Monday, September 14, 2009

[NEWS] 090914 TVXQ "We will keep the promise with fans that bought the tickets"

It was decided that the group DBSK is going to do the Shanghai concert. DBSK is planning to have a concert on October 2nd. “Over the weekend, we collected opinions from DBSK members, they said they are having the concerts in Shanghai, China as scheduled. "Many Chinese fans have already purchased tickets and the promise has meanings to us."

The opening date of the concert is unknown. The concert that was planned to be held on the 12th was already canceled without any notice. Above all, the five members of DBSK had the lawsuit, which made them hard to gather in one place. Also, some people believe that they couldn’t have it due to the possibilities of people getting the Swine Flu, The official said,” This Shanghai concert will show the fans that DBSK are one.”

DBSK’s future moves will affect attention that is being collected at the Shanghai concert. Some media, such as China and Japan’s, have not been confirmed whether the October 2nd concert will be held at that time. Some predict that this will be the last concert where all five members are standing at one place at the same time.

As a result, some fans of DBSK are saying that this concert won’t be last. Instead of conflict, such as disbanding, the harmony they’re wishing for is getting stronger.

(t/n: I wasn’t really sure how to put it in words. > < ) Another official said, “Sooner or later, the three members of DBSK lawsuit case results will come out,”

On October 12th, probably each member of DBSK and SM Entertainment’s problems may change. Because of that, DBSK’s five members and SM Entertainment discussed and agreed on having the concert for the fans. They stated that, “Some concerns have about the DBSK concert, but no matter what kind of obstacles there are, we won’t cancel the concert.”

The three members of DBSK, Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejoong, and Micky Yoochun, had a lawsuit against SM Entertainment. They wanted to stop all activities until everything was clear. They are expecting the results to come out sometime in September.

Source: DNBN + Hankooki
Translated by: d0ngbangl0ve@DBSKnights
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  1. I don't like the phrase "last concert together" along with DBSK's name. adlaksfjls!
    We need to think possitive >.<

  2. "Some predict that this will be the last concert where all five members are standing at one place at the same time."

    NO WAY!!!!it won't be their last!!!it'll never be!!! will be their last for now before the problem solved and they come back...stand together as 5 for their fans :)

  3. psh, haters. dbsk will never have a "last" concert, simply because their fans will never allow it.

  4. i loathe the person who said this will be thier last concert as five! never! thats ridiculous >.< all the member wants to fulfil thier promises to the fan with the dream concert and the sm concert but its only sm ent that causing the problem. i swear if sm meddle this this again...

  5. it won't be their last concert.. 5 of them will come back again as dbsk with a great concert than before. it'll never be the last concert for them!!!

  6. it wont be the last concert ! i believe in the boys. The boys say that they will be back and they will come back and keep the promise.ALways Keep The Faith

  7. hopefully its not their last concert.

  8. Last concert together?! The person who wrote this really pissed me off!!

  9. if this is a statement from DBSK then the cancellation of SM concert AND of Dream concert is solely due to SM's strategy to isolate the boys from Cassiopeia. They truly belong to the stage, and belong to Cassies. NOTHING can change that

  10. That's again the media that is speculating, not a real source. Don't believe what media says if it wasn't proved by DBSK or their lawyer!

    We know that it's not true that the concert will be the last one held by all the five members. DBSK has said that they'll stay together and that's all that matters.

  11. what last concert??
    we wont allow tt!
    lol. whoever said tt must be a birdbrain

  12. That we should punish who's are attack TVXQ.
    The results of this action help or attack TVXQ depending on cassiopieas decisions.

  13. i didn't noe dbsk will/was having a concert....i tot dey stop all activities...but i got a shock when i saw mini clips of their performance dated 021009...wah...dbsk forever as one!!!!
    dbsk hwaiting!!!! hopefully more concerts n activities to such thing as last concert. keep an open mind and be more positive about all this issue...always keep the faith!!