Thursday, December 10, 2009

[PHOTOS] Jaejoong at Mirotic Con

My friends Gift for my Bday thanks rachel~ keke or our admin MrCKDexter

This is so HD not HQ its HD Jaejoong's skin is so!!!! Beautiful
Credits: Herowings
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14 DBSKnights Comment:

HAHAHHA... love the gift!!!~~~ was there a lot of bubble wrap?!?!?!? ^_^

Size of Pics!!!. Awesome!!

I love your gift,If JJ show in the box like this....

My heart will gonna stopped with happiness.

He is indeed beautiful.
Happy burfday Portia! or belated. can't remember.
One of the best burfday gift though.

indeed, so beautiful
and i think he got the most fairest skin among the members right

_adorable JAE!!.,
_he looks so flawless!!.,

I like the last picture! Wow wow wow...

how the f does he have such nice skin??

waaa~~~~ in my baby's heaven.... ^^
btw the mic has his name in blue pasted on it issit??

OMG, Jaejoong is so handsome! <3

indeed he is an angel, so beautiful!! *stares at him in awe*

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