Wednesday, December 9, 2009

[TRANS] 091208 'Mozart!', Site Crash - 'The Power of Xiah Junsu?'

The musical 'Mozart!', which has been gaining popularity due to the casting of TVXQ's Xiah Junsu as the lead role, began its second round of ticketing.

When news of Xiah Junsu's appearance let out, 'Mozart!' was number one on the Naver search box. As soon as the second round of ticketing began on the 8th of December, the server crashed due to too many people online at once and predicted a battle for tickets.

(omitted) "As Xiah Junsu is a member of TVXQ and is not appearing in many shows, that is why people are showing interest in us."

They also said, "Even with Jo Seung Woo on stage right now, this is the first time our ticket reservation page has crashed this year. (omitted)

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  1. GO Junsu Oppa! Make TVXQ more known in the world by showing verity of talents that the members of TVXQ have even if SM is trying to destroy the good name of TVXQ! Show them that you will be not defeated just like the rest of the members!!!
    Always Keep the Faith! (^o^)/

  2. this makes me smile ^^ thats the power of xiah junsu xiahzart! junsu is extending tvxq name into all area of music *proud*

  3. hwaiting..junsu !!! No matter what the rumour out there, TVXQ is still one. They will be together again one day on stage...!! Hwaiting..!!

  4. yaay!!! happy for him..but please keep healthy junsu...
    flying back and forth japan-korea is very tough ne...

  5. Xiahzart power !!!

  6. wow, crashing the site. keep on crashing! hehe2. woooho, junsu POWER!