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Kiss the Baby Sky's PV is going to come out soon~ can't wait to see it ♥

This is an account of one of the staff members who took part in the filming of KTBS PV~

Baby Sky~

This is actually a line from the Weather's Show's theme song that THSK sang last year. I actually took part in the filming of this PV last friday, together with a few other staff members.

First we'll talk about the set, it was a set that really suited the song, giving off a feeling of freshness. I was really glad that we managed to finish the filming. Behind-the-scenes shots will be revealed later in "zoom in", please look forward to it as well.

Anyway, the THSK members are really easy-going, interesting and humble people. They always wore a bright smile on their faces despite their busy schedules. I feel recharged every time I see them, and this allows me to work even harder. "zoom in" will be supporting THSK from now on, please look forward to their new PV.

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[INFO] SM town Performance LIST~

gfdasd ;__; so many performances! Gonna be rly, rly busy this friday ._.

Part 1
1) SM 09 Show! SM Dance Meeting Party
- Lose My Breath - SNSD
- Fantasia - CSJH The Grace
- Take It To The Floor - SHINee
- Buttons - Zhang Li Yin
- Sexy Back - Super Junior
- What's Up -TVXQ
2) Angels - Suday The Grace
3) Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind - Dana The Grace
4) Too Good - CSJH The Grace Feat. KyuHyun SJ
5) Run It + 4 Seasons + Real - SHINee
6) I Will - Zhang Li Yin
7) Hey! Mickey - SNSD
9) Complete + Can Not Say - SNSD
10) Hug - TVXQ
11) Love Is... - TVXQ
12) One Love - EunHyuk Feat. Xiah TVXQ
13) The Charm Of The 21st Century - Uknow, Micky, ShinDong, DongHae, Key
14) Goose's Dream - KyuHyun SJ JongHyun SHINee
15) Staggered Love - Zhang Li Yin Feat. JongHyun SHINee
16) If + Can You Hear Me - TaeYeon SNSD
17) Crazy - SMTOWN-ROCK!! - HeeChul SJ
18) The Ducks Fly - SMTOWN-ROCK!! - Chang Min TVXQ
19) You Are Born To Love People - Jessica Tifffany SeoHyun Dana
20) Than The Love Of Deep Wounds - Lina The Grace & JaeJoong TVXQ
21) No. 2 At The Winter - RyeoWook YeSung Onew
22) I Believe That Love - Zhang Li Yin
23) What U Want - Stephanie The Grace??
24) U + Me - Super Junior M
25) Twins - Super Junior
26) Our Love - Super Junior
27) A Long Time Ago - Super Junior
28) Under the Sea + Snow Dream - SM Family

Part Ⅱ
29) Purple Line - TVXQ
30) Boomerang - CSJH The Grace
31) 'O' Jung Ban Hub - TVXQ
32) A Man In Love - Super Junior
33) Rising Sun -TVXQ
34) Love Like Oxygen - SHINee
35) In My Room - SHINee
36) You're My Miracle - TVXQ
37) You're My Endless Love - Super Junior
38) Gee - SNSD
39) Way To Go - SNSD
40) Catch The Shooting Star - CSJH The Grace
41) One More Try - Zhang Li Yin
42) Dancing Out - Super Junior
43) Love In the Ice -TVXQ
44) Nuna Is Very Pretty [Replay] - SHINee
45) Dancing In the Rain + The Club + One More Time Ok? - CSJH The Grace
46) Moto + Girls on Top - SNSD
47) DANCE BATTLE - DongHae, TaeMin, Uknow, HyoYeon, ShinDong, HanKyung, EunHyuk, Xiah, Stephani ????
48) Smile - Super Junior
49) Oasis - TVXQ
50) Hi Ya Ya Summer - TVXQ
51) Happiness - Super Junior
52) Wonder Boy - Super Junior
53) Balloons - TVXQ
54) Mirotic + Wrong Number - TVXQ
55) Show Me Your Love - TVXQ + Super Junior
56) Hotmail - SM Family
57) Lets go On A Trip - SM family
Credits: KoreanXKorean @Soompi + xietinloveshero + DBSKnights

[TRANS]] 090131 Tokyo FM Docomo Dream Call - Conversation with THSK

Listen to Audio Part 1 here

The long-awaited live phone call with celebrities! The show that allows you to interact through telephone live with your favourite celebrities, "Dream Call", has invited guests Tohoshinki today!! All 5 of them have arrived to record this event. How will this "Dream Call" turn out to be like?

Radio name "Naomi": Please tell me what are the trendy things within THSK now, if there are any.
YH: Playing table tennis online.
DJ: Who's best at table tennis in real life?
All: JJ.

Radio name "Kayo": I am going to be a university student starting this April, and I feel really nervous and unsettled now. How did THSK members overcome this problem?
JS: Don't feel unsettled. Everything will be fine if you have a positive attitude!

This didn't exactly seem to answer the question, so the DJ asked how they prepared for a performance. They said they would "cheer together with the staff and dancers". The boys were then asked to perform the cheer, which goes like "Toho, Toho, Tohoshinki fighting!" But the sad thing was, only one person- CM- did it. The others all did it "softly". Finally, everyone did a cheer for Kayo- "Kayo, Kayo, Kayo fighting!" Please do your best to overcome it.


[Listener's Review]

Listeners were asked to talk about their views on the triple A side single release on 21st Jan, "Bolero/Kiss the Baby Sky/Wasurenaide".
Radio name "Kasumi": The layering and harmonization of all 5 members' voices in "Bolero" made the song very grand, and one doesn't get sick of the song even after listening to it repeatedly. I gain a lot of strength from listening to it when I feel down! The first time I heard "Kiss the Baby Sky", I thought, "YC is such a genius!" and that it was a song which really suited the morning atmosphere. "Wasurenaide" on the other hand, is a really sad song and listening to it makes me feel like crying sometimes. Did JJ ever have such a tragic love?

JJ: When you understand love, there is both happiness and sadness. I just included memories from all my experiences.
YC: With your mother?


Things or troubles you want to discuss with THSK.
Radio name "rie": I'm a person who doesn't follow through and loses passion for the things that I do. Please tell me how to finish up with a job without feeling bored!
To this, the members all said"Junsu is also a person who doesn't follow through with the things he does!" or "I'm a person who loses passion after a week as well!" etc etc.

Seems like THSK members also have a problem with lasting through a task. What rie had problems with continuing was muscle training and losing weight. Girls probably have all had that kind of experience. Junsu mentioned that he had an experience with dieting as well. But, why would Junsu want to lose weight?!?!

JS: Although my body isn't fat at all, my face puffs up immediately if I don't take care. I see, appearances are indeed very important to artistes.

So THSK suggested to rie, "eating egg whites are really good for muscle training!" Don't know if rie really understood the method to last through her endeavours?JJ said "Its okay even if your passion lasts just 3 days. Recognising your goal and working towards it is already very important and great in itself."

[Special Call]

A phone call conversation with THSK limited to listeners who, similar to THSK, like anime.
Radio name "Saya": I really like "Dress" (Russian anime), and I even cry while reading it sometimes. Have you guys had such experiences?

Junsu had cried while reading "Dragon Ball", seems like it was "time when the Monkey God (Sun Wukong) died". YC also cried reading "Dragon Ball", and CM cried during "Slam Dunk". Some of the other comics YH recommended included, "Subaru, even though we hadn't read this comic before, we heard that its a really good one. And, yeah, its movie version is being made into a film now, and its the one "Bolero" is a theme for." Please look forward to it!

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[PHOTOS] YOOCHUN in Ontama Carnival 2009

Credits: DBSKnights + TVXQbaidu

[INFO] 2nd J-MELO Awards (2008)

the unique year-end J-MELO Awards recognize and celebrate Japanese artists based entirely on requests from fans all over the world..

1. L’Arc~en~Ciel
2. Arashi
3. Hey!Say! JUMP
4. melody.
7. Tohoshinki
8. Hikaru Utada
10. YUI

Credits: DBSKnights + nhk

Considering this is about Jap. Music and japanese I'm extremely happy, I mean they'r ethe only foreigner

[INFO] Space Shower Music Video Awards 09



TITLE : 恋シテル
Director : 久保茂昭


TITLE : さよならリグレット
Director : 中村剛


LABEL : rhythm zone


TITLE : Dream Fighter
Director : 関和亮


TITLE : Eat You Up
LABEL : avex trax
Director : Cha, Eun Teak

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN

[RUMOR] SMent and Johnnys Ent. Together

dbsk Pictures, Images and Photoskat tun bling Pictures, Images and Photos
Can't we all just get along? Like a certain famous person says, Yes We Can. According to the folks at DNBN, there are reports that Johnny's Entertainment wanting to be on friendly terms with TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki.

If you didn't know, now you know that TVXQ was rumored to be banned from Japanese TV shows such as Music Station. Cassiopeia and Big East felt that Johnny's Entertainment was being unfair but these feelings are beginning to change. With TVXQ being invited to SMAPxSMAP and also promises on invitations to more Johnny's shows in the near future.

Why the sudden change of heart? Mainly because SM Entertainment has been really supportive to Johnny's Entertainment efforts in Korea. SM Entertainment helped launch the CD distribution of V6, Tackey&Tsubasa; and Arashi in South Korea. In addition, TVXQ has said nothing but good things about the artists at Johnny's Entertainment. TVXQ was especially complimentary to NEWS, which is a favorite of Mary Kitagawa, who happens to be Johnny Entertainment's CEO sister.

Credits: DBSKnights + ALLKPOP + Hyorifan

[TRANS] JAEJOONG in Shopping Corner at Bigeast Mag

In the waiting room one day... (S=staff)

S: Ah~ Jaejoong!
JJ: Yes!
S: About the interview for Bigeast...!
JJ: Ah!
S: What is it?
JJ: I haven't forgotten~!
S: You will go soon right?
JJ: I was thinking of going in between the other interviews.
S: When will you be going?
JJ: Tomorrow, I suppose?
S: En~~~~
JJ: I can't?
S: No! There's no problem at all! Can I go with you?
JJ: Yes, but time'll be a little tight!
S: Why?
JJ: Because I'll be going during the 30 minute break in the schedule...
S: That means you won't be able to go if the schedule is full/drags!
JJ: Yeah, but I'll give it a challenge!
S: So today's "tekibaki"?
JJ: What is "tekibaki"?
S: En~~ Something like saying that you won't do anything useless~
JJ: I think I get it.
S: So let's tekibaki tomorrow too!
JJ: Tekibaki tomorrow too!
So, the next day, Jaejoong decided-"Let's start now!" during the one hour break...
S: Will we be in time for the next programme?
JJ: Yes!
S: Well then~let's go!
JJ: Go go~
S: Its really pressurizing~
JJ: Because I haven't gone shopping in a long time!
S: Have you decided where to go?
JJ: Yes, I asked the consultant, and decided on this place after much research!
S: I see!~
JJ: Well, then, leave it to me!
JJ begins choosing bags and clothes seriously upon entering the shop...
S: Yaaa JJ if you don't choose quickly, wouldn't there big a big risk of being late for the next programme~
JJ: Ah? There's no more time?
S: En? What time's the next (programme)?
JJ: En, en, what time's the next one?
S: Ai~ didn't you ask?
JJ: It's alright! They'll definitely call us!
S: En? Did you tell the manager you were going shopping?
JJ: ......I sort of told him before I came down! (laughs)
S: Ah~
JJ: Let's get scolded together~
S: You only "sort of" told him?!
JJ: Hahaha~!

lol I can just imagine the staff's face manzxzxz XDDD

Take out with full credits.

Source: 灵儿LOVE在 @baidu
Translation by: Banana-chan@xietinloveshero

[PHOTOS] LOTTE Japan February Calendar wallpaper




Credits: DBSKnights + Lotte Japan

[VIDEO] BIgeast Station #97 English sub

YH and CM flirting with Junjiang~

[PHOTOS] DBSK English Messages

This one is from fangirlmitz our affliate blog~ such a nice blog i go there often~ they posted this~ as our blog is pretty new just from october 2008~ we havent posted this ne~ i think i have seen this before but i can't recall properly~
these were included with the S-Cube figurines, it would seem. ^___^ (yes, those limited edition ones that I only ever saw the box of xD)

Who do you guys think has the best penmanship?
I'm thinking of Jaejoong but i can't actually trust my opinion I'm completely Bias towards him
What so you guys think please comment~

Credits: YJbaidu + fangirlmitz + DBSKnights

[NEWS] South Korea Basketball Player Yang Hee Jong has lots of connections "My Dance Teacher was U-Know Yunho"

Yup he was the guy Yunho visited to watch the game for wherein they shared a manly hug xD

South Korea Basketball Player Yang Hee Jong has lots of connections, "My Dance Teacher was U-Know Yunho"
Isplus | 2009.02.04 11:06

▶TVXQ Dance Teacher, Happy in Basketball Friend

Yang Hee-Jong has unusually close relationships with huge stars. In the entertainment industry he is friends with U-Know Yunho (TVXQ), SiWon (Super Junior) and HwanHee (Fly to the Sky) of SM Entertainment. Yang Hee-Jong said, "With the artists who like to play basketball, we have become more intimate as friends" he said.

TVXQ's U-Know Yunho was his dance teacher. Yunho said, "After making a shot, why don't we try to dance" and has taught him a variety of dance moves. However, it was rumored that dancing was too difficult to learn and that he has abandoned it and given up.

The joy, admitted by Yang Hee-Jong, is mastering basketball. Also with basketball it reinforces friendship.

He adds, ""All three of them are well-mannered and pure, it was good. Through talking we have easily became friends."

Source: + DNBN
Trans: fangirlmitz
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[PHOTOS] YUNHO FM Yokohama Asian Groove "TVXQ Secret" series

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN