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[TRANS] JaeChun - Malaysian Epop Mag, Issues 226 & 228

T/N: I hope this hasn't been translated or posted here before. I only translated the more interesting parts, and skipped the usual questions that have been mentioned in other interviews.

Epop Magazine Issue 226

Q: During your break, what do you want to do most?

JJ: If it just rained, then I’d want to eat fried pancakes. Because in Korea, when it rains many people will eat fried pancakes haha! Of course, fried pancakes aren’t the main point during a break, it’s the computer! Hmm… when there’s free time (I’d) use the computer to compose some songs, look at pictures, chat with friends online, go online shopping and stuff… if not then I’ll listen to music! That said, my free time is usually spent on the computer! –laughs-

YC: I think I’ve said many times that I want to try making friends online? –chuckles- honestly, not really/I don’t really want to do that~ but recently I’ve made many new friends in Japan, so during my free time I’d like to hang out with them. I hope that I can live a similar lifestyle whether it’s in Korea or Japan.

Q: Hello Kitty’s official colours “red=close/intimate relationships”, “pink=cute”, “yellow=care” , “green=hope” , and “light purple=belief”. What do these colours remind you of?

JJ: Red reminds me of the members, and of course pink is Junsu! Because everything he does/every little action of his is naturally cute! –laughs- Yellow reminds me of our fans, though green doesn’t remind me of a person, but the Tokyo Dome~ I really want to continue doing concerts at Tokyo Dome! –chuckles- as for light purple… it reminds me of Hello Kitty?! Even when I was little I felt that the image Kitty gave off… it’s like a protective, warm embrace kind of feeling.

YC: Red… makes me think of the members who will continue having a very close relationship even in the future! And the cute pink is our fans, while yellow reminds me of the moments spent with fans in concerts. Green reminds me of my 18 year old brother, Yoohwan, and light purple represents the staff, although strict but guiding us all the while. –laughs-

Q: Then what colour makes Jaejoong feel relaxed and comfortable?

JJ: Black is not bad right? –laughs- Among so many bright colours, I don’t think there are any that makes me feel especially relaxed~ when it rains, don’t you feel safer/more secure? (Interviewer: really?) yes, I feel that way. But when it rains, I’ll be at home!

Q: How so?

JJ: Because when the weather is good I’d want to go out, and then I won’t be able to really take a rest. But if it rains, I’ll feel really calm, and staying at home will be more comfortable. Listening to music in a dark room, I’ll be able to fall asleep comfortably. Not only black, I think most dark colours can make me feel relaxed.

Q: What do you think is the difference between ‘like’ and ‘love’?

JJ: This is a hard question... Hmm... I think love is a sudden feeling, it’s very precious. While ‘like’ is a feeling that makes your heart skip a beat (some part here I don’t quite get). There are flaws in romance, but love is perfect. Romance is something you can’t be sure of yet, but true love can persevere... ahhh this is so complicated! To sum it up, romance is when after two people have gone through thick and thin together, and have confirmed to become a love that will never change no matter what happens. Yes, it’s like this!

YC: Like is a coincidence, and with hard work (not quite sure how to put it here), and until the feelings mature, will slowly change into love! The feeling of ‘like’ between two people will always be present, but the ‘love’ that is formed from it after hard work is most precious... This is how I feel –smiles- Like during Christmas last year, when I just woke up and saw my mum, brother and his girlfriend making salad in the kitchen, the happiness portrayed by them made me feel ‘love’. Love may not be that great of a thing, but it really does exist. Even in a little happiness like this, a little love can accumulate little by little, and will bloom into a family! –laughs-

Epop Magazine Issue 228

Q: What do you think is the charm of each other’s voices?

YC: Just listening to Jaejoong’s sweet melodious voice, I bet all the girls will be mesmerized!

JJ: Yoochun has a very handsome voice, whether it’s a happy or sad song, he can convey the message perfectly.

Q: What message is the song (Colours) trying to convey?

JJ: Although I don’t know if everyone can get happiness through this song, but for those who listen to it I think they’ll be in a good mood (when listening to it). Especially a song like this that will make people feel relaxed, everyone must listen to it while taking the bus or the subway in the morning. The busy streets might look different to you! There was once when I was listening to this song, and a mosquito bit my wrist. I thought, ‘Since this mosquito has such a short life, it’s alright to let it suck a bit of blood.’ Haha!

YC: Me too, I listen to this in the morning, while sitting in the coffee shop eating bread~ Even if it’s people I don’t know, if our eyes meet, I’d greet them too. I’d feel really happy!

Q: What’s the most accidental/unexpected thing that’s happened so far in your collaboration?

YC: Before I thought Jaejoong’s voice and mine were the most different among the members. But after singing together we realized that unexpectedly our voices match, the feeling (atmosphere) of our singing is also similar. It’s really surprising!

JJ: Like Yoochun said, when the five of us sing together, Yoochun’s voice and my voice are the most different. Instead I thought Changmin’s voice and Yoochun’s voice matched the most, but after singing together with Yoochun I realized that there are similarities between our voices, and our voices complement each others.

Q: How do you usually compose songs?

JJ: It depends, our house has all the basic equipments to make demos. Usually I’ll think up a tune and hum along, and if it’s a good melody I’ll quickly record it. Yoochun composes with the piano. If the other members are there too, then we’ll gather by the piano and sing together.

YC: I compose while playing the piano. So I usually compose more ballads and mid-tempo songs.

Q: What are your favourite colours?

JJ: Black!
YC: White!

Q: Is there a certain colour theme for your rooms?

YC: I have many black coloured wine/knickknack shelves in my room. I designed them myself, but it’s really a bother to clean them –laughs-

JJ: The colours in my room are really messy –laughs-

YC: Not only the colours, his whole room is messy! –laughs- Jaejoong’s room, even if he cleans up a bit, it’ll still be messy. That’s because he piles up all his clothes on the bed, like a small hill!

JJ: If I’m gonna clean up, I’d start with the bed first. But I always get lazy half way through, and at night I’d run to Yoochun’s room and sleep with him! –laughs-

Source: Malaysian Epop Magazine, Issues 226 and 228
Translation: xheartmindsoul @ LJ


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