Monday, November 9, 2009

[PHOTOS] 080224 DBSK - KBS Guerilla Date

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i spotted Yunjae
so kawaii

omfuck jaejoong, micky and changmin looks exceptionally gorrrrgeous here! wowwwwwwwwwwwww.

Changmin looks so handsome. And Micky really rocks those shades. :D

love changmin's hair style
making him strikingly handsome man

changmin yoochun jaejoong yunho junsu all look freaking gorgeous! chunface looks so hott in shades.

im back ^.^ just watch it with subs on youtube ahh they are all so beautiful n lol at chunnie for not being recognize, the fans were so shocked and they girl look like she was dreamin or in a dazed lol. it freaked min out lol.

call me a sadistic but when junsu saod he didnt get paid for the cf it hurts. thu he was laughin but it felt real...

thanks~~~~this just made my day~~~~im gonna watch it<3

changmin is sooo handsome!!!!the others look great too...

why did changmin change his hairstyle? :(
I think his hairstyle looks best here, I really do.

weeee joongie's pouty lips^^

yoochun looks so hot in here n they r going to airport after da wonder,yoochun got nmber 1 in most natural looking face in airport..he looks so damn foloow yoochun..

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