Monday, November 9, 2009

[TRANS] 091107 Japanese, Korean and English DJ MinSil “South Korean artistes who are able to leave a deep impression”

Jung MinSil-sshi is the head/director of announcer and music for <韩タメ! DX (Fuji TV)>.
She’s also hosting events and fan meetings for South Korean artists/singer. Shuttling between the main character artists and followers, she does interview personally sometimes, discovering the artists’ charms, and now from her own perspective of the "Korean Wave”, MinSil-sshi talked about her feelings when in contact with the Korean stars.

South Korean artistes who are able to leave a deep impression

Followed by, it will be TVXQ. No matter how unwell they were feeling, they still insisted to go on stage, blowing up with amazing energy, this is truly shocking. They are very eager to learn different languages; when there was a word which they had not heard before, they would be asking, “How to use that vocabulary mentioned just now?” and thus, the five of them would begin their discussion. In particular, Junsu had been carrying along his "Japanese Learning Handbook", and would record the words into it carefully.

Moreover, a staff who was not interested in TVXQ was captured by them, exclaiming, “They’re such a group of good boys ah.” Perhaps it was because she had been seeing them while hosting the small-scale activities, she was watching them growing up with a heart of a parent.

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  1. very hardworking.
    they're passion in this industry and wanna be they wan to be.
    their willpower and eager in learning is so high.
    i'm just so proud of them.
    if i can be just 1/4 of them, ill be happy.
    love them
    always keep the faith, DBSK forever