Tuesday, August 11, 2009

[NEWS] Yoochun selling his leased Audi R8

You can read the full article at here

Summary: Yoochun is known to have a Audi R8 model, and he sold his car to the dealer a while ago. The car taken by Yoochun is a leased one, paying 400,000 KRW per month.

This captured image is from the car dealer's website.
Credit : NewsNaver + Forsake34@LJ
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  1. wow u are totally a dbsk fan~ u even know jae got audi and junsu bought a villa~
    geez a hard core fan!
    trying to be a anti-fan to attract attention?
    *tsk tsk* what a attention whore u are..
    i pity u again~
    we will not fall for ur trick though,
    mr i-have-a-small-penis

  2. whats wrong with u!!
    this is dbsk fansite..if u want to talk bad bout them..go to somewhere else..
    or go to hell!!!...
    poor him..this isnt bad karma..
    this r obstacle he has to face in order to claim his right..
    n i believe ..he will win n get back what he lose..
    yoochun hwaiting!!
    dbsk hwaiting!!

  3. What bad karma?! the boys didnt freaking do anything wrong!...atleast they have a spine to stand up to SM and fight for justice...these are all temporary things...what matters is their happiness and well-being at the mo...Chun will buy an even freaking better wheels than this one...Be strong you guys!

  4. did he leased the car before?
    i thought he bought that car
    whats all beyond this? what for he leased?
    how bout JJ? too many question marks.

  5. Hmm, I think this car belong to Chunnie himself. Anyway i trust the boys.

    Always keep th faith.

  6. DO YOU FRICKIN' KNOW WHAT LEASE MEANS, it Means YOU RENT it for a Long time, depending on the Contract Which Means He Kinda Just rented, it But He didnt own the Car Go away Here, SHAME on YOU, You Dont Even Know what Greedy and Lease Means

  7. yes..i think that audi belong to him. i don't see the purpose if he leased that car. he more than affordable to have that kind of car. but i don't know what happened..i always keep the faith.

  8. I think he sold it because the fans know his plate number...*ahem* you tube vid...plus a car like that, is so uncommon that once you see one, you'd probably know that it was him... or he simply might have gotten tired of it

    keep the faith!

  9. wait!? im alil lost here.
    the car was leased out by him now..o did he leased the car from someone else??
    if he did lease it from someone else i doubt he can sell it off rite since it's not his property perse.
    and if he is really in need of money wont selling off the car be a better choice then leasing it out?

  10. he rented this car at the cost of 400,000 KRW per month because this car DOES NOT belong to him. To put it simply, he stoped renting this car and asked the dealer to find another person who want to rent it.

  11. Does it matter if yoochun leased it, leased it off, sold or whatever business deal he made??
    Dun get distracted from the issue!! We dun know who released this information, it could be SM or told by SM to distract us.
    We are so paranoid over petty issues like this, got caught up, then blew it out of proportion. This is actually what SM wants, esp on this kind of info.
    Be smart! if SM is cunning, we have to be more cunning than them, read their every move. DO NOT forget SM just applied for trademark right. And on the same day, somebody said yoochun sold his audi. it's definitely a distraction from that issue!!!!
    OK, yoochun sold his car. point's taken. let's stick with the real matter and move on.

  12. I hope this link will help you guys not to confuse about this http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=274042&st=16960, look for the khiddy’s post. It’ll explain more details about the leasing thing and how SM is trying to fool us ^^