Friday, November 27, 2009

[TRANS] 091126 TVXQ Junsu in Discussion for Starring in a Musical “The Expected First Personal Activities”

091126 TVXQ Junsu in Discussion for Starring in a Musical “The Expected First Personal Activities”

One of TVXQ member who is currently having dispute with SM Entertainment, Xiah Junsu is expected to appear in musical project.

One official said on the 26th, “A musical project which is starring Xiah Junsu is being discussed. The cast information will be released soon.” he said. The fans have already been aware and confirmed about this musical schedule and also the tickets, citing high expectations on the project. If Xiah Junsu appearance in the musical is decided, it will be his first personal activity after the dispute started.

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In addition, 3 TVXQ members Yoochun, Jaejoong, and Junsu were said to have been promoting a secret local fanmeeting. According to music industry officials, these three members are coming somewhere in Seoul and are expected to greet their Korean fans in December fanmeeting. A close source to the members said, “They’re in process of having a local fanmeeting in December. However, the time and place for the fanmeeting still don’t come to decision.”

3 TVXQ members filed a provisional disposition against SM Entertainment regarding exclusive contract in last July to the court, and since then, their local activities has been stopped. As the conflict still continues, the attendance of five members in the fanmeeting are expected to be a tough one.

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  1. if its SECRET, how come they can go around telling the media about it? LOL the irony~

  2. I think that a musical would be great for Junsu! I can't really see him acting, but a musical would be very suiting ♥

  3. The fans meeting only three of them? So Yunho and Changmin will not attend?I heard that Cassie will invite 5 of the memnbers and their parents to celebrte the 6th anniversary on 26th Dec. Is that true?
    I don't understand about the fans meeting. Can anyone explain?

  4. I will just ignore the underline part.

  5. what's all this secret fan-meeting about?
    i really don't know what they are up to
    when is this going to end??
    at this rate things are going it is really tiring for everyone

  6. this is when i wish greatly that im in korea... grr to u korean casssies.. i envy u!!!

    musical sounds really good for junsu... but honestly.. with the amt of ngs he always mkes. itll b interesting.
    the fanmetting i do believe that it'll b with all 5 members.. otherwise it wouldnt b so secret..
    the 3 guys idnt tell the media about it, its their friends and family.... i wonder how were suppose to find out about it when it happens... hmmm

  7. huh i never heard about this before.. is it a rumor? i hope the musical doesnt take too much time out of junsu. sigh... they jsut got together again n who decided this su himself or sm? the secret fanmeet... hmm it would be cool but its not so secretive anymore if te media knows then sm knows. n if its true i hope all five member can attend with thier parents

  8. the underline part seems not real,,,i will just ignore it,,haha,,,

  9. If the underline part is true.........umm not sure how I feel about that.

  10. why meeting fan have to be a secret?....if it's a secret how can they know. lol