Friday, November 13, 2009

[TRANS] 091112 Jaejoong-Related Report on Japanese Female Magazine “Seven”

For the fansign activity intended for Jaejoong’s “Heaven’s Postman,” the famous scriptwriter Kitagawa Eriko is gathering the signatures on her blog. “No matter what, please broadcast it in Japan!” “It’s a must-watch!” “For the sake of everyone who wrote many comments regarding the desire to watch this movie, please!” - These are the comments found on her blog by the (film’s) supporters.

There were over 30,000 comments on Kitagawa Eriko’s blog on the 4th of November. The script of “Heaven’s Postman,” a romance produced by both Korea and Japan, was written by Kitagawa Eriko. It’s a love story between two people; one could not forget her love and the other delivers the love letters for those who couldn’t forget their beloved in heaven. Jaejoong, who portrayed the postman, is famous both in Korea and Japan, and had attracted much attention through this.

This movie was released on the 11th of November in Korea, and the schedule in Japan is yet to be confirmed.

Famous Japanese dramas “Long Vacation” and “Asunaro Hakusho” (T/N: Asunaro White Paper) are both written by Kitagawa Eriko.

On the 4th of November, Kitagawa had written on her blog, to gather signatures for “Heaven’s Postman” to be aired in Japan. She felt that the impression Jaejoong gave her is the same as the ‘naïve’ image from “Heaven’s Postman,” and she remembers him after their first encounter.

“It seems like he likes ‘Long Vacation,’ and he said the lines by Takuya Kimura (from ‘Long Vacation’) the first time we met. On the 9th of November, during the break of the press conference of “Heaven’s Postman,” he gave me a call, after knowing the ticket sales ranked first in Korea. Everyone was very happy about this!”

“It’s not like ‘Heaven’s Postman’ will not be aired in Japan. Rather, it’s just that the date is yet to be confirmed. Though I feel kind of uneasy about it, the huge response from Jaejoong’s fans shocked me. The ticket sales and comments are, so far, very good and they are the biggest forms of support now.”

Let’s pray together that it will be aired soon!

Source: Seven Magazine + ROCKJJ
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  1. yup hope HP will be aired in japan soon
    pretty boys joongie will melt those japanese girls'heart

  2. "Biggest form of support" from BIGEAST.. Hehe..

    Thanks to whoever left comments in her blog and that is why she could brought it up..

    Hope the airing date of HP in Japan will confirm soon..
    Goodluck JJ & HP!!

  3. goodluck to the japanese!
    i dun even get to see it in my country :(

    supporting HP all the waaaaay

  4. Wow! she even wrote 'Asunaro Hakusho'? That's like the first unsubbed asian drama i watched as a kid...i vaguely remember it and i've been meaning to watch it again...ganbatte ne Joongie fans!

  5. oh~~~hope they'll show it in malaysia soon!!!