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Wheesung and Lyn do an acoustic version of MIROTIC on Lee Hana Peppermint:

Wrong Number - JaeJoong focus:

Guns are drawn:

HEY! - Yunho focus:

Mirotic - Yunho focus:

Yunho's solo - Checkmate: (SEXY)

Changmin's solo:

He looks so soulful...

Changmin's *oops* bow:

Haha! You can actually see him see him go: "Wha-? Oops! ~ bow with hyungs ~" Cute!

XIAHTIC - full:

*brain explodes*

Junsu goofing off on stage:

Crazy Love - Changmin focus:

Don't Say Goodbye - Changmin focus:

Wow, so close, can see his face so clearly... I wonder what he was thinking about?

Cassiopeia chanting "We Love You!":
Hello, T here.





Finally... It's the last day.

Until that moment the show ends!!!

To Dong Bang Shin Ki ...

Will you send a cheer of great passion~?

Dead, please join!

Thank you. ^_^

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I thought the Staff Diary will be a forgotten thing it's been Months since the last Staff Diary~

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Jaejoong is Wearing a Yellow ODM watch, maybe from Junsu~ on the 1st day

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[My Daily = Park Yoon-goong News]

Dong Bang Shin Ki is definitely hot. With their explosive performance, sweet ballads, and strong dance, the five-members group TVXQ attracted 12,000 fans who are being fall under their spell.

Dong Bang Shin Ki on February 21 at 7 pm at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium held “TVXQ 3rd Asia Live Tour - MIROTIC”, the second day. Dong Bang Shin Ki’s concert in Seoul will be hold for 3 days with in total 36,000 fans will attend.

The concert stage was covered by red light as their symbolize color before the concert started. The opening show began with mysterious-theme video before finally 5 members of TVXQ appeared in the venue.

As the first attack, ‘Hey!’ song from their 4th album was performed as an announcement that the concert had just begun. Next, TVXQ who appeared wearing neat suits, performed “Aknyeo” and “Rising Sun”. Already 3 songs done, the boys finally greeted their audiences. The lines such as “I’ve been waiting for this moment to meet you all,” and “Already 2 years, right? I missed you too,” were saying as to give closeness between them and their fans.

Greeting done, TVXQ showed another great performances on the 4 next tracks: “Paradise”, “Rainbow”, “Love In The Ice”, and “Mirotic”. All the performances run smoothly for all 26 songs fulfilling entire night.

TVXQ concert consists of harmony, as well as sweet and powerful stage manners. Above all, the five members also showed off their own color as each of them had a solo stage planned. These solo stages had been done ever since TVXQ’s first concert and not only meant to show the uniqueness of each member, yet fans always raised their expectations on each of them thus created competitive atmosphere among the five members to deliver their best skills.

Let’s cut the tape to the first solo show, done by Micky Yoochun. Neatly dressed in pink shirt Micky Yoochun showed a soft stage manner. He played keyboard live, was singing song from the 4th album which is also his very own self-composed song, “Love Bye Love”. The sweet piano melody and his low voice attracted fans and they’re all silent, listening to the soft performance.

The rocker of Dong Bang Shin Ki was up next. Hero Jaejoong delivered his tender rock style singing an old song “It’s My World”, his voice was so tough and stable.

Strong and high voice of the young attractive Choikang Changmin singing an english song titled “Upon This Rock” caught attention from fans.

Already being comforted and hyped up by the earlier three solo stages, Xiah Junsu and U-Know Yunho took over the stage with their powerful and sexy vibe.

Had been known by his sweet softness ballad, Xiah Junsu chose sexy performance instead. He did his powerful solo titled “XIAHTIC” which was featuring powerful and sexy female dancers, and choreography of the dance showed sexiness to the fullest.

XIAHTIC was also featuring TVXQ’s junior Key from SHINee as the rapper.

Not stop at Xiah, the solo stage done by U-Know Yunho was also too hot. U-Know Yunho did his self-composed song “Check Mate” whose dance was unique, reminiscent of Michael Jackson dance to the hot stage.

In addition to the brilliant performance by TVXQ full filled the stage, this song titled “Moon” performed by Choikang Changmin, with the other 4 members were wire-hung, as if they were flying on the sky. By the time, the concert run to the final performance of Jaurim, ‘Ha, ha, ha” and called on fans to meet an exhilarating performance.

In this concert, Dong Bang Shin Ki also performed their old songs. However they didn’t just sing them, they enhanced the pleasure of the song by performing them in different and new arrangements. Their debut song “Hug” was sung in a wild rock version, fans could felt the energy of it. The cheerful track “Balloons” got done in soft ‘accoustic/bossanova version’ as the members put a rich harmony in it. While Balloons was performed, at the center of the stage the five members’ childhood pictures were displayed.

Finally, this 2 years waiting domestic concert was ended by the members greeting the audiences for the last time. “Did you have a great time?” and saying goodbye yet then the boys surprised the fans by performing “Tonight” before the real encore was finally proceed.

source: my daily
news written by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

SHaredby: DBSKnights


1. Warming Up

Starting October 1st and 2nd at the popular sites, Telzone & Bestiz, the rumors of JunSu haveing a girlfriend began to spread. As everyone knows Telzone & Bestiz are the homes to where rumors start and begin to spread. But JunSu has such a clean background no matter how much you dig there's nothing to post about him especially in these two sites. JunSu's name rarely came up on these sites because of this reason. As if it was planned for the October 3rd release, the rumors began to spread almost like a warming up for the big day. Suddenly on the night of the 1st the random and sudden rumors of JunSu having a girlfriend began to spread. Then on the 3rd if you searched "JunSu" on naver the questions of his girlfriends began to pop up. At this point many fans were trying to drop it by secretly answering these questions and what not.

2. Timing

Staring on the 3rd it was the begining of a national holiday of Thanksgiving. This is the time frame where there are an abundant amount of users seeign it is a holiday. All the major sites are bombarded with traffic and people are online until late at night going to sleep late as well. Therefore the timing of this disaster couldn't have been timed any better.

3. Speed

The speed of the pictures spreading was amazing. Usually you can tell where a picture comes from, but these pictures spread so fast that it was impossible to figure out where they originated from. They were spread to various sites, forums, and cafes. Due to the fact that the same pictures were spread to so many sites it became a popular topic within minutes. It seems the assholes that made this planned it so that even if you're interested, or not, you will come across this picture.

4. Picture

Since there is enough proof that this was fake, lets just think about the logistics. No one in the right mind would post up pictures of themselves with an idol like JunSu on their Cyworld. Even if it's for "friends" only viewing. To think that the fanatical Cass fans would not find it is pure stupidity and anyone with any such knowledge of TVXQ will realize that their fans find out EVERYTHING. Is it possible that the MANY people interested in this topic could not find this "mystery girl"s cyworld or that the address on those pictures do not exist? This is not possible, especially in Korea where there is absolutely NO privacy. Not to mention in the pictures that looked like fakes she wrote, "JunSu said it looks fake" and to the picture where the height difference is noticeable she wrote, "It was hard tiptoeing."

5. The background & rumors

On the 16th JunSu arrived back in Korea alone from Thailand, and the fans were in a frenzy because this was when everyone found out that JunSu would be on Music Core. There were rumors that JunSu was in a city called KangReung. Someone had posted that JunSu was in KangReung and that her "oppa" had written down his license plate number, and that it was confirmed. But the thing is, there are plenty of fans where their LIFE is basically JunSu and they don't know his license plate number. So this would mean this fan can gather super information or it's someone that stalks JunSu on a daily basis. What's even more hard to believe is the actions of the "oppa" that saw him in real life. If a super idol like JunSu walks by instead of taking a picture he decided to write down his license plate number? Then suddenly the replies started to state that the background of JunSu's picture was KangReung. The picture spread and it was stated that this picture was taken on the 16th when JunSu went to KangReung.

The fans that follow their personal lives began to all believe that JunSu was at KangReung on the 16th. But there was not even one fan that said they personally saw JunSu there. No matter where everyone looked it came down to "I heard..." or "So and So told me." There was no definite proof. Another thing that makes absolutely no sense is that would SM bring JunSu back from Thailand, ALONE at that, to give him FREE TIME?! They don't even give him free time to properly heal, what makes ANYONE think that SM would give him free time to play?

Credit: mrs. 김재중 @ BM forums + kaiweasley@LJ + yuhnosshi
LOL its too phototshop!
How Did I Know these photos are from the
2nd day of Mirotic Concert?

  1. 1st day Yunho is Wearing a Blue ODM watch, 2nd day he's wearing a Pink one. (Maybe From yoochun LOL)
  2. Junsu is Wearing a Yellow ODM Watch on the 1st day, now he's wearing a green one.
  3. Yoochun was wearing a White polo shirt on the 1st day, now it's Pink.
  4. I can't see Yunho's pants clearly but Junsu is wearing The same Color as Changmin's Pants on the 1st day~I don't Think they exchanged Junsu's butt is too Plumpy and he's a lil' shorter



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20 yasu (ABC)
19 kamiji Yusuke
18 AAA Nishijima
17 Ha Le-ichi (porno Graffitti)
16 Sakurai Sho (Arashi)
5 Yamada Ryosuke (hey say 7)
13 seyikijang
12 Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS )
11 Akihito (Porni Graffitti)
10 Jaejoong (TVXQ)
9 Nishikido Ryo (kankanjani 8 + NEWS)
8 Domoto Koichi (KinKi Kids)
7 Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)
6 Massuda (NEWS)
5 hyde (L'Arc-en-ciel)
3 Tomohisa Yamashita (NEWS)
2 Kamenashi kazuya (KAT-TUN)
1 Akanishi Jin (KAT-TUN)

Credits: DNBN + DBSKnights

I romanised and edited from Korean hangul~ sorry if theres some mistakes
BTW Today i got My Official TVXQ balloons and One Lightstick~ I Have 3 official Lightsticks now! So Happy i'm waving them all like an idiot~ even though i can't go to their Concerts TT__TT the lightsticks give a little hope! the someday i'll definietly! zetai-ni! will see them singing live! I believe it'll come soon! my Mom has promised me!

Because jaejoong got in the top 10 Gifts! for Everyone Congratulations JJ!

Hazukashiii (So embarassing)
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