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HQ Pic. of The secret Code album Postcard
Luscious Pink Lips!

This is the Mini-album cover!
In case you miss the News go here

LOL "The Secret Cord" is written on it
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HQ Scans by Posaruxya

I want to See the Other Members as well

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Feel Yourself? reminds me of "I really wanna touch myself" in Purple Line
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Changmin The Ultimate King of UFO replies
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0.o I remember this! from his shoot on the Soccer Field for AADBSK3
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OMG! I'm excited!
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Want More Info on "The Secret Code" go Here

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File:Music Station title.PNG
3 / 6 (金)
20:00~ テレビ朝日系 『MUSIC STATION』
Friday, March 6
20:00~ TV asahi "MUSIC STATION"
※ song to sing! Expect Now!
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Hello Hello :D I wonder if any of you ever read this? This is seriously amusing ^-^ I'm just spreading the love rofl.

I didn't write this xD I'm reposting, and I shrunk the size 'cause it's a long list...


1. Buy a new phone because the old one didn’t let you put DBSK ringtones

2. Set your internet passwords to go along the lines of ‘Yunjaeyoosumin♥’ and 'DBSKHwaiting!'

3. Have your computer desktop icons moved because, ‘they were covering Jaejoong’s face’.

4. Cry when you see them perform…on tv.

5. Have already thought up the names of your future children with them.

6. You want a p*n*s so that you can join the fun you KNOW is going on.

7. Hear people call then gay and you get excited and say ‘Really? Who do you think is dating who?’

8. Refuse to call them a ‘boy band’ and call them ‘man band’ or ‘acapella dance group’.

9. Place health, family, and school 2nd behind watching streaming DBSK and fangirling.

10. Date an Asian just to be one step closer.

11. Hum DBSK songs when passing Asians in hopes they’ll talk to you.

12. Cut your hair like one of the members.

13. Start learning Korean or Japanese just in case you ever meet them.

14. Curse Cassiopeia, but praise them for their fancams.

15. Realized you were a pedophile the first time you watched Hug.

16. Realize you have more fangirl friends than real friends…

17. Celebrate the members’ birthdays, but not your significant other’s.

18. Have turned your mother into a fangirl, and have moved on to your dad.

19. Debate whether you should eat for the next month or get that new photobook.

20. Read Fanfiction at work/school.

21. Write Fanfiction at work/school.

22. Start believing Mpreg might be possible.

23. Learn Photoshop just so you can draw naked fanart.

24. Have at least one Photoshoped photo of the members as girls.

25. Rank the men you meet from ‘not even human’ to ‘godly like DBSK’.

26. Buy a 1TB external hard drive for all the HQ & HD DBSK goodness.

27. Have uploaded a video on youtube related to DBSK.

28. Hear the word OT5 and get mental pictures.

29. Have made it your life mission to convert everyone to the DBSK way.

30. Join LiveJournal just for the DBSG community.

31. Join Soompi for the same reason.

32. Buy their album…all 4 versions…

33. Snarl like an animal at any female they get close to (or in some instances, wish you were that girl).

34. Get confused in biology when they tell you ‘Sheep’ and ‘Bunnies’ can’t have babies.

35. Squeal w/joy when you find out ‘Lions’ and ‘Tigers’ CAN have babies.

36. Expect every singer to be able to sing in 4 languages.

37. Know the Korean fan chants and scream while you watch them perform.

38. Hear people talk about them breaking up you yell, ‘5-1=0, 5-1=0!!!!’

39. Ask your significant lover to ‘squeal like a dolphin’ and get upset when they don’t do it right.

40. Associate the word ‘duck’ with Xiah’s generous posterior.

41. Expect ‘Eu Kyung Kyung’ to come out in the dictionary.

42. Realize you channel Sir Mix-a-Lot every time you see Junsu’s butt.

43. Find yourself understanding and laughing at Xiah’s oyagi gags.

44. Don’t think playing soccer on someone’s forehead is impossible.

45. Think Chunglish is an actual language, and study it.

46. Start to think guys that cry in public are ‘f*cking sexy’.

47. Begin wearing shoes w/o socks because Micky does it.

48. Find that Micky Mouse ears turn you on.

49. Swear MinxFood is your OTP.

50. Found yourself shopping for Mangdoongie at the pet store.

51. Expect all Asians to be as tall as Max.

52. Freak out that the songs on the radio don’t have a ‘sonic scream’.

53. Start to think Max’s so snarky he might be Snape’s nephew.

54. Think all leaders should be like Yunho, and get disappointed when they aren’t.

55. Have read/written a haiku about U-Know’s lip mole.

56. Love that U-Know thinks Bambi is a girl.

57. Acquire an obsession with moobs.

58. Ask your significant other why THEY don’t have a small face like U-Know.

59. Swear that Hero could win the title of ‘Miss Universe’ if only they allowed men to enter.

60. Know Hero can’t dance (well) and Don’t F***ing Care.

61. Think Hamtaro PJs are the sex.

62. Find that expressionless men are your ideal.

63. Realize you’re a sadist when you see Jaejoong tied to a wall.

64. The top 30 songs on your iTunes are all by DBSK.

65. Automatically classify anyone who doesn't know who DBSK are as clueless idiots as inferior human beings.

66. Feel the need to listen to DBSK 24/7...even in your sleep.

67. See a mirror and think 'MIROTIC'. (ILU JJ FOR THAT)

68. Acquire a fetish for black silk. (THX MIROTIC)

69. See the number 69 and you wonder which members are at it right now.

70. Cry when people say DBSK is getting old.

71. Play word-association and the first thing that comes to mind has to do with DBSK...even the word sardine.

72. Think men look better with eyeliner.

73. Have a spontaneous orgasm at the mention of anything DBSK related.

74. Think it's normal for men to wear more bling than you.

75. Don't know Korean, but can correctly sing every single song with perfect pronunciation.

76. Cosplay/Consider-Cosplyaing as one of the boy's Balloons outfits, and going to an anime convention to see how many people glomp the shit out of you.

77. Name your new puppy 'Max' or 'Hero' in honor of DBSK.

78. Start adorning your msn-chats/text messages with emoticons (when you used to hate those things) after you found out Jae does it.

79. No longer think purses aren't gender specific.

80. Know & celebrate their birthdays, but can't remember your friends' OR

81. Compare the age of every person you meet how old they'd be in relation to -insert member here-.

82. Buy things with the color red simply because it's DBSK's color.

83. Have pictures of them on your school supplies.

84. Have had to explain who they are to a teacher because he/she noticed the pictures on your school supplies.

85. Have learned the moves to more than one of their dances.

86. Would gladly date one of their siblings, if only because that would mean you were related to them.

87. Move a guy closer to the top of your 'who I'd date list' just because he is a fanboy.

88. Are confident you'd be instant friends with just about every other DBSK fangirl, even if you didn't speak the same language.

89. Giggled when you first heard the new album was called Mirotic, because you knew they wanted to call it 'Erotic', but couldn't.

90. Spontaneously orgasm every time somebody says 'HEY!' to you. (thank you Mirotic Album)

91. Swear the Cartier Love Rings prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Jaeho is infact real.

92. Love the fact that some people still believe they are straight.

93. Get mad when a non-fan calls them gay, since they are using it as an insult, but when a fan says it, you spend the next few hours debating parings and end up remembering ot5 is the real heart of the matter.

94. Say red is your favorite color, even if it isnt.

95. Curse Lee SooMan for knowing how to rape you of any money you planned on having, ever.

96. Have convinced yourself that 6 years (or more) is not really that big of an age difference when it comes to dating/getting married (just because you'd like to believe you had a chance with them if you met them).

97. At one point or another you joked about/seriously considered nameing one of your current/future children after them.

98. Are determined to turn your current/future son into a fanboy.

99. Realize the most organized folder on your computer is the one that holds your pictures of DBSK, all 1,000+ of them...

100. Laugh when you realize jae's nickname is 'BooJae', because now anytime Yunho says, 'My Boo' (which is often), it's more proof of the Jaeho lovin'.

101. Notice that Yunho used to say JaeJae was his BFF4L, but now he says its Minmin, thus implying that Jaeho MUST have accepted Min into their lovin'. Tru Fax.

102. Utterly LOVE the person who came up with the idea that the boys turn and sing to each other during their powerballads (whoever that was).

103. Swear that X-Man was the greatest show ever invented, since you could watch dbsk do the most random shit ever.

104. Learn how to play korean games, like OF COURSE, just because DBSK play it (and cuz you, like Min, want to intimidate your friends into telling everything).

105. Know MinMin watches porn, and love it (he's one of us!).

106. Know more about DBSK then you do your own relatives (oh yes, its true, and you know it).

107. Watched 'the lion king' and decided what DBSK members would be which characters.

108. Meet DBSK fans whereever you go, including a Dir en Grey concert (spend the 5 hours in line fangirling dbsk, not diru).

109. Immediately blame any outfit and/or hairstyle you don't like on the boys' stylists, even if you're looking at stalker pictures and its obvious the boys chose it themselves.

110. Believe DBSK is a health hazard, because you are seriously worried they might give you a heart attack one day (yoosumin sexy counting anyone?), though you would die happy.

111. Have written "I love DBSK" or something similar in the sand on a beach.

112. Have learned to write in Korean, but only the boys' names...

113. Have used DBSK in more than one school project for which you earned a grade.

114. Have wished more than once that you were one of the boys' microphones.

115. Have fanfiction as the primary source of literature in your life.

116. Stay up all night watching an award show streaming live from halfway across the world in a language you don't understand, just to see them perform and see which awards they won, and even end up late for work, but it's worth it.

117. Use their scant, and awkwardly worded, English phrases in your daily life. Ex. "Let's do this!"

118. Have looked up Jaejoong's hamtaro PJ's up on E-bay and Seriously considered buying them.

119. Know more about gay sex than some actual gay people. Yes, you've read THAT MANY smut fics.

120. Dream about DBSK or DBSK related things almost every single night.

121. Spazz when one of them looks straight at a fancam even though you know they aren't exactly looking at you.

122. Buy a new computer just to do DBSK stuff.

123. Go to the Korean CDs section first, to see if they have DBSK's album.

124. Start to imagine how Yunjae's babies will look like whenever you see some cute babies.

125. Jam out full blast in your car to DBSK. Rollin'!

126. Ignore your severe lack of wallspace and order the Mirotic poster, cuz of the Ho!nips.

127. Give DBSK names to all your electronics.

128. Then cry when you drop 'Junsu' the cellphone.

129. Proudly display your DBSK collection despite disapproval by the parentals.

130. Write your name + a member on every piece of blank (and sometimes not blank) paper you find.

131. Have your 'ideal man' list consisting of DBSK attributes. (big butt, small face, broad shoulders...)

132. Think Yunho's scar is so sexy, you almost want to cut up your boyfriend's face so he has one too.

133. Try to figure out who's last name would fit better with your first case you got married...

134. Support all SM artists, since they've probably talked to DBSK.

135. Stand next tall people and pretend they're DBSK.

136. Have joined every DBSK related community on Livejoural & Soompi...EVERY community.

137. Find any possible excuse to use some of Changmin's UFO replies in real life.

138. Stay up into the wee hours of the morning checking what you've done off this list.

139. Send videos of the boys singing 'Happy Birthday' to your friends on THEIR birthdays.

140. Find out that lonely girl int he corner of the classroom is a DBSK fangirl and you become friends.

141. Sit in class and all the people around you now know who DBSK are.

142. Think of Jaejoong anytime anyone mentions Heroes.

143. Sqeal with delight upon discovering your school color is going to be red, and yell out 'DBSK HWAITING!' at pep-rallies.

144. Add ' bed with DBSK' when reading out your fortune cookies.

145. No longer find 'trap stamp' tattoos on men strange.

(SERIOUS!) CREDIT: hoshiko_malfoy @ LJ

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Credits: DBSKnights +BeyondYuchun + DNBN
"At the end of last year, when TVXQ attended a variety show, JaeJoong said "Please come to Korea. I welcome you." We even exchanged numbers. Although the show ended, I hope we can still meet during music programs. I feel really happy."

There is a great bond between these two groups. They both attended last year's CDTV event. When TVXQ's name was annouced, W-inds immediately stood up and shouted "Congratulations!" Jaejoong then thanked them. They're very friendly with each other backstage too.

Translated by: Choco@TVXQFever
Please take out with full credits. ♥

I remember W-inds and Tohoshinki is also on the Latest Ep. of Music Fair, I'm glad they have Cool Senpai friends in Japan!
I'm not too sure about Keulru but Hangul read like that so, It's the Necklace

Credits; DBSKnights + DNBN
A happy date is made by schools boys. Many school girls expect that, that time will come but then, boys become lesser and lesser. But, TVXQ is different from them. For this month, they will appear in “dream date”! For this month, we will show you Yunho and Yoochun’s news.

Yunho part (edited by sharingyoochun)

“Today, I’m your very own personal cameraman, and I won’t miss any look.”

“Two people who have been so busy, but at one time when we’re both get some free time, I really want to go to the sea in Okinawa. Only bring minimum luggage along and also my favorite camera. I always love camera ever since junior high. I loved to bring my digital camera when was walking around and took pics of my surroundings…

I have a camera for professional. With that camera, I’d love to take pic of my smiling girlfriend. And also a picture of us wearing couple outfits… it might turn to be a quite good picture!! ~

The couple outfits are just simple ones… For example like the denim jeans I wear today, if my girlfriend have the same color denim skirt like my jeans…

Denim mini skirt, I really like girl wearing mini skirt~ … ah, I think I’m quite off topic (laughs)

I like a date that has active atmosphere. Thus, if she can accompanies me playing marine sport, it would be good. I really want to see my girlfriend smiling and looking so excited, then I will take a picture of her laughing to be shown to her (laughs)

If the two of us could be together for a long time, forever.. just like a photograph, where happy memories of two people can be kept at it.

If you don’t have time, you don’t need to go to Okinawa. Just going anywhere at night time will works too.

You can see a beautiful night scenery while you’re walking. Still holding the camera… I will always bring my digital camera, eventhough not the professional one, digital camera will take good pictures as well.

In fact, once when I worked in Japan, I took a beautiful picture of sea in Okinawa at night from Rainbow Bridge. Unfortunately, the picture’s models are my TVXQ members (laughs)”

source: jj magazine + tami@dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Shared By: DBSKnights

Yoochun’s Part

“I will compose the one and only song for you. I’ll give you our home in Aoyama.”

“For example, her BIRTHDAY. First, I will rent a restaurant. The place… yeah, Aoyama where it’s near hills, and not a very noisy place.

I will set a dinner for two, and escorts her. I want us to enjoy our meal slowly by talking things to each other. Normally I can’t talk slow, but at that day, I want to talk with minds, and when our stomatch are already full, I will hand her present.

The gift is not a good, I’ll give her my song.

Then, using piano, I will play the song which has rhythm that can makes her relax. Eventhough it’s quite embarassing, I want to insert a narration, thus the entire song will be like a LOVE LETTER which (I hope) will leaves a huge impression on her..

The warm feeling she would feels… I want to sing a song like a lullaby.

I’d like to have a girl that you can imagine her having a family, having her own child, it’s really good. Often people says “so you want a girl that can cook,”. Eventhough I would like if she can, but I don’t hardly require such skill on my girl.

For example, she may not usually cooks, but she would cook whens she’s happy. Other than that, I’m moved too for only small things she does, such as serving meal, places her hand on her chest properly when she bows, just small things like that.

Somehow I feel she’s just nice (by doing such attitudes), thus makes me giving her a song to make her happy.

As a gift, I also want to go together with her at some places.

Japan’s hot springs in Hakone, pretentious Shimogyo Dana, I want to visit those places.

Taken her at such places, I don’t want anything in return, but her smiley face showing that she likes it.”

source: jj magazine + tami@dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Shared By: DBSKnights

BTW Jaejoong's Sister Just appeared for an MV but she has not interest on debuting
FileName: 20090224 MTV News - Survivor Comment [jj]
Size: 20.4MB

FileName: 20090226 Zoom In Super - The 3rd Asia Tour Concert MIROTIC In Seoul [ponko]
Size: 53.4MB

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Who indeed?

In the latest issue of Ray Magazine, Changmin had a small feature in Close-up! where he was asked - as the most calm member of DBSK - 5 secrets to being calm.


Changmin reveals he is a fan of Raul Midon.
Raul Midon is a New Mexico-born, New York-based singer-songwriter and brilliant guitarist. His music is a mix of soul, R&B, pop, folk, jazz and Latin. This guy has got style. Catch this:

Raul Midon is of Argentine and African American descent. He and his twin brother were born prematurely and blinded as infants after spending time in an incubator without adequate eye protection.
He started playing the drums when he was 4 and picked up the guitar in high school.

See his MySpace:
(Aside: He's performing in Seoul in April. Do you think...?)

Interesting to know what kind of music our boys like, ne?

Credits: MrCKDexter@DBSKnights + DBSKsleeplessNights

JJportia here! I recommend all his songs in the playlist of his Myspace there's only 5 anyway
6,000 cranes for 6 years; for 5 members, and for 1 team.

The Thousands Cranes Project is one that requires more fan participation than anything else. In celebration of their 6th anniversary, the goal is to send 6,000 individually folded cranes to the members of TVXQ.

Internationally DBSK: 6th Anniversary Project

Show the boys the full-blown international love that we have for them. Yeah, we know that their anniversary is in December but because this project is going to be rather HUGE, we're starting it early! OneTVXQ is going to work with 6 different international forums, to give DBSK a fully internationally thought out 6th Anniversary!

North American Concert Petition
American Concert Petition
Let SM Entertainment know how big the fan base in North America is!

There is quite a large fan base here, within the thousands, and we all wish for the same thing; to see this amazing group perform near us so we may see them. Sign this petition to help this dream come true!

FileName: Cellphone Wallpapers [DBSKnights]
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