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There’s is not one person that doesn’t know KBS2 drama Boys Over Flowers which is a big hit in Korea right now. Ever since it’s airing debut, BOF easily reached the second highest rating. Episode ratings has since been increasing until it surpasses 30% at episode 10, beating the strongest rival, MBC’s East Of Eden.

But who knows that, 2 years ago – while the drama was still being planned – Dong Bang Shin Ki was offered the role as the legendary F4?

A senior official from SM Entertainment agency revealed, “When the publisher was in planning to produce the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango into a Korean drama, they wanted to cast DBSK as F4, and the plan had been spesifically discussed.”

DBSK’s roles in the drama was a big topic, but unfortunately, then came some production problems, delayed investment, and not mention DBSK’s overseas activities in Japan and Korea and others, made it impossible to spare time for the drama shooting.

Even though they didn’t make it, but it’s still fun to guess which DBSK member gets which role in the 4 men of F4, right?

F4’s leader, Goo Joon-pyo’s role (Lee Min-ho) might be given to DBSK’s leader U-Know Yunho. With the same appearance as the character, Micky Yoochun was expected to play the charming guy Yoon Ji-ho (Kim Hyun Joong). The genius potter heroes and playboys So Yin Jung (Kim Bum) would be Youngwoong Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu. While Choikang Changmin’s personality fits the role of F4 member Song Woo-bin.

Source: Park Eun Yong News + DNBN
News written by: Sharing Yoochun
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anyway it would be great.. but as the DBSK boys are too busy, maybe it wasn't their fate anyway~ hahaha BTW i'm really sorry for the Translation i really want to share this very fast~
(XXXXX) those^^^ thanks to sharingyoochun!

LOL' They could've been this~ BUT Maybe the future has a different thing in store for the boys~

*1 愛のままで… 秋元順子 01/23 K
*2 鏡花水月 The SHIGOTONIN
JE 02/04
*3 浪曲一代 氷川きよし C 02/04
*4 WAO! UNICORN KS 02/04
*5 歩み GReeeeN UMN 01/28
*6 約束 KinKi Kids JE 01/28
*7 音のない世界/時のベル My Little Lover ORL 02/04
*8 さよなら かりゆし58 LDK 02/04
*9 Last Love Letter チャットモンチー KS 02/04
10 flyaway BACK-ON CUT 01/28
11 The Light feat.Kj from Dragon Ash,森山直太朗,PES from RIP SLYME Miss Monday FL 01/28
12 Brave your truth Daisy×Daisy AME 02/04

13 Bolero/KissTheBabySky/忘れないで
東方神起 RZN 01/21

14 Let’s!フレッシュプリキュア! 茂家瑞季,林桃子 MMV 02/04
15 ビルマニア 吉井和哉 TO 01/28
16 運命共同体 Dragon Ash V 02/04
17 masterpiece 川田まみ GNE 02/04
18 ナミダボシ feat.詩音 CLIFF EDGE K 02/04
19 吾亦紅 すぎもとまさと T 02/21
20 20-CRY- 加藤ミリヤ SR 01/28

**1位 73,426 氷川きよし
**2位 66,127 The SHIGOTONIN
**3位 50,408 ユニコーン
**4位 27,625 秋元順子
**5位 20,185 KinKi Kids
**6位 17,236 GReeeeN
**7位 17,102 チャットモンチー
**8位 *9,352 My Little Lover
**9位 *9,244 月島きらり starring 久住小春
*10位 *8,938 かりゆし58
*11位 *8,488 Dragon Ash
*12位 *6,787 川田まみ
*13位 *6,683 鈴村健一
*14位 *6,571 白石蔵ノ介
*15位 *6,546 河村隆一
*16位 *6,285 BACK-ON
*17位 *5,789 Diggy-MO'
*18位 *5,478 CLIFF EDGE
*19位 *5,107 Miss Monday
*20位 *5,009 電気グルーヴ
*21位 *4,916 山本譲二
*22位 *4,867 吉井和哉
*23位 *4,502 加藤ミリヤ

*24位 *3,764 東方神起 「Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/忘れないで」

*25位 *3,702 ジェロ
*26位 *3,596 プリキュア
*27位 *3,530 北出菜奈
*28位 *3,507 すぎもとまさと
*29位 *3,464 木村カエラ
*30位 *3,426 alan

Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/忘れないで

Release date - 09/01/21
Highest Rank - #1
Ist week sales - *89,071장

*1st week - 2009/02/02 = 89,071---> 89,071
*2nd week - 2009/02/09 = 9,026 ---> 98,097
*3rd week - 2009/02/16 = 3,764 ---> 101,861

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN
Wow In 3 weeks 100,000 copies! WOW DBSK just keep on getting good results every single release! this is the fatstest so far! survivor single! 100,000 copies in first week hopefully *crosses fingers* *prays*

From Heaven's Postman
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Subbed by GOE;SS

Hold the presses! Micky's bro wrote the rap in Kiss the Baby Sky?
As in Ricky/Park Yoohwan, Micky's little brother?

Here are the rap lyrics:

Everytime I see your smile on the pictures
My heart can't imagine how it wants, its supposed to feel
I'm singing (its my voice)
All your hugs and kisses, love
Again we can go back to our good old days
All I do is reminisce this time
Today it was you and I
Darling I know you can give me no more
Every line you wrote, the smile
Time to move on

Hmm... What do you guys think? ... I guess I'm just sort of sad that the decent grammar and vocab wasn't Micky's, haha!


Uwaah Changmin and Minho seems really close! i mean i remeber the MKMF backstage~ SHINEE and DBSK!
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