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Credits: DBSKnights + TVXQbaidu


Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN

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Video Preview of yeonyega replay DBSK 3rd Mirotic Asia Tour Concert

2nd part..... Dling
OMG!!! SO HOT~~~ i already watched the video i DLed 3x or maybe more~~ So hot Jaejoong so cute!! they talked about Boys Over FLowers!!! OMG! about the parody! and moon geunyoung!! I wanna Know what they're talking about!!

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[Gimhyeongwoo Newsen News]

TVXQ every gesture was 10,002 thousand excited spectators.

Dong Bang Shin Ki on March 21 at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, TVXQ THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT-MIROTIC 'concert was held. Dong Bang Shin Ki have already performed the first 20 days pyeolchyeoteumyeo 22, total 3 times to open the show.

Gongyeonjangen me unjiphae 12,000 spectators over the Republic of Korea to the Asian Idol jarimae Dong Bang Shin Ki, Kim said in the wild. TVXQ's song 'mirotik' 'rayijingseon' 'rongneombeo' 'hug' and songs such as' Purple Line 'balpyogok and Japan, called a total of 26 songs.

Idol to have the best domestic gachangryeok TVXQ recently introduced a skills strong enough to dance with a live performance that was short.

Dong Bang Shin Ki Super Junior Agent colleague to find a theater and watched a performance in the largest cheer of the club was great Cassiopea.

Production costs, a total of 22 million people went to the concert was full of attractions. Of course, the super-wide LED scribe 50mx6m moving stage and a turntable with a rotation of venues to stage a circle line kkumyeoteumyeo circular fluorescent janggwang number was 310. Show attention to detail, including wire's performance was also yeokryeokhaetda video.

In addition, cardiovascular safety, even if the external TVXQ busy concert. Injected into the concert security personnel more than 250 agents in the stable, he said.

Dong Bang Shin Ki in 2009 through the concert was the first domestic activities. Second half of last year 'mirotik as TVXQ Tonight, a teenager in 2009 has focused on Japanese activities.

All of the TVXQ concert was magnificent colorful and has the right to reputation. Moreover, for fans, T-shirts, cookies, set, mobile phone straps, the product of a variety of stamp sets ttwieonatda paenseobiseudo the added shares.

21 agency SM Entertainment said, "on which I had paid to introduce the highest quality performance. 3 days to give his fans a good show," he said.

Meanwhile, TVXQ concert hall after the reservation sold out all 12,000 seats seokssik Total 36000. Since the first concert in 2005, a total 13 consecutive sold out performances in Seoul, they have proved once again the best ticket to power.

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Credits: DNBN + DBSKnights
Production cost is 22million won?? i still dunno but the stage is really great alot of Interactoive spinning coool LCD stuff, $15,000 USD in production cost~