Sunday, March 1, 2009

Anyways, he’s Yamada and today at ZEPP, they participated in sweet heaven sweet long with mister zhong who organized KHB ECO LIVE VOL.4. As usual mister zhong activities content are always exciting and filled with excitement. The title happy environment is a great success. We talked a lot with the LG yankees and dancers.Tohoshinki is quite easy going people, we had a lot of fun.

The brown part:
Home Made Kazoku is one of japan’s popular hiphop groups, formed in 1996, signed to SONY Music and on 11march they released a new single [you-anata ga soba iru shiawase]

List of songs the are performing:

Purple Line
Summer Dreams
We Are!
credit: baidu
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Sharedby: DBSKnights
Oooh I really Like 2 songs of Home Made Kazoku the ones from Bleach and Naruto LOL

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Watch Tohoshinki on SMAPxSMAP live!

Time: MARCH 2 ----> 22:00 ~ 22:54
Channel: FUJI TV


We all Don't want to LAG while watching it~ if there's too many people watching *wink*
Hope everyone can understand what i mean~
MANY PEOPLE = LAG = No One Can't Watch Properly

I'll be Like This too! Captured by Yoochun.. I'll be your Pet Rabbit!

Credit : UKKing + OhMickyTranslated by : Choco@TVXQFever
Please take out with full credits
Ahh CHOCO!! I love You LOL's Thanks a LOT!! Gotta Share it too! Its TOO cute!

OMG! it's so BIG and COOL! I want some of IT!
Credits:Oh Micky +TVXQfever +DBSKnights

Song list:

1.Secret Game
4.Nobody Knows
10.Stand Up!
Disc 2
Non Stop Mix
[2CD + 2DVD]
1.We are
2.Take your hands

Credits: DBSKnights + ImXmay

I'm Officially Dead!

TVXQ appears on [S.Live]. They will perform 'Purple Line' gorgeous choreography, and then 'Why Have I Fallen With You?', a ballad that you will lose yourself in.

Because of TVXQ's request, [Please teach us the typical Japanese Gag], each members will reveal their gags one by one. Besides that, a combination of Japanese and Korean Gags show will leave you laughing hysterically! The finale dance by all ten people is a must watch!

Broadcast by : Fuji TV Station
Broadcast time : March 2nd, 1opm ~ 10:54pm

Please take out with full credits.
source: tvxqfever
credit: OhMicky + TogetherTVXQ
translated by: choco@TVXQFever
SharedBy: DBSKnights

Credits: Yunho-sshi + Xiah-sshi


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Credits: As tagged + DBSKnights