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"At the end of last year, when TVXQ attended a variety show, JaeJoong said "Please come to Korea. I welcome you." We even exchanged numbers. Although the show ended, I hope we can still meet during music programs. I feel really happy."

There is a great bond between these two groups. They both attended last year's CDTV event. When TVXQ's name was annouced, W-inds immediately stood up and shouted "Congratulations!" Jaejoong then thanked them. They're very friendly with each other backstage too.

Translated by: Choco@TVXQFever
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I remember W-inds and Tohoshinki is also on the Latest Ep. of Music Fair, I'm glad they have Cool Senpai friends in Japan!
I'm not too sure about Keulru but Hangul read like that so, It's the Necklace

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A happy date is made by schools boys. Many school girls expect that, that time will come but then, boys become lesser and lesser. But, TVXQ is different from them. For this month, they will appear in “dream date”! For this month, we will show you Yunho and Yoochun’s news.

Yunho part (edited by sharingyoochun)

“Today, I’m your very own personal cameraman, and I won’t miss any look.”

“Two people who have been so busy, but at one time when we’re both get some free time, I really want to go to the sea in Okinawa. Only bring minimum luggage along and also my favorite camera. I always love camera ever since junior high. I loved to bring my digital camera when was walking around and took pics of my surroundings…

I have a camera for professional. With that camera, I’d love to take pic of my smiling girlfriend. And also a picture of us wearing couple outfits… it might turn to be a quite good picture!! ~

The couple outfits are just simple ones… For example like the denim jeans I wear today, if my girlfriend have the same color denim skirt like my jeans…

Denim mini skirt, I really like girl wearing mini skirt~ … ah, I think I’m quite off topic (laughs)

I like a date that has active atmosphere. Thus, if she can accompanies me playing marine sport, it would be good. I really want to see my girlfriend smiling and looking so excited, then I will take a picture of her laughing to be shown to her (laughs)

If the two of us could be together for a long time, forever.. just like a photograph, where happy memories of two people can be kept at it.

If you don’t have time, you don’t need to go to Okinawa. Just going anywhere at night time will works too.

You can see a beautiful night scenery while you’re walking. Still holding the camera… I will always bring my digital camera, eventhough not the professional one, digital camera will take good pictures as well.

In fact, once when I worked in Japan, I took a beautiful picture of sea in Okinawa at night from Rainbow Bridge. Unfortunately, the picture’s models are my TVXQ members (laughs)”

source: jj magazine + tami@dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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Yoochun’s Part

“I will compose the one and only song for you. I’ll give you our home in Aoyama.”

“For example, her BIRTHDAY. First, I will rent a restaurant. The place… yeah, Aoyama where it’s near hills, and not a very noisy place.

I will set a dinner for two, and escorts her. I want us to enjoy our meal slowly by talking things to each other. Normally I can’t talk slow, but at that day, I want to talk with minds, and when our stomatch are already full, I will hand her present.

The gift is not a good, I’ll give her my song.

Then, using piano, I will play the song which has rhythm that can makes her relax. Eventhough it’s quite embarassing, I want to insert a narration, thus the entire song will be like a LOVE LETTER which (I hope) will leaves a huge impression on her..

The warm feeling she would feels… I want to sing a song like a lullaby.

I’d like to have a girl that you can imagine her having a family, having her own child, it’s really good. Often people says “so you want a girl that can cook,”. Eventhough I would like if she can, but I don’t hardly require such skill on my girl.

For example, she may not usually cooks, but she would cook whens she’s happy. Other than that, I’m moved too for only small things she does, such as serving meal, places her hand on her chest properly when she bows, just small things like that.

Somehow I feel she’s just nice (by doing such attitudes), thus makes me giving her a song to make her happy.

As a gift, I also want to go together with her at some places.

Japan’s hot springs in Hakone, pretentious Shimogyo Dana, I want to visit those places.

Taken her at such places, I don’t want anything in return, but her smiley face showing that she likes it.”

source: jj magazine + tami@dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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BTW Jaejoong's Sister Just appeared for an MV but she has not interest on debuting
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Who indeed?

In the latest issue of Ray Magazine, Changmin had a small feature in Close-up! where he was asked - as the most calm member of DBSK - 5 secrets to being calm.


Changmin reveals he is a fan of Raul Midon.
Raul Midon is a New Mexico-born, New York-based singer-songwriter and brilliant guitarist. His music is a mix of soul, R&B, pop, folk, jazz and Latin. This guy has got style. Catch this:

Raul Midon is of Argentine and African American descent. He and his twin brother were born prematurely and blinded as infants after spending time in an incubator without adequate eye protection.
He started playing the drums when he was 4 and picked up the guitar in high school.

See his MySpace:
(Aside: He's performing in Seoul in April. Do you think...?)

Interesting to know what kind of music our boys like, ne?

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JJportia here! I recommend all his songs in the playlist of his Myspace there's only 5 anyway
6,000 cranes for 6 years; for 5 members, and for 1 team.

The Thousands Cranes Project is one that requires more fan participation than anything else. In celebration of their 6th anniversary, the goal is to send 6,000 individually folded cranes to the members of TVXQ.

Internationally DBSK: 6th Anniversary Project

Show the boys the full-blown international love that we have for them. Yeah, we know that their anniversary is in December but because this project is going to be rather HUGE, we're starting it early! OneTVXQ is going to work with 6 different international forums, to give DBSK a fully internationally thought out 6th Anniversary!

North American Concert Petition
American Concert Petition
Let SM Entertainment know how big the fan base in North America is!

There is quite a large fan base here, within the thousands, and we all wish for the same thing; to see this amazing group perform near us so we may see them. Sign this petition to help this dream come true!

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