Wednesday, December 9, 2009

[INFO/PROJ] Bigeast's New Project - BREAK OUT! 500,000 Copies Breakthrough Project

Dear Tohoshinki's Japanese fans,
In order for Japanese and Korean newspapers and mass media to pay attention to us, we have created a big movement called "For the Continuance of Tohoshinki".
In Korea, the number [of copies sold and ranking] is very important to the music and business industry.
This would be another "Persuasion Tool" that we'll use to raise our voice to their company.

Let the whole Asia know the love and the strength of the world's second biggest music market.

BREAK OUT! 500,000 Copies Breakthrough Project

Subtitle: Don't think that Japanese fans are just going to be quiet and obedient!

Please give Tohoshinki's new single "BREAK OUT!" as presents to your precious ones, your important ones, your loved ones, and even to your Cassiopeia friends.
It's a song that contains a lot of energy and courage. We believe that the ones who receive them would definitely be happy!
Let's reach the goal of having 500,000 copies of this single sold!

(Please join this project with with your free will and don't need force yourselves.)


★ Get acknowledged by Japanese and Korean mass media.
(In Korea, achievements in Japan are considered tremendous)
★ Besides having to tip out some money from our pockets, this is a very peaceful movement.
★ The people who receive the CDs would be happy too.
★ Letting your friends and acquaintances listen to Tohoshinki is also a way to promote them.
★ Tohoshinki and their staffs would definitely be happy at the new record.
★ Your supports would also become avex's president Matsuura's strength.
★ "BREAK OUT" is a tie-up with a NHK's drama. This is a chance to say thank to Ishihara PD who always support us and Tohoshinki!

☆ This is pretty unbelievable, but if the single is sold more than 1 million copies, it will definitely write a new page in history ♪

What is counted on Oricon chart is mu-mo limited edition, CD+DVD edition, and CD edition.
When you purchase the single, please make sure that it will count in the chart.

■ The number of pre-orders is important! Usually the number of shipments is decided by the pre-orders and the sales of their previous works. Let's have a new number of pre-orders that exceed their old ones.
avex would definitely be happy to see the great gap in the pre-order numbers!!

■ In case you purchase this single at a shop, there are cases that multiple products purchased at a time are only counted as one item. If you want to purchase more items, please go to another shop to buy them.

This project is an idea that has been discussed and decided on by many famous blogs of Tohoshinki's fans. Let us Japanese fans come together to protect Tohoshinki.

From "500K Project" Team
Project's Blog

T/N: This is the second mass project by Bigeast after the postcard one. Please, if you have extra pocket money that you are not going to spend for Christmas and New Year's shopping, support this project by purchasing this single. Any purchase from, CDJapan, HMV and YesAsia is counted towards the Oricon chart. And if people are willing to support this project, I'll contact the project team to let them know that international fans are going to participate too (:

For your record, Tohoshinki's best sale number is from "CO
LORS ~Melody and Harmony~", with an approximate number of 250,000 downloads before the single was released, and 180,000 pre-orders for the first shipment. It is estimated that 300,000 copies of this single have been sold up until now. 500,000 is hard to achieve in the first week and first month, but since the sale number will continue to be counted, it might reach 500K soon in the future (:

Source: mixi & 500K project's blog
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

I don't know about you guys but I will do this >< We ALL should do this. I'm going to buy lots for my TVXQ friends. Comment if you're going to and we will pass your messages to O! Please guys support this project because this is really good isn't it? We can do this! We did this with Mirotic!

TIP: I actually ordered from YesAsia, CDJapan and HMV. The only thing I'm not satisfied with YesAsia is their shipping >.> However, CDJapan and HMV are great shippers. It comes in two days or so, I guess it depends where you are. ^^


  1. Go Bigeast and Cassie !!! I think i will buy a copie too!
    DBSK/Tohoshinki fighting!!

  2. I'm gonna do this too! It's the only thing I can do for the boys right now besides praying... Let's do this guys! We can make it! I think I'm gonna buy 3 or 4 copies!

  3. i know some akanishi jin (from kat-tun) fans who bought 8 copies of his solo album! though i don't have money to buy 8 copies i'm gonna do my best and buy at least 3!

  4. If I buy my CD from Tsutaya or an other store, this will be counted on Oricon charts?

  5. I already ordered one from CDJ .. i will order 4 more copies .. I have LOTS of DBSK worshipper .. so it won't go for a waist ..
    Let's support our boys ..

  6. go bigeast's.... go cassie HWAITING...

  7. btw guys where do you preorder the cd?

  8. I've ordered from CDjapan too. If I order more from them, will it be counted as one? like what was mentioned above:
    "In case you purchase this single at a shop, there are cases that multiple products purchased at a time are only counted as one item. If you want to purchase more items, please go to another shop to buy them." --> physical stores or does it apply to online stores as well?
    I'm gonna order more copies too :)

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  10. When I first heard the info about this new single, I just thought: "Yup, I'm gonna buy it anyway!"
    This PJ is pretty cool ^^ I wish I had more and more money
    So hwaiting!!!!

  11. I will definitely do it! I will pre order as soon as I go home ;)

  12. definitely getting!bigeast and cassies hwaiting!

  13. Hmmmm..I wanna participate. I mean, it's the least that I could do. The problem is I don't really have a credit card. Anyone from the Philippines who is willing to help me?

  14. Can i have a link to where i can order?? in english, please.i guess i'm broke this month already xD

    @Anonymous 10:28pm
    i know this may benefit sm and avex (it's ok if it's avex) in financial but it's a way to let our boys acknowledge our support too, and to let sm and avex see how precious DBSK is and it would be their biggest mistake if they decide to drop THSK coz that would make them lose a huge profit.

  15. let's do it.... yahh TVXQ fighting!

  16. @jlie

    You can order from,,

  17. Love it, count me in! Already pre-order some copies and will buy more as a X'Mas gift.... 8 copies? no problem.... at least I can do something for them.
    Tohoshinki, fighting... fighting... fighting! (^-^)

  18. reply to Anonymous@10:28 PM
    We don't know TVXQ's exact contract details with Avex, it's all speculations. Even if the members do not get anything from this CD sales, BIGEAST project main purpose is to show SM & Avex that TVXQ fans are not just going to keep quiet and do nothing about the situation. They are using fans power to show their support to TVXQ, to pressure SM and to support Avex in this fight as well. They know Max Matsura is trying to do something and he also needs a strong fans support to show everyone in Korea and Japan that TVXQ's existence is important.
    I'm participating in this project. Go BIGEAST!

  19. agree with anonymous 10:52PM

  20. I already pre-ordered them.\(^ 0 ^)/

    can't wait to have them in my hands. Ahh..

  21. this is a meaningful project and glad i can show some support..i'll try to confirm my order as soon as i can

  22. I preordered 2 copies from HMV♥♥♥

  23. let as dont care about their companiese & share ,, only lets think how this will assure them & their companies that they r still wanted & loved ,,

    lets show them our love in this single ,,,


    some one give us link to cdjapan , yesasia & other one ><.. ????

  25. Go ! I made my preorder and I'm verry happy *_* !!

    The project is wonderful ! BIG UP CASSIOPEIAS !

  26. ADMIN:

    CD Japan :
    HMV Japan :
    Amazon Japan:

  27. oh finally someone who thought about this! ^^
    i mean.. bigeasts are about 700 000? [or maybe less i don't remember]
    how can they not sell that much? counting there are lots of fans around the world...! ^^
    anyway, i'm in this project as well!! x3 *spending her money for DBSK always with a smile on her face*

  28. ^ i think bigeast is around 150,000 or so (cassies are the massive one at 800,000).

    thank you for sharing this! I'm gonna participate ^^.

  29. bigeast is now 170,000 and still is really a good project...

  30. I'm surely join this project. I dont care, though it makes SM or Avex more wealthy coz I will support our boys in anyway I can do.

    LOVE TVXQ,DBSK,THSK, they are my other half.

  31. WOW. I'm whole heartedly supporting this :DD

  32. so yesasia is not so trustworthy?
    should i order from cdjapan then?

  33. I really want to pre-order it and I'm sure I can convince my parents to let me use their credit card :) but my parents would let me buy only one... the problem is I've never ordered from yesasia actually I've never really shopped online and so I don't know anything. It would be really helpful if someone answers these question:
    1. Yesasia ships through post?
    2. And do you need post box no. to pre-order it? Cause I'd be moving out to another country in a month or so, therefore the post box thing would probably not work for me

  34. TVXQ



  35. OMG EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I definitely will join this project, though I can only preorder 1

  37. I'm joining in this project! At the moment, I'm buying a copy for:

    -my boyfriend who liked Tohoshinki before I did. lol
    -my 2 female friends who are still underage so no credit cards for them but they love Tohoshinki so...
    -my step-mom who likes Tohoshinki's music, much to my surprise. lol
    -myself obviously.
    -my younger male cousin who likes Changmin more than me. T.T

    I've already pre-ordered this on CDJapan. Maybe I should pre-order different copies from different sites to make sure that ALL of the CDs count on the Oricon chart...
    Normally, I would NEVER buy more than 2 copies of a single; I would much rather spend it on an album or two but this is a moment of crisis so I'm not stingy with my money this time. And it's moments like this that I'm grateful that I have a great paying job at the age of 24. I can buy whatever I want and still have many leftover money! Yay!

  38. @ Anonymous Dec 10, 2009 12:29 AM:
    CD Japan accepts cash payment..just read the detail on their link..tq

  39. I already pre-ordered my copy november 23! <3

  40. @ anonymous 12:29 AM
    Yeasia is a 100% realiable source for ur purchases!
    For orders shipping to the U.S. or Canada,place ur order at whereas for orders shipping to other countries,pls go to home.html
    For ne further information(such as shipping methods permitted,how to place a order,estimated total delivery time),all u have to do is read their "help" section.Go through it and ull find the answer to ne of ur questions.As for the address,yes when u place an order(be it a pre-order or an item which is available already)u need to provide one.So I suggest u pre-order ur copy once uve settled into the country ur going to live in.Should u have ne inquiries,u can contact Yeasia Customer Service Department at ne time.They will respond very promptly.
    I hope that u found all of this useful.
    P.s. Im from Europe and Im joining this project for sure!

  41. how to pre-order @ CDJapan??
    already open the infosite 4 BREAK-OUT...but where to click to make pre-order??


  42. I will definitely buy a copy for me, and probably for my sisters and friends? That means... 4-5? They are not all exactly crazy fans of the boys but it's now or never ^^
    Wooow so many people who will buy several copies, this fandom really is awesome <3

  43. i'm from germany and i going to help too!

  44. we join the project

    i and my friend buy from yesasia

    me from indonesia



  45. i'm going to buy about 5 copies for friends family and myself :)

    haha i have this feeling that this project is going to go successfully. probably be a record of over million copies too :) if tvxq fans work together and support them, you bet its a record.

  46. I will go pre-order my copy now! I order from YesAsia all the time and have found them to be VERY reliable and decently fast with shipping.

    /Mississippi, U.S. fan

  47. i already preordered mine. :D
    hmm, but now i´m hesitating wheter i should order more, it´s a good present for my friends, nee? :)
    all i have to do is to convince my sister ^^

  48. i will preorder 2 copies and get more from NY.
    GO TOHOSHINKI!!!!!^^

  49. Count me in!!! Will order soon! From the UK

  50. ahah!!!
    170 000! i forgot the 1 X°D
    ok.. now i understand xDD

  51. I have to buy Jacket A or Jacket B?

  52. I pre-ordered one! I'll buy another one too!

    From Finland

    TVXQ fighting!

  53. PLease, can somebody makes a tuto for preorder this on CDJapan please?

  54. will definitely support this project. i think it's an awesome idea and it shows our boys that we'll always support them no matter what. DBSK fighting! International fans fighting!

  55. wow.. fantastic..!

    I wanna buy it too..


    so let's support TVXQ!!

    Cassie+Bigeast = TVXQ's Power

  56. ME!! I WILL!!!
    Amazing project :D . please keep the faith ^^;;'

  57. Yeeaaah ! My Mom said Yes For pre order this !!

    This is an amazing project =D

    I'm so happy ! It's the only thing I can do For Our TVXQ!

    Cassie, Bigeast, Let TVXQ know how we love them

    Always Keep The Faith <3

    Chinese/French Big Fan of TVXQ

  58. this is an amazing project! i was already set on buying this single as a way to support them plus i been dying to buy something of thsk since i couldnt purchase dbsk product from sm.

    i recommend fans who live in america buy the single from yesasia. the shipping is much cheaper. i ordered from yesasia several times already it is very reliable but cdjpan packaging is better. i ordered the secret code from cdjapan n it came in a very study box not just plastic paper wrapping.

    i was planning to buy break out and sbu together or maybi the secret code tour in tokyo dome something just to get free shipping lol but now i might as well buy multiple break out singles. i really want this project to be successful and garner the attention of kpop. surpassing 500k in a single is incredible in this economy. especially since mirotic thier best selling album sold around 500k. that would indeed be record breaking!

    pleaes everyone try as hard as yu can to buy this single no matter what. we need to suppose thsk and avex show sm dbsk is not something to mess with.

  59. do they have break out on yesasia..?

  60. @ anonymous 5:08 AM
    Yes,its been a while since it was included in their website catalogue.

  61. tutorial

    1. Register or Sign in. (I recommend using paypal for payment because it's easier and more secure.)

    2. Choose your item:

    -Jacket A

    -Jacket B

    3. Add to cart.
    4. Proceed to check out.
    5. Select delivery options. (Express Mail Service is AWESOME.)
    6. Place Order.

  62. I heard that purchases for J-pop CD on Yesasia are not counted for Oricon chart??? :( That's why a lot of DBSK fans in my country (Vietnam) try to order from CDjapan, even though the shipping cost is freakin' expensive :(

  63. I'll definitely help!!! Woot!! Go Bigeast!! Go Cassiopeia!! Go international fans!!! Go TVXQ!!!!

  64. I have a question, for instance, if we preorder more than one break out singles, at only one online store (eg. CDjapan), will it be count as one or many? ( do u know what I mean?)

    and If we preorder it at Yesasia, will it be counted for the Oricon charts?

  65. is an official sales data provider to the music sales charts reported by Oricon Inc. Sales of Japan Version CD,DVD,and Blue-ray music products at are reflected in the Oricon music charts.
    This message is clear enough,dont u think? :)
    So rest assured and get ur copy at YesAsia if u like!

  66. I'll get my copies from Yesasia! Everyone Fighting!

  67. I'm going to pre-order one as well! As much as I would love to give CD's out to friends... I don't have much money, since I'm in college.

    But a copy is a copy, and I will support DBSK!

  68. OMG I almost cried when I read this! The love of the fans is just... AMAZING! We definitely have to show EVERYBODY how much the guys are loved!
    Let's continue supporting them... together!
    THSK fans are the BEST!

    Always keep the faith!~

  69. I will do this even though I'm not so good with money now. I'll do it to support our boys. Fighting!!!

    Always keep the faith!

  70. Yay, joining the project. :) Purchase i Yesasia is already counted in Oricon. :)

  71. this is a really good project!! Does anyone know when they're gonna count for the Oricon Charts or something?? I don't really have any money right now so yea...hmm..Well I'll try to buy at least 3 or something when I get some money! Always Keep The Faith~ No matter what!!!

  72. Whoo~ Im definately supporting this one! Im gonna preorder with my friend!! Go BIGEEAST!!!!

  73. i have never bought a sinlge before and the only cds iv bought are mirotic and secret code. even though cds are so damn expensive when compared to my salary il buy one too. if i had a better job il buy a lot T__T
    go bigeast and cassies n us international fans,
    go tvxq

  74. I'm going to support this~ from Mexico

  75. Gonna preorder this as soon as possible! WAIT FOR ME!

  76. i'm so going to preorder this.
    hope more international fans like me will support this one!!! we have too, i can already see the guys smiling when they'll have another single at top weekly oricon!!

  77. im going to joined this project!! I'll buy the cd and cd+dvd version, hopefully the jacket is differet so I don't have to give it to anyone and can keep it for myself xD

  78. I'm glad fans can help with this project.
    I'm gonna pre-order it ^^


    From ~Spain~

  79. if i only could order..but i don't have enough money...
    maybe i will but not as soon as the single is release...
    we must show..that even dbsk is is in this difficult situation..
    we're still suppoprting them...
    and let's make them top in teh oricon chart again..
    woohoo...go dong bang shin ki..go cassiopeia, go bigeast, go international fans...
    and let's always keep the faith

  80. joining in tooooo!!!!
    OMG i feel so united with all of you guys!!!<33
    LETS SHOW THE OTHERS WHAT WE ARE MADE OF!! *smirks and crack knuckles*

  81. I'm in!
    I will order 4 or 5 copies...surely good christmas gifts haha xD

  82. dont' worry, i will buy some too. i love them alot and alot and would do anything to help and protect them.

  83. omg T.T let's help our boys ne?
    i'm gonna get it for myself, my dbsk fren and my online fren! aktf ppl T.T

  84. Count me in!!! :)I usually buy cd or dvd from e-bay or local online shop. But for DBSK, ok, I'll try yesasia, cdjapan, hmv, or whatever..

  85. 0.0 really your absolutelly sure were all gonna do this?
    count me in ill' do something even if im miles away im from Puerto Rico
    international fan here! ^^
    ill buy it somewere somehow T.T cause i lov them
    contact me in myspace plzz
    i need updates and i dont know anyone tht's a fan from my country>.<

  86. sorry its me
    wrote it wrong ^-^"
    plzzz add me

  87. i already placed my pre-order on cd japan yesterday...
    i'll definitely count myself in...i want to show the power of Tohoshinki as 5 too...i'll always be keeping my faith!

    i've been telling my other friends who like the boys to buy as well and join everyone who loves DBSK in this project...

    the five of them will never part! that i'm continuing to believe...

  88. i just bought two.

  89. Anyone from the phils. interested in buying this single? We can accomodate one more order. If you're interested, pls email Thanks!

  90. one of my friend already placed 20 pre-orders on this single. as for me i just shared the money wit her^ ^

  91. i was wondering which site would the album be counted in...what i mean is i normally order from yesasia, but does that count towards the oricon and the 500,000 project? cuz i heard from somewhere before that yesasia does not count towards it?

  92. i'd buy that !!
    hwaiting . :))

  93. YESSSSS!!
    I totally support this *dances*

    Imma go buy my copyyyyyyyyyyyyy and spread the Tohoshinki love in KSA <333

  94. i'll most definitely do this, for our boys!!<3 ^^ i really want to buy one for my friend too x]
    from: usa >:]

  95. I'll buy one copy *-*
    We will succeed in this project and will show the power of the fans 0/
    Tohoshinki fighting!!!
    Fans fighting!!!

  96. Me and sis just preordered ^^
    But which one counts? There's two of them uh?

  97. I'll buy at least 3 xD
    But Im sure other mexican fans will buy the single as well :D

  98. i thought i won't participate in this project. but the 3 mins and 10 s preview of breakout is just so tempting. at first i went to yesasia but i'm having a hardtime on the payment options... thus i just pre-ordered at cdjapan. i can't believe i really did this. TVXQ's spell is just so strong i can't escape it. :p

  99. i'll definitely buy this and support my addiction to TVXQ!!! Luv them so much...

  100. I like the idea-I wasn't planning to buy the single and usually just buy the albums but you convinced me! Keep the Faith yaw :D

  101. Yes! I agree this project.
    I already pre-order 7 copies for friends and myself.
    Jacket A × 2 = for me
    Jacket B × 2 = for me
    and Bigeast version × 3 = 1 for my friend's, 2 for me.
    All Cassie+Bigeast always support DBSK(東方神起)
    Always Keep the Faith!

  102. dbsk hwating aways keep the faith...break out song is nic to listen.

  103. uwaaaa!!!i ady preorder it!!soo excited...i have no money to buy more than 1...sob3..hohooho..but i'm quite disappointed when my cassie fren dun wanna buy hefta start saving for best album nex!!!hohohooho...^^

  104. Oh god! This is making me cry!!!!
    Fans are just gaaaahhh!!! So touching!

  105. i will definitely buy this!!DBSK always keep the faith

  106. Me too!! I'm so gonna buy this man! Might get more than 1 just to contribute to sales and to give it to my friends =))

  107. ....kotoba wa! the power of tvxq fans....! already preordered two copies of breakout on 11/10....! i really wanted to spend my money on their mirotic dvd set but this is more important! kyaah!!! hoping to preorder 2 or 3 of the single! HWAITING! DongBangFan HWAITING!

  108. Finally had enough money to get mine T__T Missed out on first press D=

  109. I'm going to buy this album, even though I don't have much money right now, so I can support the boys!
    DBSK Fighting!

  110. All people who supports tvxq, pls buy the single. It is a chance to give them the courage to continue their music journey.

  111. SM entertainment just sucks, they just don't understand music and they only know how to use the singers to gain money.WE, the fans of tvxq will always support them against this crisis.Keep fighting and tvxq forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. I already bought mine. (two versions) Hope we make it to 500,000!

  113. bought mine from cdjapan last night before first press editions were sold out again :D i wish i could have bought 2 but i bought Tokyo Dome DVD with it

  114. I preorderd yesterday from YesAsia...can't wait to get the copy

  115. I will do this!!! I'll do anything to help supporting our TVXQ!

  116. Does anyone know how many preorders have been made so far? I'll try to figure out how to order even more if I need to!

  117. I already ordered it from XD . I'm from Romania so the shipping will take weeks but I can't wait for it to arrive!!! DBSK Fighting!!!! :D