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[DOWNLOAD] JUNSU "My Everything" Mp3 081229 SBS Gayo Daejeon

Junsu "My Everything" 081229 SBS Gayo Daejeon Piano Battle
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[PHOTO] FujiTv Mecha Mecha Iketeru

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Reminds me of this~~ SO Cute!
Jaejoong Cute Behavior Pictures, Images and Photos
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[VIDEO] FujiTv Mecha Mecha Iketeru + Matsura Special Blog Interview

FujiTv Mecha Mecha Iketeru

Matsura Special Blog Interview

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[PHOTOS] Heaven's Postman Cellphone Wallpapers

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Yoochun's mad~

Take Him Away YUNHO!!

[INFO] Tohoshinki 2nd Highest Rating for Kohaku's First Part!!!

TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki made Cassiopeia proud, by bringing in the 2nd highest ratings during the first part of the annual News Year Eve, Japanese Kohaku Uta Gassen

Ratings from Speed is Back:

First Part Ratings

1 Ayumi Hamasaki 33.8
2 Akira Fuse 34.4
4 Kenichi Mikawa 35.5
5 Natsuko Godai 34.2
6 Takeshi Kitayama 33
7 Fujioka Fujimaki & Nozomi Ohashi 41.1
8 Tohoshinki 38.6
9 Kaori Mizumori 35.4
10 Aqua Timez 34.5
11 Yusaku Kiyama 33.8
12 Junko Akimoto 34.6
13 Kimaguren 35.6
14 Ikimono Gakari 37.2
15 Kiyoshi Maekawa 34.2
16 Miyuki Kawanaka 32.4
17 Ayako Fuji 33.3
18 WaT 34.2
19 Mitsuko Nakamura 32.6
20 Porno Graffiti 34.3
21 Ai Otsuka 36.4
22 Ken Hirai 38.1
23 Fuyumi Sakamoto 36.2
24 Masafumi Akikawa 37.2

Second part ratings

1 Perfume 39,3
2 Jero 41,9
3 SPEED 43,0
4 TOKIO 41,2
5 Thelma Aoyama feat.SoulJa 40,7
6 Mizutani Yutaka 43,3
7 Ayaka 41,8
8 Hideaki Tokunaga 42,0
9 Kumi Koda 40,5
10 Hiroshi Itsuki 37,3
11 Angela Aki 38,4
12 Moriyama Naotaro 38,4
13 aiko 38,1
14 Shuchishin with Pabo 43,8
15 Kobukuro 43,0
16 Ayaka Hirahara 40,6
17 EXILE 42,4
18 Yukiko Kobayashi 43,8
19 Saburo Kitajima 42,7
20 Hitoto Yo 41,5
21 Mika Nakashima 42,6
22 Mr.Children 45,8
23 Sayuri Ishikawa 46,4
24 SMAP 47,9
25 Yoshimi Tendo 45,6
26 Shinichi Mori 46,6
27 Akiko Wada 46,3
28 Kiyoshi Hikawa 47,0
With 1% being the equivalent of approximately 1 million viewers, approximately 38.6 million viewers were watching Tohoshinki.

Thanks to the extremely persistent Elle, who kept sending in the tip.

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this is their first time~~ still!!! OMG

[PHOTOS] Heaven's Postman After Party~

OMG look at the Photos! Han Hyojoo and Jaejoong Getting CHUMMMY together
Aigoo~ Jaejoo couple~~
Thats definitely JJ's Fingers~
OMG remember JJ said they're allowed to date now...~~ *cough*ME*cough*
The comments in DNBN is so Funny!!!
JJ was Drunk~~>_<

Everyone Scroll Down to see the commnent at DNBN
It has reached 633 comments~
Cute JJ Pictures, Images and Photos
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[INFO] HeeChul’s Youngstreet Radio: Jae, Chun, and Yoohwan’s Belt

DBSK's Youngwoong Jaejoong talked about his waist and belt problems and how he felt embarrassed and sorry to Yoohwan, Yoochun's younger brother on Heechul's Radio. Please read the conversation below.

Jaejoong : Yoochun’s brother is Yoohwan, I personally did something to him that made me feel really bad.
Heechul : Really?
JJ : Yoochun said that his brother will be coming back from US. He bought a belt and shirt, and prepared many things for him.
Yoochun : I’ve already bought them and put them properly.
JJ : It was really nice! The belt, I really wanted the belt badly! What can I do? Should I tell him? But Yoochun and I have an agreement, that is, “My things are yours, and your things are mine.”
YC : Ah, yeap. Me and Jaejoong are always like that
JJ : So, even until now, it’s okay for us to use each other’s things. So I was thinking that since we have that agreement, it should be okay if I use the belt for a while, isn’t it? But after all, that was a new thing, and I felt pretty sorry, but I used it first in the end. But when i out it on, I found out that it was too big.
YC : Yeap, yeap.
JJ : The belt was too big! My waist’s a lil thin.
YC : Yeap, it’s big even for me.
JJ : I think everyone should know by now.
Heechul : Ah, you’re talking about this now…
JJ : Ah, no, but this is really a big problem for me… (His small waist)
HC : Ah, I know..
YC : Hahaha~~~
HC : Seriously..
JJ : I need at least four more holes on that belt.
YC : Till that many holes?
JJ : Yea, at least four more. So what should I do? I took a scissors that we use at home.
YC : Really?
JJ : And did something to the end of the belt…
Heechul : Yoochun-gun, it’s a live show, you should control your laughter. It’s on air now.
JJ : Ah, no, it wasn’t the end part of the belt, but the middle part of it, I used the scissors to poke it hardly, in the end, I made a huge hole on the belt.
YC : AH!
JJ : But..But since the hole was too big, it couldn’t hold the belt tightly. So.. one more time…
JJ : Another time, this time, I used the kitchen’s knife, KA-CHA, and made another hole…
YC : When did you do that?
JJ : When I was done, I put the belt on, and Yoochun found out about it. (Immitating Yocohun) “AH, hyung! This belt, you wore it??”
“Ah, sorry! Yoochun-ah, after all, my things are yours, and your things are mine right!” And after I said that, Yoochun said, “Hyung, this is for Yoohwan who’s coming back from Korea…” When I heard that, there’s no way for me to tell him about the holes I made…
YC : HAHHAA~~~ I didn’t know about the hole issue until now.
JJ : About the two holes, I really planned to give a note to him. Or maybe give him money straight away, or buy a new one for him.
HC : HHAHAHAH! You weren’t thinking of the letter, but the money instead~~~
JJ : What should I do? I really feel so sorry. Have you given the belt to Yoohwan?
YC : Yeap, I gave him.
JJ : Yoohwan-ah, soory. Sorry that you’ll feel embarrassed if your foreign friends see it. Next time, me, hyung… next time when you’re here in Korea again, hyung will definitely buy something better for you. Sorry~~~

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[PHOTOS] Heaven's Postman Continuation~

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[NEWS+INFO] AVEX-SM Joint Tour for the 3rd Asia Tour + TOHOSHINKI - 4th LIVE TOUR [?]


May 4th - May 5th: Kobe: Kobe World Kinen Hall
May 9th - May 10th: Saitama: Saitama Super Arena
May 16th: Sendai: Hot House Super Arena
May 23th: Sapporo: Makomanai Ice Arena
May 30th: Fukuoka: Marine Messe Fukuoka
June 6th: Hiroshima: Hiroshima Green Arena
June 11th, June 13th, June 14th: Osaka: Osaka Hall
June 18th, June 20th, June 21th: Nagoya: Japan Kaishi Hall
*Take out with full credits*

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AVEX-SM Joint Tour for the 3rd Asia Tour
[TVXQ! The 3rd Asia Tour Concert - MIROTIC ] will have
Japan Concert - Cassiopeia tour will be in progress, as is,
Korea Concert - Bigeast tour will be held in Seoul.

Tours are conducted jointly with SM and AVEX,
Please be wary of random tours through a travel agent due to possible fraud...
[rest pretty much talks about why the tour might be useful for future concerts]

[TVXQ! The 3rd Asia Tour Concert - MIROTIC ]
We appreciate the members of the fan club
For more information and online reservation will be posted through the next bulletin.

Thank you.

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Old random facts about DBSK

TRYING to be a HE QUIT & now
MICKY ALSO QUIT HS for 2 YEARS & currently
ENROLLED in same HS as JJ
Junsu was born on December 15, 1986.
His parents registered him on January 1, 1987. The official site says 1/01/87
because that's when he was registered. Basically the government says he was
born on January 1, 1987.

Yunho's dad really respects what he does.
Since they spend much time in Japan, Yunho&Junsu take airplane to school to make it there on time==>REALLY? (i doubt this coz' Cassies will be like allover them)
JJhates washing dishes but loves cooking
likes Sisqo, always wants to buy pretty mirrors===>HAVEN'T SEEN FOR A WHILE! HE DOESN'T KEEP MIRRORS ANYMORE?
Currently enrolled in Hanam High with Micky & Used to be Junsu
Yunho collects red boxers==>:P
worries that his head is too small, practices his handwriting
is confident about speaking words correctly
sometimes hums Diamond Rap when he used to rap for Dana
likes Im Jae Bum as a good singer or musician
sometimes misses his "old teeth"===>ME TOO! I MISS HIS OLD TEETH!
and MyungJi University with Junsu

Junsu loves eating healthy food for himself.
always worries about his unbalanced butt===>WHAT?UNBALANCED!
looks up to Yoo Young Jin as a musician & as a good human being
face turns red when he's embarrassed
Transferred to Hanam High with Micky&JJ, MyungJi University with Yunho

Micky is crazy about NRG
loves the "Screw Bar" ,hates Ginseng===>OPPOSITE WITH JUNSU!
Currently enrolled in Hanam High with JJ & Used to be Junsu

Changmin absolutely LOVES "HAN GA IN"
really likes Brown Eyes
loves eating,got Accepted to KyungHee University
is actually the most emotional one of the group but he insists on hiding it.====>HE ONLY LET IT OUT AT MKMF2008?YEAH?
He sometimes talks to himself at night and imagines himself talking to his family
really loves his sisters. He likes to talk about them a lot

JaeJoong is actually a lot more quieter than many people think ====>I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!
Junsu has a temper===>OH I WANT TO SEE FURIOUS SU!!!KAMMO...COME ON..
Changmin takes a while to get angry too, but instead of getting angry, he tends to mumble and likes to think by himself when he gets angry

Junsu's favorite song from 1st album is "Non Onjaena
Yoochun's favorite song from 1st album is "Jigumchorom"
Yunhos favorite song from 1st album is "I never let go"===>I like this one!
Jaejoong's favorite song from 1st album is "Thanks to"====>the songs with their cute english! <3
Where's Changmin's?

The boys voted changmin as the best runner. They said that its practically impossible for them to keep up with him in morning jogs.
JaeJoong and Yunho fight (play) around a lot.===>AW YUNJAE LOVE TO FIGHT?

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[VIDEO] New Year Special "Mecha Mecha Iketeru" Preview

New Year Special "Mecha Mecha Iketeru" Preview

Credits: FarahMicky@YT
To be Shown Tomorrow +9GMT
3:30pm FujiTV’s Mecha-Mecha Iketeru! New Year Special

[PHOTOS]Changmin's Lasik Eye Surgery + Changmin in White~

Changmin's Lasik Eye Surgery

Changmin in White

I love this!! Prince Changmin~

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN