Thursday, February 5, 2009

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Greet Yunho oppa through comment here lets see how many people will greet Our leader-sshi a happy birthday~






I think i can see something...?

Im a Bunny wabbit!

Magic! Harry Potter~


Happy Birthday! Jung Yunho!



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What’s there to say about TVXQ? Not much. They don’t need any explanation. They are dominating the music scene in Korea, and there is no boy band that can compete. Well, this will most likely be the situation for them in Japan as well.

The K-pop group’s latest Japanese single Mirotic became the Gold seller of the year in 2008. The Recording Industry Association of Japan analyzes annual album sales and certifies performers with different titles. Million goes to a record that sells over 1 million copies. Platinum goes to a record with 250,000 sales. And Gold is given for 100,000 sales.

Although TVXQ placed third on the certificate, it is quite an achievement for a Korean group. Million sellers for 2008 went to seven albums by Japanese superstars such as Hikaru Utada and Anmie Amuro.

You can say that TVXQ is now bumping shoulders with Japan’s top-notch. In September of 2008, Mirotic was released as TVXQ’s fourth album. In 103 days, the album sold over 500,000 copies. Let’s hope for TVXQ’s success in Japan. Good work guys!

Source: The Teen Times
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Look at the face~ so cute he looks pretty mischievous ne~

A shocking revelation by sparkskey@dbsgLJ, according to Jaejoong's birth mother:

According to Jaejoong's birth mother, Jaejoong's actual birthdate is the 4th of Feb.

She revealed it on her blog sometime in January.

She posted Jaejoong's baby pictures and stated that his birthday was on the 4th of Feb but changed it to 26th Jan for auspicious reasons.

Apparently, if Jaejoong's birthday was recorded as the 4th of Feb, it would bring him bad luck.

Credits: Jaejoong's mum's blog, Junsu China Fanclub
Translated by: Sparkskey

checked on both daum and naver and the news seems to be true. the news appeared on their official fancafe too :D
the only dispute on korean sites is the reason for the change in birthday. some people say that 26 Jan is actually his adopted father's birthday. but *shrugs* I don't know.
can't find his mother's blog to verify though cause no one wants to give out the address, though they say her blog is just like a fangirl's.

anyway, yesterday's Jaejoong's real birthday so happy belated birthday Jaejoong :D

So now, I actually didn't miss wishing him online (though I did know it was his birthday on the 26th)...

Credits: DBSKnights + DBSKer + sparkey@LJ for Translation
Aigoo this is like Junsu's ne~ and also YUNJAE birthday is so close just apart by 2 days~ ahhh at least its still YUNJAE week anyway Yunho's Bday in 5 Hours~

To anyone Not so clear about Jaejoong's adoption~, the details are unclear and we don't know the circumstances surrounding the adoption, as her real mom is a single mother and she has no means to take care of Jaejoong, maybe thats the case we don't know, strange thing is she has lots of Jaejoong photos when he was kid together with her, carrying him around, looks to me like she did not throw him away, and papers about adoption to her now mother is legal also JJ has expressed this. He vigorously expressed his will to live by the name of "Kim Jaejoong," not by his birth name Han Jaejoon (한재준), and promised to be loyal to all four of his parents. He also said he did not want his family history exposed to the public due to this incident. We should respect Jaejoong and his family ne~ and let them live in privacy~
Korean Music Awards Excludes Idol Singers from Nomination.. Their Argument?

At the announcement of the 2009 Korean Music Awards Nominees, nearly all ‘idol’ singers were noticeably absent from the list of nominees.

At the press conference for the 6th Annual Korean Music Awards—which was held at 10:30 A.M. on February 4 at the Seoul Joong-Gu TaePyong Korea Press Center—both a general outline for the upcoming ceremony and a list of nominees by category were announced.

Nominees in competition for the 2009 Korean Music Awards were selected from a review of songs and albums released domestically starting November 1, 2007 through October 31, 2008. Sister’s Barbershop’s ‘Most Ordinary Existence’ was nominated in a total of 5 categories including Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Artist of the Year, Best Modern Rock Album and Best Modern Rock Song. Galaxy Express, Verbal Jint, Toy, Kim DongRyul, and W&Whale each received nominations in 4 categories. However, it was difficult to find the names of any of the so-called ‘idol’ singers among them.

Neither Seo Taiji’s first single from his 8th album nor Rain’s 5th album ‘Rainism’ earned nominations. TVXQ and Big Bang, each of whom drew a lot of popularity in the last year, were excluded from the list of nominees as their album release dates were November 12 and November 5 respectively.

The Wonder Girls received nominations in two categories including Song of the Year and Best Dance & Electronic Song, as well as a nomination in the Netizen’s Artist of Year category. Lee HyoRi’s earned her a nomination in the Best Dance & Electronic Song category. Big Bang’s TaeYang became a nominee in both the Best R&B/Soul Album and Best R&B/Soul Song categories, but Big Bang was unable to earn nominations in any of the categories.

A representative for the Korean Music Awards revealed, “The idea that the Korean Music Awards is biased towards indie music while giving mainstream music the cold shoulder is a misconception. The judging committee isn’t merely a group that makes its evaluations based on a single opinion or point-of-view. The nominees are selected in a collective evaluative process by a committee of 52 judges with a variety of perspectives.” The representative added, “No other aspect besides music is considered when selecting nominees. Musical value and the final product are the main concerns during evaluation.”

The Korean Music Awards seeks to treat music as more than a mere form of amusement but as an art, and musicians as artists instead of entertainers. With such a basis, more attention is paid to albums and songs rather than singers, and musical achievement represents the standard rather than sales figures. The ultimate goal of the Korean Music Awards is to move beyond the mainstream vs. independent debate and to create a foundation upon which Korean music can progress in a balanced, positive manner.

Music critics, journalists specializing in music, music producers, members of academia and of the public specializing in music, will all participate in the selection process by reviewing music released in the past year. Netizen voting will also be reflected.

The Korean Music Awards will take place at KonKuk University’s New Millenium Hall. Yoon DoHyun will host to the ceremony and Achievement Award winner, SanUlLim’s Kim ChangWan, will perform.

source: Spectacle! Forums
credit: Lee HyunWoo@Newsen
translated by: ppoki@Spectacle!Forums
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wait a minute our album is released on September 26!!! stupid Korean Music Awards Get You facts Straight November 12 is my birthday! *ooops* is the repackaged Album!

WOW the boys released Mirotic last September 26 I mean its already 5 months but they're still able to get at the top of Hot 100 charts~ thats amazing! and to think DBSK has stop promotions in Korea~ aigoo!
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