Saturday, December 5, 2009

[INFO] Das Musical Mozart Complete Schedule

We ever shared the Musical Mozart schedule from January 20th -28th, and now the homepage already updated the complete schedule of whole Mozart stages:

Junsu gets another stages on January 30th, 31st, and February 4th
and that means…. the Junsu won’t make it to appear in Bigeast fanmeeting in Yokohama

Credits: sharingyoochun


  1. OMG don't tell me that hair....!!!!!!

  2. Uso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm going to Yokohama fanmeeting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What the imgkivnmhiknm
    I'm gonna miss him TT.TT
    Yada yo!!!

  3. omg !! junsu in long hair?? cant imagine that

  4. On January 30 and 31,Junsu is going to be in Japan for fanmeeting. So, I guess this is not correct information.

  5. Anonymous 11:35
    You have right. ^^ It's confirmed that Junsu Oppa will be in the Japanese fanmeeting and Avex confirmed it so it's from reliable suers ne? ^^

  6. is it confirm that junsu will get more musical play dates. avex have it confirm all member will be at the fanmeet. i dont want su to miss the fanmeet. i love susu but i want thsk to spend as much time together as possible. even if it means shoter musicals.

  7. Is this really wise, I wonder? If Junsu is gone from the fanmeeting, it'll just make the situation even worse, considering that the fanmeetings had been set for weeks and months now.

    what to do? >.>

  8. junsu oppa please make the fanmeeting..!!
    eventhough i cant attand it, but i hop that u can comes together with HoMinJaeChun...