Saturday, December 5, 2009

[INFO] Mnet secret: “Proud of your Love"

“Proud of your Love” Mnet Secret:

2009 was a turbulent year for everybody.
December has begun and it is time for a counting down.
Toward the end of the year, we can see five members together.

I think that everyone is having all kinds of feelings when you see their figures.
I heard various impressions from the ones who watched a stage after a long absence of five members.
And everyone has expressed various thoughts.

I personally wish that if the fans have an opportunity to see TVXQ on the stage,I wish everyone to accept them with your big smiles.When they see fans looking very happy, I think that surely would became source of their power to go on.Please send them powers to be assured that they have to be in five. In Korea, it is difficult situation now for them to stand in five.

I believe that it is a one of the biggest support Begeast can do right now.(Weather you belong to the fan club or not.)Please remember the true figures of the members.
From the first page one that all of you had observed so far.

Remember the unforgettable double encore of the song, “PROUD”?
From all of you to the members, filled with your heart of, “Proud of your Love”.
Please show such smile to them.


source: Mnet+Chomin
trans & shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


  1. oh i really love song PROUD personally
    and i cant hold my tears when i saw yoochun crying while he's singing this song
    i really proud of this 5 guys !
    i will always support and proud of TVXQ !


  2. That last song in Budokan live is my ultimate reason in keeping faith among all these hearsay, crap and shit.

  3. you know guys...i actually thinking if i'll just let them go..i mean...these past few days..i'm getting weaker...i'm thinking negative stuffs.....
    i always think that if they are happy being seperated..maybe i'll just let them..and i'll not complain anymore...
    but then...on second thought whenever i saw homin's airport seems..they don't want to leave the 3, we can all see their expressions...especially yunho, i know it's hard for him..he's the leader and yet he can't do anything.....
    but when i saw this i suddenly think this is right...
    i mean...deep inside my heart i know that they really want to be together...and we have to be strong for them...
    i know it's hard for them and for us also...
    and from now on..i'll not give up unless the give up...
    i'll continue supporting the 5 of them no matter what happen...

  4. To those ppl who are still blaming any of the members in their comments coz they were in preview posts:
    It just shows how much of a faithful fan you are. A faithful fans would never take sides with a single member and blame another one.
    A faithful cassie would always believe in all 5 of them no matter what happens.
    I love all the boys equally and I won't let these things get to me, I will always support them.
    Always Keep The Faith!

    and for those who are still confused (read this once a day till it's imprinted in you mind):

    I'm proud of your love boys! ^^ And my heart hurts so much that SM is separating them even in Christmas time when all of us want to be with our family & ppl we love the most and the boys love each other very much for sure! For those who tell that fans blaming SM will only make more trouble for the boys well may I ask you something?
    If a real Cassie try to defend all 5 boys and tell the world laud & clearly that the one to blame for this all mess is SM why should she feel afraid of SM? If you are afraid of SM then you will not help the boys to win with them!

    My faith will not crumble this easily! Always Keep the Faith! (^o^)/

  5. Whatever happens now, I don't think anything can keep these five apart forever. We might even have to wait for homin's contracts with SM to expire years from now, which is an incredibly long time, but still better than nothing. Heck, New Kids on the Block got back together after over a decade. As soon as DBSK has the opportunity to reunite, they will.

  6. I'm really scared that this will hurt their relationship.
    Because after all, the boys hearts and feelings are the most important thing in DBSK.
    If they feel shattered about themselves and their fellow bandmembers, their music can never be the same again.
    And in their performance just now, they seemed oh so sad somehow.
    I just wish and hope for the boys to overcome all of this hardship and be able to forgive and trust each others again for whatever happened between them.
    I hope, and believe, that this is not the end, but just a hardship.
    No good thing can last forever, but if they overcome this, I know that DBSK will shine brighter then ever before<3
    With our support, they will keep trying to keep their promise to stay together. <3
    Always keep the faith girls and boys !
    Let's cheer on DBSK and thank them for every time they've lifted out spirits before !

  7. ilove you TVXQ <3333 SO MUCH .. iwill always support you ... ihope you always happy and smile ibelieve in you <333333 ilove you .. always keep the faith <33

  8. DBSK I will always support you, that's not a promise that's a fact
    I will be your fan no matter what happens in these hard days and the harder days to come I will kepp holding on to DBSK nothing will make me leave them, I will wait for them to reunite in korea even if it takes 50 years I will be there an old old ajumah fan ^_^
    Always keep the faith~never ever beleive anything from the media or SM ent.~only listen to the Boys and even then make sure they aren't being pushed or presured be others (SM)because SM might make them to say things they don't want to

  9. the song PROUD just give me a mixed of happiness and some hope...
    although its in japan..well,i'm proudly 2 say that i can sing it well!!LOL(with the help of the mighty romanization lyrics!)


  10. me too =)
    i will always support DBSK..always and forever..
    proud of your love dbsk ^^

  11. yeah we fans have to smile at them all the time, even when it hurts A LOT thinking about the situation now with SME and the things they have to face, we have to show DBSK how much they fill our hearts everytime they sing to us!! That is showing our faith.

    Im so proud of them and so proud of the love I have for them.

    DBSK miduhyo!!

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