good bath after the schedule for the day is completed is the best way to relax. To me, that's the best moment.

Q: Is it because you like things such as shower cream?
JS: I won't put in shower creams, being able to take a hot bath in the warmth of the bathroom is the best for of enjoyment. But I won't spend too long a time in there, I'd come out as soon as I get warm.

Q: Other than that, are there any other times which make you feel relaxed?
JS: When I'm sleeping, that's the most blissful moments. And when I think about the things that I want to do.

Q: What do you want to do now?
JS: I want to play games now.

Q: Korean online games?
JS: Exactly. I feel very relaxed when gaming as well.

Q: With the members?
JS: Although the games are interesting, its even more exciting when we play together. We do play together if we have the time. Time passes really fast when we do that.

Q: What is the colour that makes you feel relaxed? The colour that calms you down?
JS: I used to like blue, then red. Now its purple. I ended up liking the colour that's a mixture of red and blue. -laughs-

Q: What do you think of when you see the colour purple?
JS: After the sun sets, a layer of orange sets over the sky, after which it changes to purple. That's the kind of sky that appears in my mind now. I like the sky that appears at sunset. My mood uplifts when I see that kind of sky and I'd feel relaxed.
Q: What do you do when you get time off?
JS: If I get around 5 days off, I would like to take a good rest in a suburban Korean village. If it's a longer vacation, I'd like to go for a trip overseas.

Q: What kind of trip?
JS: If I were to go on my own, it'd be quite nice to go to some famous landmarks or tourist spots for sightseeing. I don't really like cold places. I wouldn't spend a large sum of money wilfullyto go to a cold country just for skiing. -laughs-
TVXQ once went to an island called Bora Bora, Its really beautiful there and I like the place a lot. I'd like to go there again if I get the chance. Truthfully speaking, that's the place I want to go most.
Q: Compared to the time when you first debuted, did your expectations of your music change?
JS: I used to think that I must put in more effort. I wouldn't dislike music, and its not that I'm not working hard now. Isn't the point to accumulate experience in all areas? So, I feel more freedom now. I feel happy no matter on stage or in the recording studio. Because this not only makes me relaxed, it also allows me to do the things I love. So I feel very enriched now.
Q: When did you start feeling like this?
JS: I started really feeling this at the end of last year's arena tour. Because we were approaching the 6th anniversary in Korea and 4th in Japan; and the things that TVXQ wanted to do were being realized one by one. So I wanted to hear music that represented TVXQ's growth.

Q: Are you doing composing now?
JS: I've always been. Composing helps me to relieve stress. I've always been composing as it makes me forget everything else and its also a hobby of mine. I really like it because I can create a world that solely belongs to me in my compositions.
Q: When do you feel inspired?
JS: Suddenly! Sometimes inspiration just comes all of a sudden, as does the melody. I'd sing it out loud, and if it sounds good, I'd record it down. If I didn't have any equipment with me I'd record it in my phone.

Q: Its quite a good idea to record it using your phone.
JS: Its really convenient because I carry my mobile with me everywhere, and it has recording functions. Q: If something like "Love" etc were mentioned, what would you think of? JS: Because I'm really young, I haven't really had much experience of romatic relationships. -laughs- What I think of when "love" is mentioned would be things like pain and missing someone. Because I think that if it was a true love where pain was felt, it would be replaced by missing that person even after you broke up.

Q: Which action of your loved one would make you think she's cute?
JS: It doesnt matter what she does if she did it for me solely. What do you think?

Q: I agree. If she does it before you knew it, would you feel happy?
JS: Yes. It would feel great when I found out.

Q: What do you most want to do for your beloved now?
JS: Let her see me working even harder. That's what I want to do.
Work hard and stand on the stage of Tokyo Dome, that's the goal for this year. I didn't even dare to think about performing in Tokyo Dome when we first came to Japan. It'd be really great if this dream could actually be realized.

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I have posted some of the posters before but the ones in Shibuya and Osaka are new! Ah I hope i can see a big DBSK billboard in my country too!


Avex Building


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24:55~25:50 日本テレビ系『音楽戦士 MUSIC FIGHTER』※『Survivor』を歌います。new
24:10~24:50 NHK『MUSIC JAPAN』※『Survivor』を歌います。new
25:38~26:08 フジテレビ系『魁!音楽番付』※おいしいスイーツを食べましたnew
(Sakigake Music Ranking ※Ate Delicious Sweets)
(16 New Magazine O.o)

『スカイパーフェク!TVガイド』(Sky Perfect TV)new
『スカパー! e2TVガイド』(Sky Perfect e2TV)new
『JJ』※Jaejoong, Junsu, Changminnew
『TOKYO1週間』※『Kiss The Baby Sky』PV Coveragenew
『WHAT's IN?』new
『PATi PATi』※(COVER)new
『日経エンタテインメント!』 ※東方神起を大解剖!!new
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WATCH in HQ play fist then click the arrow up [^] at the lower right hand side of the video

Wow Tohoshinki Japanese Fans are changing~ They're really LOUD!!! but during the songs just a little but still... They're constant screaming of names. is no joke..hahah I find it cute though

OMG! Just as I predicted! Its gonna be an OP for Onepiece I guess I have to watch the Anime series again!
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TVXQ in a Women's Magazine
Can Everyone see the Characters 東方神起/Tohoshinki in bold red in the upper left hand side?

I like What they wearing! especially Jaemin;s Outfit
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Ahhh! SO HOT!
A little Game If anyone can Tell Something about this Picture
within 4secs.
Don't Cheat!

I'll give out a Special DOWNLOAD...!
I won't say what!
Its Easier than i thought also guess Who is The real One!
I'll Tell the answer and show everyone the real picture! tomorrow!

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I like These! anyone wants a New photoshoot! Old Hairstyles LOL
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