Tuesday, December 1, 2009

[PHOTOS] YUNHO - Movie Premiere of "Actresses (여배우들) part 3

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i feel kinda bad for him, he prolly cant even enjoy the movie in peace thanks to all these camera flashes. poor guy.

smile, baby. smile more. I love your smile.

it's nice to see him healthy and smiling

i knew it! he went to met his co-star in HTTG!
nice to know that they mantain their relationship after HTTG finished.

Picture 3 and the 1st one in the red seats: He can smile like that at me all day long. I'm loving his face right now, especially his profile. He looks so much better.

"healthy and smiling" - that's for sure

I'm somehow happy for our boys that they can now rest a little and their first performance in Japan as 5 gave them comfort too. Be happy & healthy my dear angels coz you must be ready to meet your fans in the near future and we all know that it will be tiering coz you give of yourselves everything on stage! TVXQ Fighting!
Always Keep the Faith! (^o^)/

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