Saturday, August 29, 2009

[INFO] CEO Max Matsuura's Message

2009/08/28 12:00

Good morning.
It's sunny in the Tokyo district.

After the next 2 days, a-nation will be finished too.

Compared to previous years, there were more things that happened this year, so the spirits were a little down.
It is also getting increasingly difficult to talk about the situation.

Although I want to say it, I can't. Although I want to tell everyone, I can't.
Even though I want to thank everyone, even if I want to apologise, but I can't.
It is really extremely difficult to tell everyone the things I want to say.

Well, this kind of complaints, let's limit and run swiftly from these "defeated spirits".

masato max matsuura

T/N: Not completely sure about the defeated spirits line.

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He sound so sad :(


  1. it might just be the end of a-nation
    but it sounds like he's trying to hide something unpleasant :CCCCC

    does anyone have the official blog link? (the original japanese text to this trans?)

  2. I read his original message in Japanese, he sounded like he is in a difficult position to say what he wants to say as CEO of the company which I really understand. He has to be a CEO before himself. To me, it sounds like he is not trying to hide something but he just can not say whatever he wants to when the situation is not allowed to and said he realize that difficulties of being CEO more and more these days. Although his massage sounds like it has so many massage begind the words, he ended it as this...

    -Well, I should stop whining, and I will try until it is limit with never-give-up-attitude.

  3. ^I agree with you.

    He does look like he has a lot more to say but there is this need/ necessity to hold back for the right reasons. He must be careful in choosing his words. A lot of people must be pressuring him to come up with a stand/ statement.

  4. Yea i agree with ^ . As a CEO he must be careful with what he said.It is better not to say too much or anything to not cause confusion, and the media will sometimes twist his words.

  5. thanks anonymous no.1!
    made me feel a lot calmer ^^
    can you give me the link to his blog?

  6. CEO Matsuura is a very matured CEO despite his young age. I really like him. I mean, compared to Lee Soo Man, I've never seen LSM taking pictures with the boys and going to their concerts,unlike Matsuura. Matsuura is a VERY nice person and he loves the boys so much. I'm very thankful of him for taking care of the boys in Japan with Sam-san.

  7. sakurako-chan,

    Sorry but I could read his message not from his own blog but other Japanese fan blog. You have to register as friends to see his coments on his blog. If you want to register, this is the link
    everything written in Japanese though.