Thursday, November 26, 2009

[TRANS] 091125 Tohoshinki & Big Bang To Attend Best Hit 2009 Music Festival Together

Popular groups Tohoshinki and Big Bang will be attending one of Japan's top music festivals together.

On the 26th of this month, Tohoshinki and Big Bang will participate in the "Best Hit 2009 Music Festival", which will be held at the Kobe International House. At the same time, artists like Koda Kumi and AAA will be attending as well.

Big Bang said on their website, "We're really thankful to the organisers; we're really excited to be able to attend such an outstanding music festival. Because it's our first time participating, we're a little nervous, but we will also work hard to bring an exciting performance to everyone."

This year is the 42nd "Best Hit Music Festival", and Yomiuri TV and NTV will be airing it Live from 7pm (Japan time) onwards.

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  1. Hmmmmm I have mixed feelings about this.

    Our boys worked so hard from the bottom just to be where they are today, and some group will be using the paths that TXVQ have paved. A little unfair isn't it? Can they even speak/understand Japanese? T_T

  2. hmmm....i dont really like big bang..well no offence..but still we get to see tohoshinki as 5!!yeay!

  3. There is no need to be harsh to BB. They are working hard and showed support for Jaechunsu at MAMA. some shots so far have showed the TVXQ boys. they look so stoic. I hope we can see some enjoyment as they perform. the show will start in 12 minutes and I have the channel on waiting to see what happens...

  4. how did big bang get to those shows so fast. lol weird, i bet YG is PAYING them cuz DBSK had to work really hard for four years before even getting an invitation to music station and all these other shows. and I don't think BB are even selling like 100k like DBSK does. And they can't really speak Japanese or know the culture expect for Taeyang, so thye're kinda emberassing them selves by going there.

    but anyways i'm really happy for DBSK. I don't hate bb or anything but it's lyk they're just taking things without even deresving it...

  5. but..its still uneasy seeing them go as 'popular group'..well its in korea..i believe they attend as popular korea group not popular japan group..

  6. I have the same feeling! our boys worked so hard and (no ofence) others just take the same glory... kinda unfair... but hey who said life is fair anyway.
    I hope they will make a good show bothe TVXQ and Big Bang ^^ fighting!!!

  7. The first comment --- i know what you mean..
    Well, this is called "Life"... Everything depends on luck & faith..

    This year was really a tough year for us..
    It's still a month to go, so let's keeping faith..

    I hope everything will turn out fine after this..

  8. honestly, its the first time i actually kind of like the idea that bigbang is there, i know the bigbang boys are all dorky and fun ppl i really wish with them around, they can change the atmosphere of our dongbang boys, seungri is a junsu fanboy and he is close with yunho, same goes with daesung who is close to yunho and taeyang who knows junsu and also t.o.p who is close to jae, i think looking at them, our dongbang boys will gets reminder that how they were when they first came to japan, with the place also as a reminder of their first tour , they will know they will still stand by each other no matter what happens, they toasted to their friendship forever. and cassies and bigeast and all international fans will be with them through thick and thin ^^

  9. I love both TVXQ and Big Bang! Im so glad that both of them are attending this event. Putting them together on one show like this is definitely a promising night and it'll be really awesome! =D

  10. yeah..i love both big bang and dbsk too....hehe..

  11. I love all boys haha... I dont think that bigbang dont work so hard. they go on their way.
    and...tvxq boy & bigbang boy are friend.

    For me..number one is TVXQ
    but i dont think another artist are number two.

  12. guys, DBSk paved the way for other korean groups to do ANYTHING in Japan so of course the Japanese would look into another korean group coming to promote in their country, aka BB. who is the second group to promote really other than dbsk. This is BB's first time actually do anything in Japan their exactly how DBSK was when they first went so of course they cant be on their level. I for one am glad BB is there cuz like someone said already BB and DBSK are on good terms so they can live up the atmosphere for our dong bang boys. ^^

  13. I like Bigbang, but I still feel that it's unfair Bigbang gets into Japan's market that easy. compared to all the hardship TVXQ had gone through...

  14. Hey,you guys just relax, TVXQ may have it harder and put in so much more effort,but their long hard work for years is much more meaningful compare to the success that is achieved in just a short period of time. So dont feel bad for the boys (and of course, they dont want us to) because a success that comes after hard works and a lot of failures will stay longer than the instant one.

    So, dont feel bad for our boys: the successes that they’ve obtained are called sweet success. And its so much more meaningful and memorable because it bonds their friendship as well.

  15. Well, no matter how BB got there, I'm just glad that Tohoshinki & BB are friendly. IT'S ALL GOOD!