Saturday, October 3, 2009

[PHOTOS] Mirotic in Shanghai - Concert Part 1

Oh Man I forgot to Wake up... coz' I timed all of 4th Live tour Backstage and MC digest~
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i see red ocean

omg i wish i was there

but im so happy for my boys

alot of fans came ... that must be wonderful feelings

im waiting for the pix , videos etc

i want to know everything

i shocked to see so many empty seats at first..
then later on when i scroll down, saw super many fans..the stadium is real big!! maybe the empty seats are not for selling..=)

wow..u guys are really fast..thanks for sharing..
miss our lovely boys performing as 5 on stage..
chinese cassies are really lucky..envy them for that.. big place, how many people at the concert? the place sold out? just curious and btw dbsk MUST TOGETHER FOREVER

WOW..ths is so great..really
same as u all, i envy them nice to be there.

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