Friday, January 30, 2009

[TRANS] 090128 FM Yokohama Asian Groove- Changmin Special

TVXQ: We are TVXQ. Moo~ (imitates a cow). "This year, we will work hard too" series.

Max: Good evening everyone, this is Changmin from THSK. Please listen to our new song, "Bolero".
MC: "Bolero" has been released. The guest for today is Changmin. Please take good care of him!
Max: Please take good care of me.
MC: 2008's been an excellent year. What are the top 3 best things that have happened, in Changmin-kun's opinion?
Max: Top Three, ah, eh, first...
MC: Why don't you start from the last! Fanmeeting or something? What's in third place?
Max: The arena tour.
MC: The arena tour.
Max: Yes. The second was returning to the Korean stage after 1.5 years.
MC: Really?
Max: Really.
MC: Then what's the first?
Max: I got myself a dog.
MC: Really?
Max: Really...?
MC: What breed is it?
Max: Its a Maltese.
MC: What's its name?
Max: Mangdung. Its the name for a species of fish in Korea; although its really tiny, its very pretty as well.
MC: Ah, so that's what it means. Is there anything you would like to challenge in the year 2009?
Max: Ya~a lot.
MC: It must be something personal.
Max: I want to be a CAO (some sort of competition similar to swimming)
MC: I'm quite good at that~
Max: Really?
MC: Really, I can teach you a little.
Max: -claps- that's great!

MC: I succeeded because my friend taught me. Its quite strict. You need to warm up first before you swim. Make sure your body is well prepared.
Max: I know how to swim, but I'm not really good at the butterfly stroke. I wish to improve on my butterfly stroke,
MC: Butterfly stroke, requires a lot of your shoulder strength and a flexible waist.
Max: Yes, the requirements are really high.
MC: Yes, the requirements are very high, so do learn the butterfly stroke this year! Continue to work hard!
Max: Yes.
MC: You can't perform that right.
Max: That's right. Its something personal.
MC: Today's test will be to evaluate whether you're a good man. Did you understand the rules when a similar test was carried out in the programme last week?
Max: I understood.
MC: Guys and girls tend to want different things and express themselves differently when they get what they want.
Max: That's right.
MC: So, please tell us, do you feel happy when you get something from a girl? How would a guy hint to a girl to let her know that that she has given him what he wanted? Please talk about it. You were dating on a very cold day, and your girlfriend arrives at the designated meeting place with a lot of difficulty. What would say then?
Max: I'd say something like "Its really cold." She's my girlfriend, right?
MC: Yes.
Max: I think I'd say what I would normally say, because she's my girlfriend.
MC: Really?
Max: Really.
MC: That would do right? Nobody knows what will happen if you did that. Everyone feels its a good answer, right. On your birthday, she made you a hand-knitted pullover.
Max: Personally? Oh, okay, I understand.
MC: You received a hand-knitted pullover from your girlfriend with thanks. However, you find it a bit too small, and your girlfriend has on the "What should I do now?" expression. Please show some masculine gentleness.
Max: I've put on some weight recently, its a really great way to remind me. Something like that, to make her feel more at ease.
MC: What about your expression?
Max: I'd act like its okay.
MC: What a nice guy Changmin is!
Max: Ha ha.
MC: Next, a really bad thing, you mixed up her name with your ex-girlfriend's name. What do you do now?
Max: Oh... ah... I got her name wrong.
MC: For example, you called her "Yuriko" instead of "Midori". And "Yuriko" is your ex-girlfriend's name.
Max: That would be really bad, its very embarrassing.
MC: Really embarrassing.
Max: Very embarrassing. That's not right. I will take note of it in future.
MC: You will pay more attention. Then, what next?
Max: That's really bad. If it happens, we might end up breaking up.
MC: You met a girl you really like, and she's the only one in your heart. If you were to say something romantic to her, what would it be?
Max: To her, it might be something really insignificant. I'd sing, I guess. Tell her that I'll only sing for her from now on.
MC: Really~that's great!
MC: Currently, that's what girls like best. Which song would you sing?
Max: Eh.. a song of confession. Fukuyama Masaharu's "Milk Tea".
MC: Ah... try singing it.
Max: *sings* This is a really great time to sing a song like that.
MC: Yes. Now let's take a look at the score. 100points!
Max: Bravo. My love. Year
MC: Just like Jaejoong expected.
Max: Ah~! Jaejoong expected it?
MC: Yeah. It feels great to get first place today. Lastly, a THSK song for everyone. Changmin, what's a song that you like, other than "Bolero"?
Max: I hope everyone has a happy winter holiday, so, "Forever Love".
MC: Thanks for coming today~

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credit: SO学会爱 + OurMax沈昌珉中国后援站
translated by: Banana-chan @xietinloveshero

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[INFO] Tohoshinki #1 in Seacrh Egine + Jewelry Sales + rank

Avex Seacrh Engine ranking~

Oooooh~~ Yeah!!

Jewelry Rank~

And remember those really expensive necklaces? I guess they are popular and many people are buying them. Look at the rankings!
Number 1 is Jaejoong's 'J' with that snowflake thing,
Number 2 is Micky's 'M',
Number 4 is Yunho's 'Y'
Number 5 is Xiah's 'X'
Number 9 is Changmin's 'C'

The rest are just normal letters without the snowflake decoration I think

Amazon Japan rank

Credits: Fairily_Spark@soompi + DBSKnights + DNBN
I want those Necklace!!! but i'm dead broke! where will i get 25,000 yen~ aka, $250 USD