Tuesday, October 13, 2009

[PHOTOS] JaeChun's Clothes at Frau Magazine

Dior Homme 2009 Fall/Winter Collection

Credits: DBSKnights

13 DBSKnights Comment:

dior homme again xD
first was G-dragon, now them.
nevermind, they carry the clothes well. xD

they wore the clothes better than the model himself~LOL~
beautiful jae and micky~~lovin it~~~<3

so coooooooooooooool^^
Looks so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
I love this style!!!

JJ&YC kakkoii!

they are always the fashionable ones
love them both too much!!


no offense to anyone, but I think the clothes look better on them than on the models, lol^^ - this is purely through an unbiased viewpoint


its not biasness. its obvious jaechun rocked the clothes better then the model. soulmate bring out the best of any clothes. they look so hot in those piks but when i compare them to the real model i think huh why does the model feel so empty? lol plus i think jaechun body is much better too

They really look better than the models LOL

wow. the last picture - jaechun!!^^ - just took my breath away~ and i agree,,it's definitely not biased at all, they do look HOT. i mean there are times when i question them "what in the world are you wearing?!" but this...this is..WOW
-thank u for sharing-

JaeChun suit this very well~ Thanks for sharing this<3

OMG!!! They look wayyyyyyyyyyyyy hotter than the models... and I'm not biased

They both so handsome. too hot for the camera..heheh.

oooohhhhh.... dey look much more better in those clothes then the models...

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