Friday, October 23, 2009

[TRANS] Lawyer Park's Statement Regarding Award To SM

Note from your translator:
Some people may dispute the credibility of a blog. However, this specific blog is
Lawyer Park Chan Jong's personal blog which he regularly updates.
I hope that there aren't any disputes over the credibility of this article.

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12 DBSKnights Comment:

The KYA must not be in their rite mind!
"The Order of Merit...for such teenagers" my ass!


wth!the award can not be in the most wrongful place than sm. they are far from deserved. take a good look before giving it. must be delusional!!

I entirely agree ! This action is intolerable and inadmissible due to the circumstances ! ~___~
DBSK : Always keep the faith !!!

sm prob bought this award ........

Okay I'm really confused after reading that.

It's not too late? The lawyer is saying it's not too late? I thought it was too late last week and they refused to negotiate with SM? Now it's not too late???

Color me thrilled! I want my boys back together now, with a awesome contract and the money they deserve.

Who in KYA does SM Entertainment know to bribe them for this award? I agree, this is a bought award and they did it to show themselves in a "good" light. This is BS with a capital "B"! This is so laughable it's not even funny. I hope they choke on it.

sm ent is a bitch... n that youth association is bs. i thank the guy who wrote the article cuz i completely agree. excuse my language

UGH!!....I'm so pissed off!!...makes me sick!


WTH?! What part of the lawsuit details did the Korean Youth Association not understand?! Weren't they following the progress of this lawsuit? The whole thing started because SM was violating the rights of their star performers by making them sign unfair contracts taking advantage of the naivity of their youth. Isn't the purpose of a youth association to protect such vulnerabilites of youngsters against the tyranny of big companies?! And they're awarding the merit NOW, even after knowing the unfair procedures the company had been adopting? Something smells fishy. It's like the work of some people with connections, trying to make SM get on the good side of the public. A pure underhanded PR gimmick if you ask me.

WTH!!! They're using an org to clean their name? Oh please! All they need to do is fix the contract!!! Geesh!

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