Sunday, November 29, 2009

[AUDIO] Bigeastation 140 - HoMin

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ohh~~~homin~~i hope the sm what the hell doesnt stop u from being friend with jaechunsu~~~~i hate when they separating them like this.its like making it worse...i hope the translation if this will be out soon!!!

can anybody answer me,
When did they record this?

they should come out with videos of these, lol. how awesome would that be???!!!

i tried listening to this .. but i really couldn't ..
this just breaks my heart ..
I HATE SM .. i really HATE them *_* ..

you put such a picture of yunho, now I have pervert thought.

how is it that they are happy while doing this???
i meing they sound really happy, they are laughing and everything!!!
the same thing happen with jaechunsu on their bigeastation*_*
i think that they are seing them even tough sm doesn't let them
tvxq fighting!!!!always keep the faith!!!

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