Monday, February 9, 2009

[ENGLISHsub]Celebs You want to marry and Date

Fanmade Boys Over Flowers Trailer Starring DBSK


watch in HQ to hear the audio
Previous post about Yunho's gifts are form last year the one he donated~

HeyJJ is one of my favorite fanclubs!, They're everywhere and very dedicated! to Jaejoong, Guilty Jaejoong fan here~ *hides under a rock*

I like this!

Some Original Goodies I wonder whats inside the book thingy~

Happy Birthday in Many different ways!

i like the Original HeyJJ stationary

OMG! i have this boardgame (from HongKong mine's darker and shinier pricy too) and I'm pretty good with it, I'm the only one i know of who can finish it LOL~

Toys~~!!! just right for playful JJ he can trick the other members!

Wow This is Cool I want one! Actually i want everything~

I wonder whats inside here they didn't show it T_T *lightbulb on* maybe naughty stuffs! JOKE~ i take it back *bricked*

Singapore keychain and Mauritius wood pen, ahh i want to send JJ gifts too!
Credits: HeyJJ + DBSKnights + SHaringYoochun



Credits: DBSKnights + sharingyoochun+heyjj+HeroBaidu

Showing of their Bodies and Red Undies *nosebleed*

Being Cute with Flowers and Elephants plushies~

Dorky and Sexy

Burning Hot!

Can be all found in this 78 photos zip~

Filename: [2009.02.07] DBSK HQ Pingbook SM Town Bangkok {DBSKnights}.rar
Size: 15.5 MB
Pics count: 78 photos
DLlink: MediaFire

Credits: DNBN + DBSKnights
Can u believe it this was shot 2 years ago during Forever Love Days~ So cute and to think they recorded BOLERO back then! i mean the Boys have known BOLERO since 2 years ago~ if it were me i would've already sang it when the Cameras are randomly rolling~

So Kuroki Meisa won as Best New actress at All Nippon Producers Award
read the article here
ain't this a good news SUBARU is sure to be a BIG HIT

Credits: DBSKnights + TVXQbaidu

Credits: DBSKnights +pearlred +DNBN