Wednesday, October 7, 2009

[NEWS] Mari Yaguchi is a fan of TVXQ

I thought this was a pretty cute story. Many of you already know that one of Japan's biggest stars Ayumi Hamasaki being a fangirl for TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki, but it looks like she's not alone. The cute J-pop star Mari Yaguchi, former leader and member of popular J-pop group Morning Musume seems to be a fan of them as well.

On Mari's official blog, translated by hello-online, she wrote:


I got the Backstreet Boys' and TVXQ's albums



So happy

Thank you very much"
It seems like Mari Yaguchi actually purchased 2 of TVXQ's albums (The Secret Code and T). TVXQ's popularity is growing not only with the casual fans in Japan but also the stars as well. Thanks to sasori for the tip.

Credits: GhostWriter@Allkpop
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  1. yapparine~ no one can resists the aura of TVXQ!!

  2. Apparently, she received these albums as a gift from the tv program she appeared.

  3. ^

    Lol is it..then its like...-__-;;