Saturday, December 5, 2009

[TRANS] 091205 SHU-I “We’re mistaken as TVXQ in Gwangju”

The newly debut boyband SHU-I (So Hot Union of Idols) revealed that they were ever mistaken by people in Gwangju as TVXQ.
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“We had an event in Chungjang, Gwangju before. As we really needed to use restroom, thus we went to a nearby fastfood restaurant. Once the Gwangju people saw us, they went wild that made us really surprised.There were about 200 people gathered to see us, the condition was like what we watched on TV when Bae Yong-joon arrived at Japan airport.”

However, turns out that the people were misunderstood SHU-I as the 5 popular members of TVXQ. “The people said ‘Come! it’s TVXQ!’ and we’re shocked. Yet, we still used the opportunity to introduce ourselves.”

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source: newsen
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress


  1. Are you kidding me?. I can remember my jaejoong

  2. yoochun-yunho-err....changmin?-jaejoong-junsu.LOL

  3. =='''Oh God..
    they know the name of TVXQ but not their faces..
    *so sry to Shu-i's fans...coz i dono them too..=X*...

  4. wtf.. ive never heard from SHU-I.. -_-"
    how come ppl mistook them as TVXQ?!
    omo......... >_<"

  5. That was a very good compliment for them,isn't it?
    Maybe because they were 5:)

    Maybe people misses DBSK so must and illusions become so vivid:) LOL

    Hopes till the end!DBSK<3

  6. No thankS! 100% No!!!
    DBSK is taller than than and more better than them!!!
    They are so different!!LOL!
    They more look like Big Bang!
    HAHA..Which one look like Yunho?Jaejoong?Junsu?Yoochun?Changmin?

  7. IMO it seems like people are desperate to see DBSK as five. No wonder they mistook them for DBSK cause' there of 5 of them..

    SHU-I don't even look like DBSK ._.

  8. How they can't remember DBSK's face,

    Jaejoong even win the first rank of most looking male in "china"'s-

    vote and Yunho in the 3rd.

    They not even look familiar.

  9. umm...this is also my first time hearing the name SHU-I...and they don't look like korean singers? besides, they look kiddish... probably very young...dbsk looks charismatic, sexy, hot, mature even in normal clothing but (no offence) they are sooo not my type...and i will not mistaken them for dbsk ever in a million years....

    ahaha nice try with the pose, yea?

  10. tvxq are WAY better than this shu-i...
    i don't know how they can mistook them as tvxq...

  11. lol....they have same hairstyle. That is why people misunderstood them as our beloved TVXQ. But, no one can ever compare Jaejoong's beautiful face, Junsu's joyful characters, Changmin's cuteness, Yoochun's killer smile and Yunho's kindness to anyone else.....not even SHU-I! ^^

  12. uhh. look at that guy in the middle. and the other guys.
    are people blind to see that there wasn't a beautiful face there? that there wasn't a tall, handsome small faced man there?

  13. WTF ???? maybe coz of they had almost da same hairstyle...luv my micky...TVXQ...u go guys....

  14. Eeww...DBSK is wayyy better<3

  15. lmao i find the situation to be quite funny and a lil sad but whatever. i never heard of the group either. shui sounds like a cosmetic brand lol. but they got exposure from this event lucky for them. we can see how popular and influential tvxq is.

    i dont really think the fans dont know thier faces hello who wouldnt know these five gorgeous face -.- they probably had on hats of something and there were five members so once someone scream tvxq all hell break lose. lol just think of it as a domino effect. if yu hear dbsk is nearby yu would blindly run after them too lol. especially in a time like this ^^ we want the five of them to be together.

    of course dbsk is better so bias lol we havent even heard them sing or dance yet. wahtever the event is still funny

  16. ooh forgot to mention yun is from gwangju lol

  17. They're really know about 5 Korean singles are TVXQ only

    when someone shout is TVXQ come the others will run


    I khow they were upset when saw they truth

    for SHU-I good luck

  18. truthfully the only reason i think they were mistaken as dbsk is because they have 5 members....

  19. I think it's silly to be rude over this ^^;; I think it's cute, what a compliment indeed! The whole situation must have been really embarassing for them.

  20. omg..their eyes got problem??~.~

  21. hahaha... sorry for SHU-I fans... (what's with the abbreviation btw?) but...


    let's say i'm biased and unfair.... but...

    they do like the wannabe versions of dbsk.. *rofl*

  22. even if they mistook them from the back or something, none of our members has very long hair rite now and I swear uri dbsk is taller than these boys!! they are more like man, these are still to SHINee, meaning kids and of course uri DBSK are way more handsome xDD just stating the facts!
    maybe it was cuz of the hairstyles... I.. guess??

  23. So Hot Union of Idols??? seriously?? ROFL
    anyway I agree fans must be thinking too much about the boys, so extreme mistakes like this happen
    I can imagine the face of the girls when they REALLY saw these boys
    O.o WTF?? oh no! Its not them *mob quickly goes away* xDD

  24. guys remember it's gwangju... like... a village. And the people they talked about, im sure around ahjumas/ahjussi/elderly hahaha