Thursday, September 24, 2009

[NEWS] 090924 50 Billion Won vs. 100 Billion Won...The 'TVXQ Secret' Will Be Uncovered


  1. cassie jjang! they know and will fight for everything the boys earn and deserve

  2. TVXQ's venture into Japan was financially dwindling especially from 2005 to 2007-investment wise. Yiu see, it cost more to send your act abroad than to keep them local. I remember asking how they manage to even breakeven at this point. CD and concert sales were really dismal. But I think it started to pick up around 2008 and especially at 2009. But I don't know if ROI during those years was enough to offset the previous years.
    A business rule of thumb is that it takes at least five years for a business to recoup initial capital and expenditures. It didn't help that for about a year and a half all their activities in Korea were frozen so that they can concentrate on the Japanese market. Although during their comeback they generated about half a million units of sales, most record companies' bread and butter is really digital downloads because it's relaitively cheaper to produce compared to CDs. About 70 to 80 percent of CD cost goes to production and it doesn't help that CDs are cheaper in Korea compared to Japan. It's logical to assume that they did not really earn as much as we were made to think.
    Sometimes companies prop up their artist's public image but padding their earning potential as a form of media play. I won't be surprise if this action was resorted to especially since at the time of TVXQ's comeback, Big Bang was a really powerful economic magnet in Korea and they were closely associated in a sort of rivalry with the boys. It's a matter of pride,too.
    One thing I'm thankful about this litigation is that I've started to see the boys in a more realistic perspective. Now, I try to explore all sides of the issue. I can now understand why the Korean judge was really emphatic about getting the two groups to come to an amicable agreement. Amicability is base on the assumption that both parties are on equal footing. Oh well, just give this a thought...