Wednesday, September 23, 2009

[NEWS] 090923 Seoul District Court Rejected SM’s Preservation of Evidence Cancellation Request

SM Entertainment (hereafter SM) filed a request to the court to cancel the submission of “preservation of evidence” application as being requested by TVXQ members Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu, however, the request was rejected.

One of the litigants through a phone call with Money Star News on the 23rd said, “On last 18th, the court rejected SM’s cancellation request of evidence preservation. Claimant side’s, the three TVXQ members, preservation of evidence application is still up and will receive document submission related to earnings from SM.”

The Seoul Central District Court prosecutor explained the reason of the rejection, “The fact which has been drawn up is about legal relationship between the artists and their agency company, and in compliance with law of civil procedure article 2 section 344, the document holder side couldn’t refuse to submit the documents that become object of document submission order assertion from the complainants.”

On August 5th, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu side submitted a preservation of evidence to the court to calculate the real income distribution of all TVXQ activities from SM Entertainment. The preservation of evidences demanded including accounting books, contracts, receipts, journals, and any relevant documents related to the income distribution calculation.

With the court rejection, seems that the document release by SM is now inevitable.

Currently both sides of SM and 3 TVXQ members has been waiting for the court decision after the first hearing on 21st last month.

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  1. can the court still make the judgement this month, in view that sm has to submit all related documents??? tink this case will be adjourned again ........

  2. This is driving me nuts! Hope after this...we'll get a positive result...SOON!!!!

  3. agreed, the agony of waiting is driving us nuts!!!


  5. when all those things will be solve? i really wait for that time,,

  6. gaaah! SM for f*ck sake!!! >___<
    please court.. TVXQ must win this!
    SM is ... >__<

    TVXQ F O R E V E R

  7. I think I agree with the first comment...Considering that SM is going to have to submit documents spanning YEARS, we'll be lucky if they reach a decision by December...-_-'
    Talk about slow torture..

    ~Always Keep the Faith

    Can't wait for the FINAL decision from the court.


  9. ohhman im so worried about this! i hope it'll be good news! if not i won't have any mood to take my end of year exams! ><

  10. The court will probably give them a couple more deadlines to submit whatever they need to submit and if they still don't then the court should make a decision based on whatever papers our three boys submitted and most likely will rule in their favor.

  11. i hope they win it!!!!! i really hope they do!!! TVXQ HWAITING!!!!!!!!

  12. DBSK will win this for sure!!! fufufu~
    Don't worry boys, you will make it through
    this, I have faith in y'all!!!

  13. i dont care how long it takes as long as justice is serve. if the court is trying to hurry up the process and made a wrong move then things will turn for the worst. seriously international fans and people all over the world is looking at this case its major news of the korean justice system and if they make a wrong move its gonna be more then cassies and korean pride but the world will see how flawed thier system is

  14. ARGGHH~ SM keep making excuse!!

    i have diz feeling saying that DBSK will win this case...