Tuesday, December 8, 2009

[PHOTOS] 091207 JaeChunSu - GImpo Airport Part 6

Yoochun seems really fascinated with something?
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What did Jae and Yoochun see?
They look surprised. Hee

Hehe ...Jae and Su are exactly uke .. they didnt carry suitcases, Chun and his friend did instead... How good they are!
Jae looks so suprised with a bunch of fans waiting for them right!? His face looks so funny, but so hot !!! ... I love him.He didnt dye his hair right? ... it is still blonde??

Su looks so tired. Poor my litte dolphin

Only Chun is interesting at this comeback tour right??... He changes his haircut again !!! It looks ... cool !!!

I love Jae's sense of style. He always looks so sexy abd gorgeous. But please eat a sandwich or two baby, you look so damn skinny.

yoochun must be fascinated to see the tons of fans and media..i guess ..i read somewhere that mblaq , rain arrived on the same day from japan . Maybe thats y there were tons of media ..haha

anyways , yoochun is so cute with his new hairstyle!

really??? there's no bodyguards???yoochun oppa so cute with that new hairstyle..but i like da old one....poor jj...hope u'll get well soon...^^,

no bodyguards but i dun see them getting raped. OKAY maybe a bit but HELL they are HAWT THERE. its like a path is being opened for them to walk ;D

i guess yuchun was pushing the luggage cart at first, and then the friend took over... it does make su and jae look a bit diva-ish... which is actually quite funny!!! (or maybe yuchun did a bit too much shopping!! and that cart's all his stuff!!!) hahahahha... who knows~

on a weird note... i think they all look so normal and slightly "ugly" without makeup... but in a way that makes them even hotter??? not sure how to explain it... but the "ugliness" makes them look more like men and more like regular human beings instead of "celebrities" which attracts me more to them.... O.o

yoochun looked a lot younger! cutie~ with his dorky amused expression..>_<

althought w/o make-up..they still cute ^^

ahhh...can't stop staring at Jaejoong..tries to look for his eyes..ahh..need to lend him hairclip xD~

i think they look awesome with or without make up on. They are the best, natural ^^ I hope they will be five again.

yoochun cut his hair..he looks *HOT*

yoochunnie with new hair looks younger... xD sooo hot i love his new hairstyle hehehe

yoochun's new hair is.. H.O.T!!!!!! ;)

there were no bodyguards???? if anything happens to them, SME is to be blaimed!!! i don't know why, but that would be SME's biggest mistake ever!!!!!!

Yes, I agree ! Yoochun's new hairstyle is HOT HOT HOT !
And I'm worried about my little duck Junsu ! He's so tired !

this jejung i like O_O whooooot~ no make-up jejung is hotter than make-up jejung *3* for me anyway!
and yuchun looks awesome! i love them without make up...they look better than me without makeup =_=
junsu~ cheer up! smilie smilie~

on the 5th picture it looks like yoochun is staring at the camara xD

isnt only me that thinks yoochun seem soooo tired, he looks...aged? i must be mistaken nvm..

wyrdtigrl523, i know what u mean...
they look like ordinary yet extremely good looking random guys that we might met in airport!
love them with or w/out make up!
chun's haircut is <3

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