Monday, October 26, 2009

[PHOTOS] Mirotic Concert in ShenZhen China Tickets

These are my tickets I didn't get the most expensive ones TT__TT coz' they're soldout already~ I already saw them up close in Bangkok so I'm very happy~ already But! anyways next time I'll see you again! I'm applying for a part time Job~ Were going bankrupt becoz' of my DBSK love... and all these overseas concert...anyways girl this time I'll wave the Banner of DBSKNIGHTS!

To Answer's Everyone Question

How Did I buy the Tickets?
I Did not bought it online rather, I asked someone in ShenZhen China to buy it for me.

How Much are the tickets?
RMB(¥): 280 480 680 980 1280
USD($): 43 74 105 151 197
(i got 4 $105)

Yes I will fly over to China, get a Visa and everything
this is my 2nd concert of TVXQ last June 2009 I went to Thailand for them.

I'm from the Philippines, they are costly coz' I need to go overseas for them. but for DBSK! i will do everything.

Credits: JJportia12@DBSKnights


  1. clap clap clap .....

    OMEDETTO portia ^_________^

    u got the ticket u lucky ne ^___*

    enjoy the consert OKKIE

    he he he he

  2. ur one lucky girl. ill get ur banner ready lol.

  3. awww i wish i could go :C Dbsk needs to come to america!

  4. hye portia..can i know where u order it and do we need visa if we want to go..thanx u..anyway congrats for getting the really ENVY U...have fun n send my love to yoochun oppa


  5. :OOOO
    nice nice nice! Well, i don't understand nothing ;_; but how much they cost? :O.
    btw, enjoy your concert! :DDD

  6. Make a lot of pictures ok? So we can see them in no time! ^^

  7. im really jealous >.< really wants to go but im broke n no way can i fly across the world. enjoy the concert and please takes lots of piks n cam! dont faint from jae hotness hehe

  8. i envy you so much!! ENJOY THE CONCERT! [obvs, it's dbsk. duh!] btw, where do you order the tickets?
    how much are they?
    are flying to china just to see this concert?
    ^if so, what country do live in and how much
    did you spend/are spending to go??
    lol so many question, komenasai, but i really want to find out so in the future i might be able to go. kamsahamnida/arigatogozaimasu~

  9. portia! 2nd time seeing them live! aish..i'm jealous >.<

  10. You didn't get the best tickets??!?!

    But hey! At least you got tickets, yeah??

    Plus you can lucky person. I'm still going to be stuck in school until FOREVER.

    One day I shall go and see day...

  11. hi portia. swerte mo naman (lucky you). wish i hv friends who are DBSK fans too 'coz i really want to watch them even if i have to fly to china. unfortunately, in my group, i'm alone in this one. i'm happy to know that you're watching. mabuhay! :-)

  12. wa!! you get to see dbsk oppa~~I want to go too..Pack me into your luguage can?haha..take more photos please....

  13. omgomg i cant wait <3 grr.... i wish they'd come to australia XD
    the only reason i managed 2 get the 1280 tickets was cos i told my cousin in china 2 reserve them before they started selling... hehe so excited~ hope u have fun too :D

  14. awww..wish i could go too!! T-T

  15. Could u pls tell me a Nearest hotel @ ShenZhen Stadium? Tks.

    err...not too much expensive ^^'

    ** i wanna go there during 19 - 22
    (Hopefully,can see their rehearsal just once)**

  16. wow ur so lucky how old are u ?

  17. _please enjoy for us, other fans.,hhe.,how I wish I could go and watch their concerts to even though it takes to fly oceans.,but maybe that would happen when I have my own work na.,huhu.,I still have to wait for more than 5 years.,I pity myself.,

  18. if only im old enough to travel myself....
    i would really go to china !!
    i dont want to go to china wih my mom... tsk.. >_>

    btw... ur really LUCKY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!