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no.#1 Pick-up

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On January 29 in Japan, THSK recorded 'SUMA SUMA'(SMAPXSMAP) on Fuji TV with SMAP members, THSK appeared on talk show and with a friendly atmosphere they sang a song together. This sneak peek will be broadcasted next month.

Until now, 'SUMA SUMA', already had a Korean star as their guests such as Jang Dong-gun, Song Seung Heon, Lee Young-ae, Choi Ji Woo, ryusiwon, Kwon Sang-Woo, Shin Hye Sung on SMAP BISTRO corner, and Shin Hye Sung has a duet with Kusanagi Tsuyoshi singing "sky~ eternal love" live.

THSK and SMAP met for the first time on December 31 at the most prestigious show "NHK 59th KOUHAKU Utagassen". On the rehearsal the day before the show, THSK had a light greetings with SMAP at SMAP's waiting room.

Takuya Kimura on a radio show explainned about this, "10 people were filling that small room made a frustating situation" then he described, "even Kusanagi's korean didnt help much." telling a disclosed episode that hapenned that time.

THSK signed a contract for their appereance on NHK's programme with SMAP.

SMAP, ARASHI, KATTUN, NEWS, Kinki Kids, known as Japanese Idol groups from a popular management, Johnny, who had many kind of popular shows.

After their appereance in SUMASUMA, THSK soon will be appeared with popular duo, Tsuyoshi Domoto and Koichi Domoto from Kinki Kids, "Domoto Brothers". THSK also schedulled to appear in other Johnny's shows with a friendly atmosphere in the future.

credit: DNBN
translated by: L4uRa @ soompi
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* 1 KinKi Kids 2,205
*2 秋元順子1,788
*3 GREeeeN 1,679
*4 加藤ミリヤ *
*5 東方神起
*6 木村カエラ
*8 Gackt
*9 ジェロ
10 里田まい with 合田兄妹
Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN
090202 MNET 100 best Idols - LYN expresses Love To Junsu Again


They're the no. 1 In My heart! LOL at lyn shes fangirling!

I dunno whose No, 1 but im thinking someone in HOT, or SHINWHA`
They're the legends and original ne~

Credits: DBSKnights + HeroBaidu + Likeahero

**1位 171,412 Kinki Kids
**2位 *71,846 GReeeeN
**3位 *30,278 秋元順子
**4位 *23,443 吉井和哉
**5位 *18,656 木村カエラ
**6位 *16,969 Gackt
**7位 *14,875 加藤ミリヤ
**8位 *13,919 ムック
**9位 *13,700 堀江由衣
*10位 *12,888 渡り廊下走り隊
*11位 *11,619 持田香織
*12位 *11,314 BACK-ON
*13位 **9,551 中島愛

*14位 **9,026 東方神起

*15位 **7,984 水樹奈々
*16位 **7,666 とらドラ!ED
*17位 **7,281 Miss Monday
*18位 **7,223 ジェロ
*19位 **6,384 里田まい with 合田兄妹
*20位 **5,612 Lil'B
*21位 **5,523 Aqua timez 
71 - Doushite

86 - Beautiful You

Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/忘れないで

Release Date - 09/01/21
Highest Ranking - #1
1st week - *89,071

*1st week - 2009/02/02 - #1 89,071
*2nd week - 2009/02/09 - #14 *9,026 = 98,097

Oooh we'll past the 100 copies mark sooner~

[DVD Music]

12 3rd LIVE TOUR 2008~T~ 東方神起 08/06

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN

Credits: DBSKnights + HeroBaidu

1. Junko Akimoto – Ai no Mama de…
2. Hideaki Takizawa – Ai Kakumei
3. Kumi Koda – Stay with Me
4. Ayumi Hamasaki – Days / GREEN
5. Shuuchishin – Yowamushi Santa
6. Ayaka Hirahara – Nocturne / Campanula no Koi
7. Porno Graffitti – Koyoi, Tsuki ga Miezutomo
8. Aqua Timez – Velonica
9. SID - 2°C Me no Kanojo
10. Yajima Beauty Salon – Nihon no Mikata
11. AAA – Tabidachi no Uta
12. Angela Aki – Tegami ~Haikei Juugo no Kimi e~
13. Mai Satoda with misono – Bye Bye
14. Sheryl Nome - Sheryl no Uchu Kyoudaibune Nado
15. Tohoshinki – Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou?
16. Megumi Nakajima – Ranka & Bobby no SMS Shoutai no Uta nado
17. Kalafina – fairytale
18. Arashi – Beautiful days
19. Kobukuro – Toki no Ashioto
20. Remioromen – Yume no Tsubomi
21. Tohoshinki – Beautiful You / Sennen Koiuta
22. Fujioka Fujimaki & Nozomi Ohashi – Ponyo on a Cliff
23. JuJu feat Spontania – Sunao ni Naretara
24. GReeeeN – Tobira
25. Arashi – truth / Kaze no Mukou e
27. Saburo Kitajima – Haranbanjou
28. Lin Toshite Shigure – moment A rhythm
29. Ryuko Mizuta – Kaze no Yado
30. The Possible – Shiawase no Katachi
31. Arashi - One Love
32. Hiroshi Itsuki - Itezuru
33. KAT-TUN - White X'mas
34. GReeeeN - Kiseki
35. Hey! Say! JUMP - Mayonaka no Shadow Boy
36. Baseball Bear - Love Mathematics
37. Ikimonogakari - Kimagure Romantic
38. UVERworld - Hakanaku mo Eikyu no Kanashi
39. Shuchishin - Shuchishin
40. JERO - Kaisetsu
41. Nakamura Mitsuko - Onna no Tabiji
42. Fuyumi Sakamoto - Asia no Kaizoku / Mata Kimi ni Koi Shiteru
43. Sebastian (Daisuke Ono) - Kuroshitsuji
44. IDOLING!!! - Beta na Shituren - Shibuya ni Furu Yuki - / Harukanaru Virgin Road
45. BEGIN with アホナスターズ - Egao no Manma
46. tacica - Penguin Elegy e.p.
47. EXILE - The Birthday ~Ti Amo~
48. STRAIGHTENER - Lightning
49. PERFUME - Dream Fighter
50. Monobright - Anata Magic

Credits: DBSKnights + oricon
OMG! i remember this suit! its the source of my sudden nosebleed when he was in Beijing and at the airport! aahhhhh Jaejoong!

Credits: DBSKnights + TVXQbaidu

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN

Credits: DNBN + DBSKnights
Changmin in Ontama
we have to wait until march to see this TT_TT

Yoosumin in Starking with those Great jap. kids dancers

Credits: baidu + 2uAngels + fangirlmitz + DBSKnights

Tohoshinki gives such huge influence in Asia based on their achievements both in South Korea and Japan. In 2008, with “Purple Line”,”Beautiful You/Sennen Koi Uta”, “どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?”, and “MIROTIC” broke a new record by being on top of the ORICON Weekly chart for 4 consecutive times, makes them as one of the worthiest artist in Japan music industry.

Their first large-scale national tour in Japan, Arena Tour: “Tohoshinki 3rd Live Tour - T” gained a lot of attention as many fans didn’t manage to get the tickets as they’re always left sold out.

No one can stop them in 2009 as well. On January 21st, 2009 they released their newest single “Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide”, and again, reached the top position in charts, and became a hit. The chorus part of Bolero which is considered as the most difficult part in the song, was sung perfectly by them. Not just it, Two songs in the single are also self-composed by the members. All of those can be seen as a meaningful improvement of them as an artist.

For a note, is already announced their second large-scale stage Arena Tour which will be held sometime this year. With a larger scale than the stage last year with 8 stages and 14 total performances besides Saitama-Super Arena which is taken place on May 9th-10th.

However before this tour starts, they will release a new album that has been long-awaited in which the content of the upcoming album will show higher maturity level in musicality. Starting as “Teen Group” and now been growing as men in their 20th, they will show an attractiveness they never show before.

Tohoshinki becomes MTV Japan’s “Artist of the Month”, and “Tohoshinki MV Selection” will be aired on February 13th to 20th.

Schedule (Japan time):
2/13 - 20:00 ~ 21:00
2/16 - 10:30 ~ 11:30
2/18 - 16:30 ~ 17:30
2/22 - 20:00 ~ 21:00

Take out with full credits.
source: sharingyoochun
credit: MTV
japanese to indonesian translations by: *JunsuIsMine*@TVXQINDO
indonesian to english translations by: sharingyoochun

With FLOW, Ohashi Nozomi, & J Soul Brothers


Airs on FujiTV Saturday, Febuary 7 at 18:00~18:30 OA

Fun fact: Did you know Music Fair 21 has been airing since October 1964. That's 44 years!

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