Wednesday, August 19, 2009

[TRANS] What's In Magazine - All Solo Interviews (Part 1)

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CREDITS: DBSK Sleepless Nights

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I enjoyed reading this so much! Thanks a ton for translating and posting it!

yoochun didn't cry but his "eyes were sweating." LoL!

OMG changminnie...
"What would you do first thing when you arrived at the concert hall"

Ans: I'll check the catering menu...


waaaaaaaaaaaa,, i really enjoy reading this ,

i wish they will complate working 4 their dreams

the first thing changmin does when he arrives at a concert venue: check the catering menu. HAHAHA!

_thanks so much for the trans.,
_I enjoyed this.,

Yunho loves jaejoong voice?? Oh common yunho just admit it that you're much inlove with the owner rather than his voice

thanks for translating! Major Yunjae and Minfood.XD

yunho said something very good that i wanna quote it ^^

"Even thought we might have climbed to the highest mountain, but from there we can still see the mountains we have not yet climbed. So I want to hold more lives in towns or places we have not yet."

Thank you so much for the translation. I love it.

Their responses about their goals worry me, though. Only Changmin has a goal which is clear and challenging, going up. Even Yunho's mountains to climb are lower mountains than Tokyo Dome. How can they continue without a challenging goal?

this is a fascinating interview. i would usually be board of something like this but the flow n everything was really nice. most of the question is the same n even some of thier answers are similar but when thier individual character unleash it shows thire real passion towards live music.

yunho is absolutly right jae vocie is the main vocals because he ties everything all together. weaving all thier unique voice in a blend of harmony. minfood lol i was surprise when jae said hitsumabushi. jaemin too lol jae intentionally bumpin min but the witty genius counter n made jae look stupid

we hear alot about thier struggles n try to imagine thier pain. but its nothing close to what they experience. i just recently discover how communication problem is so stressful. for a regular person to be shipped off to a foreign country with knowledge of the language is difficult but they are also tryin to survive as artist.

Yes, this is really good interview. I could confirm how much they have passion towards music with this interview again.
I really do not think that selling million CD or holding a live at big venue is the only right thing to do for true artist. I strongly believe that they are not just SINGER, they are true ARTIST who really love music. There are many good artist holding lives at small venue or live house. I think they wanted to say that they want to continue to express themselves through music and share that feelings with audience as an artist not just famous singer. I think that is why they made move to SME. They made move to save their pride and dream as an artist. I sometime dream that one day I can communicate with them through their music at small venue in warm atmosphere. I really hope that I can see and share that feelings with them still in their 40's or 50's and I do believe these boys will be able to do that.

huaaa so many..
thx for d trans!! ^^

Thanx for the translation! wish they'll still sing in the far future!

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