Monday, November 9, 2009

[NEWS] 091109 Kiss Scene Battles Top vs Hero! Two Colors of Kiss Scene in The Screen

TOP and Hero from the idol groups, Big Bang and TVXQ
both will come out together in the movie theaters soon
and their kiss scenes have been pulling the public eyes.

Both Top and Hero will appear in the movies,
"Heaven's Postman" and "19" at the tele cinema project
and they both will show hot kiss scenes with their woman actor partners.

In his movie "19", TOP acts as a 19 year old man who works as a part timer
who kissed her girlfriend on their first date.
The kiss scene of Top shows the intense and bashful atmosphere of
the lovers who just started to having feelings for each others.
On the other hand, Hero undertakes his acting debut as a postman who delivers
the letters to the people who are not able to forget their deceased loved ones.
Hero's kiss scene will be shown in the evening grow at the field with Han Hyo-joo
who cannot forget her deceased lover.

Both "Heaven's Postman" and "19" are released at the same time
on November 11th, 2009 as a tele cinema project.

Source Credit: MBC NEWS
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  1. Oh!! This is intense!!

    Well, i'm rooting for JJ (Hero) because his kiss looks tender, soft,romantic and beautiful scenery as the background ..

    Besides that, by looking at the 2 pics posted above...i rather been kissed than kissing him.. Haha...

    Good luck JJ & HP!!

  2. Something tells me that all the Kissing´s photos actually are from different takes, because every time I see a new picture from Heaven´s postman, looks different than the others..Yeah, I know its from different angles...maybe I'm just hallucinating with so many kissing´s pictures *Look what you have done to me*

    JJ > TOP
    LOL TOP have a face like he don´t want to be touch "Yuck don´t touch me girl".
    JJ and HHJ <3333 the two of them are enjoying, they are really focused on the kiss...Who wouldn´t??

  3. I want to watch both....but JJah!!!!!

  4. JJ's kissing scene sweeter! wow~ hehe

  5. i definitely prefer jae kiss scene!!!its a bit intense~~~and i kinda feel jealous too~~

  6. I prefer jae looks more romantic and sweet.BTW,i already saw Top kissing Lee Hyori..its not a big deal for me..Jae kiss looks more fresh..

  7. of couse jay, will be more intense, i saw a clip from TOP's and it isnt as intense. either way their both hot, i wouldnt mind either one. lol